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we turn heroes into superheroes!

You sometimes see a TV show competition where a team devotes a lot of time, skill and artistry into creating a “thing” of beauty from a house, garden or old car.
What if a person was the focus of the competition instead of a “thing?”
This type of “Altruistic Competition”, describes our TV series called “The Tropical Adventure Competition”.

The Pirate Dive Bar has two sections, “Play” & “Compete”. The comedy shorts you rehearse in the “Play” section, create comedy bumpers between the scenes of the TV show.

The “Compete” section produces the TV show using crowd sourced competitions.

Hint: In the Pirate themed “Play” section, use a fake name, pic and email to learn how to catfish for booty. Use a real profile in the “Compete” section when you are ready to be part of the TV series or want to win cash or prizes.
Can you spot the lies and fake profiles in the Play section to avoid being catfished? Are you able to catfish others with comedy or performance art and become the “Bootymaster” to support a great cause?
The Atlanta Volunteers present the …
Find a game card in the play section, then negotiate the challenge. Duet, air band, dancing, comedy, gambling and sports are types of challenges. “Flash mob Karaoke”, “Air Band Karaoke”, and “Drunken Sailor Karaoke”, are some of the Karaoke games and challenges that you can buy, sell or gamble on.
“Feeding the Mermaids at the Petting Zoo”, is a catfishing tournament and one example of an experiment created in the comedy lab.
We are still under construction. Watch your step if you venture off the “Play” menu.

Just by playing or watching these performances you help turn heroes with special needs into superheroes!



Pirate Themed Fun supporting disabled populations and community service

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