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we turn heroes into superheroes!

Your special scout mission is to mutiny against crime!

Have fun while planning fantastic adventures that improve the lives of others.

Tropical Adventure Competition

This TV series is about family and friends that turn their special needs Hero into a Super Hero! Everyone is invited to audition!
30 Heroes, 30 episodes, 5 playoff episodes & 1 Grand Prize Winner.
In the last few minutes of each episode the team celebrates their efforts during a Tropical Adventure Competition where they compete to have the most fun & adventure possible. (best respite care ever!)
Work = Production Studio, Play = Comedy Lab & Booty, High Seas = Resources & Bootymaster
Work is a paradigm shift in media production using alltruistic collaboration. Play uses a pirate coin called a “Loony” (short for Dubloon) for comical Karaoke performances, cheating, betting, bribing judges, feeding mermaids, grog and the rest you can squander.  You create comedy bumpers for the episodes and social media for yourself.
Each team competes in a nonprofit and a for profit competition.  Several world wide firsts for people with disabilities will be featured in this series. Our interactive commercials are an amazing feature.
The giant floating flag that flips over to display the thin blue line flag is our competition symbol.
The About pages gives you more information.
The Pirate Dive Bar is the production studio for The Tropical Adventure Competition.
You sometimes see a TV competition where a team devotes a lot of time, skill and artistry into creating a “thing” of beauty from a house, garden or old car.
What if a person was the focus of the competition instead of a “thing?”
This type of “Altruistic Competition”, describes our TV series called “The Tropical Adventure Competition”.
Hint: In the Pirate themed “Play” section, use a fake name, pic and email to learn how to catfish for booty. Use a real profile in the “Work” section when you are ready to be part of the TV series or want to win cash or prizes.
Can you spot the lies and fake profiles in the Play section to avoid being catfished? Can you win a Catfishing Tournament where both the Catfish and the Catfisher are weighed? Who has the biggest booty? Are you able to catfish others with comedy or performance art and become the “Bootymaster” to support your own cause?
The Atlanta Volunteers present the …
This is played on Thursday nights around the Atlanta area.
There are six types of games. Flash Mob, Air Band, Drunken Pirate, Pirate Jig, Performance and Challenge. All of the games are similar to starting a flash mob. When it is your turn to sing you announce your username and tagline. This tells everyone else to come to the stage and join you. Your username and tagline should be announced as if you are a spy using a codeword. For example your username is “Froggy” and your tagline is “Mates”. “Arrrr mates, it is froggy out tonight”, would announce the start of your epiphany.
An “Epiphany” is a post that contains instructions. The epiphany can be very short such as “Song = Meant to be, action=duet”. The epiphany can also be complex and developed over weeks of rehearsal on Karaoke nights. It can contain instructions for air bands, dancing, costumes, photography, acting and more.
Catfishing is how you win prizes. “Loony” is short for a pirate booty coin called a Dubloon. You catfish for loonies and trade them for prizes. Loonies are used to score, gamble, challenge, cheat or bribe a judge called a Bootymaster. The more loony you get, the bigger your booty. The biggest booty wins!
Fishing Gear
An epiphany is similar to the dating site you spend way too much time on. You see a picture and a few words, when you click on the picture more information appears. This is where you see the “Transfer Widget”. The Catfish you are trying to catch sends you a loony message. This is stored in your public ledger that shows everyone the message and the loonies transferred. You lie, cheat, steal and post pictures that are almost as fake as a dating site in order to get loony.

Only 1 rule. Once you send loonies to another player, you are catfished. There are no refunds, do overs or mistakes.

For people that do not sing Karaoke
There are two other games that use epiphanies, discover, loonies and catfishing. They are “The Drunken Sailor” and “Feeding Mermaids at the Petting Zoo”.
The Drunken sailor is when you play darts, pool, foosball or any other games for loonies. This includes any type of poker, gambling, whoremongering or gambling on the whoremongering as loonies are a worthless game point and not legal tender.
In the game “Feeding the Mermaids at the Petting Zoo”, the mermaid may be a 350 lb biker with a wash mit in their hands washing your car. Just like seaworld where animals do tricks for rewards, anyone can be a mermaid and any trick such as feeding you grapes, washing your car, or getting the next round can be done for loonies.
We are still under construction. Watch your step if you venture too far off the “Play” menu.

Just by playing or watching these performances you help turn heroes with special needs into superheroes!



Pirate Themed Fun supporting disabled populations and community service

info @ atlantavolunteers . org