Bury Your Treasure

Examples of “Fun Raising” Coupons
“Donate $1 get $2 off”, “BOGO 25 loonies”, “Upgrade your medium pizza to Large 20 loonies”, “Wash your car 50 loonies”, “Ride in my boat 100 loonies”, “Cookies 10 loonies”, “Trade my bicycle for 100 loonies”, “Darts tournament – 1000 loony prize”, “Karaoke Challenge 50 loonies”, “Ugliest dog contest – 100 loonies”.
Examples of Pirate Adventure that uses coupons and the “bribe” messenger to “catfish” other players
Skilled Pirates on raids can use buried treasure as the bait for our catfishing tournament. Biggest Booty wins! (Just like that dating site you spend way too much time on) Swashbuckling, patriotic pirates can be lured to their doom by the siren song of mermaids during “The Karaoke Challenge Game”, “Flash Mob Karaoke”, “Pirate Initiation” and “She Shanty Karaoke”. Pirates are misjudged and found sometimes possibly innocent by the Bootymaster. False flag operations, psyops, and mutiny are skills are learned at pirate school so you can avoid being presumed innocent. The Bootymaster won’t keel haul you, but you might be motor boated.

You can create treasure maps and hunts to find your booty!

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