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This site has the primary goal of improving the lives of populations that are disabled.  Nonprofit, business and club support for anyone are secondary goals.  A television production section and a game called “Bootyrat” (Sailors VS Pirates) are also part of this site.

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USA Rescue Games June 20, 2021 Lake Lanier Georgia!

Part of our fun is how we use sailor and pirate characters for the aquatic, rescue and marine competitions for the USA Rescue Games and The Tropical Adventure Competition. Sailors are the (nonprofit – Atlanta Volunteers) heroes and good guys who are competing, Pirates are the (for profit-Dolphin Rodeo Inc) bad guys engaging in a “Robin Hood” style of fund raising.

You must be 18 or older to enter this website, to volunteer, to compete in watersports, rescue, the Tropical Adventure Competition or to play BOOTYRAT. Families may accompany volunteers & competitors in some situations. There are boating, sailing, rescue, fishing, scuba and other hazardous live aquatic competitions that may be part of the activities inside this web site and they are not suitable for everyone.

5 seconds of play is all you need to for one game of Bootyrat.  Gameplay is similar to sending a text message except that it includes points you can win or lose.

(1 game point is about $0.25)

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BOOTYRAT is a game that can add comedy to your next business or club meeting, pay for your snacks or raise funds for your favorite cause.

Bootyrat is a messenger that lets you send points with your message.  Points can be redeemed for prizes and gift cards.

Take a few seconds to send a message with a few game points and you have just paid for your coffee and snacks at your next meeting without using cash or a credit card. Your leader can add some fun to your meeting by fining you game points for being late, going bald, wearing an ugly Christmas sweater or giving you a few game points to never wear that ugly sweater again. There are competition, quiz and activity options that take just seconds to play before your meeting or during breaks that quickly develop communication and teambuilding skills while supporting your meeting and favorite cause.

Inside the Pirate Dive Bar you can…

Tryout for teams, manage or own teams, post or read competition, nonprofit and community classifieds, apply for open positions and practice or compete in rescue, aquatic, marine and video production competitions

Appear in an episode of The Tropical Adventure Competition or apply to be part of the crew

This game is best played live, boat to boat, pool to pool, beach to beach, marina to marina or between scuba, sailing, fishing or other clubs.

Sailors play to the highest ethical and moral standards possible and rely on skill and knowledge and earn points with hard work. Pirate play is based on the dark comedy of deplorable pirate behavior. Pirates steal game points while betting, lying, bribing, cheating, and engaging in despicable pirate antics to steal booty and escape from being thrown overboard, into irons or lashed at the mast.

Crowd sourcing is used to develop and practice rescue competitions, fund raising pirate games and to produce screenplay for the TV series The Tropical Adventure Competition. Online competitions for editing, special effects, sound, marketing, influencing, writing and other broadcasting skills are part of the Tropical Adventure Competition.

The Atlanta Volunteers! 501 (C) (3) FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS INC.


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