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Catfish Loonies
Sailor, Landlubber and Pirate describe three types of characters. Sailors "Get Loony" by surrendering their booty to hard work and honest trades. Sailors stay safe, never cuss, drink or smoke and are always family friendly. Landlubbers are questionable. Pirates pretend they are sailors but if given a chance will cuss, lie, drink, smoke, gamble, whoremonger and mutiny as they use catfishing, carnival barking, false flag and mutinous schemes to trick you into surrendering your booty so they can get loony.
You always transfer loonies first, before knowing if you will get an honest deal from a sailor, something questionable from a landlubber or robbed by a pirate.
There is only 1 rule, "You Lose." Once you transfer loonies, you have lost them, so expect to lose them with each transfer.
Getting something in return depends on your ability to tell the difference between sailors, landlubbers and pirates as they are all trying to catfish you.
Put loonies on the scoreboard to win catfishing tournaments or trade them for prizes and cash.

If you know that everybody is catfishing, will you still take the bait, hook, line and sinker?  You might if you are laughing while supporting great nonprofits.


The software behind this website can manage all the booths, rides and attractions of state fair or parade with a twist.
The twist is that each booth or parade float can interactively live-stream. Live at the event or at home with your cell phone, you can interact with people, vote on performances or bet on challenges to win prizes or just have fun.

Another twist. What if each boat in a boat parade was like a booth at a state fair and they had their own games, performances, challenges and prizes you could interact with?

And another twist. Nonprofits get 100% of any money you donate for admission, fun, food or games. You pick your favorite nonprofit and donate directly into their PayPal giving account. Instead of little red tickets from a ticket booth, you get electronic donation reward points called "Loonies." "Get Loony" to have fun, food and win prizes. Every donation and every loony created is on a transparent searchable public ledger with a pedigree for the loonies created.

Since you expect it by now, here is another twist. A software device called a "Thrift and Volunteer Exchange" (TAVE) can let you volunteer for your community or donate household items to "Get Loony." Your TAVE also lets you interactively live-stream fun and games just like the booths, floats or boats are doing. This is fund raising without ever having to handle cash or credit cards as patrons have to "Get Loony."

A TAVE is designed to playfully "catfish loonies" with a pirate theme. On this comedy website you should assume that everyone will be doing their best carnival barking (Telling outright lies also known as fish stories!) so they can "Get Loony."
Every once in awhile you may get an honest deal from a sailor!

There is a running competition "PIRATES VS KARENS" that involves a battle for free speech for loony catfishers telling their best fish stories. Double agents, false flag plays, agent provocateurs and mutinies mean that with everybody lying and playing for multiple sides you can't trust anything or anybody.

Well, there is just one way. All messages and transactions are on a public ledger. You can do a "Booty search" of any person to see their "booty history." This includes every single donation to any nonprofit where they surrendered the booty and when each and every loony was created (pedigree). Loonies shrink by 15% each time you recycle them to another person. This is so that everybody has a lot of fun recycling, and when the loonies run out, somebody will have to donate again to keep the fun going.

This is exactly like a gang of pirates drinking a barrel of grog at a pirate dive bar. Unless somebody buys another barrel, the party is over and everyone goes to sleep. Pirates usually wake up as captured crew on another pirate ship. They are now known as a TAVE slave with a volunteer bond payable to the Bootymaster.

There is an interactive card game called "Get Loony" that can be played with actual cards or online cards that uses the fun, games, volunteerism and donated items in your TAVE as game pieces. Just like with all things everywhere the "Biggest Booty Wins!"

Think of all of this content as inspiration for your own social media! We encourage creating social media here for your own views, likes and subscribers. Some will follow you back from tik tok, youtube and facebook to your TAVE here at the pirate dive bar.

The social media content that you create may be part of our crowd sourced interactive TV series called "Special Heroes." Anyone can submit content or be part of the cast and crew.

For the boat parade you can volunteer as crew or event volunteers if you want to find a boat. If you are a captain looking for crew you divide the loonies your boat wins 2:1. The captain gets 2. The crew divides 1. So if the boat wins 9 loonies and there is 3 crew, the captain gets 6 the crew 1 each. This should create some sort of mutiny!

No matter what you do, you support your favourite nonprofit when you "Get Loony!"

Bigger Booty
If you are logged in, see an example of a "Loony Coupon."Example

Your patrons have a lot of great ideas.  They love their servers and want to make them successful.  Loony coupons let anyone create fun to make servers successful.

Lots of fun brings lots of happy customers and the servers get more tips while the patrons are having more fun.  Occasionally, with loony coupons servers get a second tip. This is much larger than their usual tips and this is well before the bill for the food and drinks and usually when a patron first sits down.

Paddled Boat Parade

Only boats paddled by adults can be counted for this worlds record. You must be 18+ to volunteer, operate watercraft in the parade, take safety or aquatic training, or enter this website.
An adult paddler may take family members with them in the same boat.
Donate to any of the nonprofits we list and they get 100% of the real money and you get pirate booty coins called “Loony.”
Trade loonies for prizes during the boat parade or win food specials with your loony booty at participating restaurants.

A paradigm shift for heroes & heroes born with special powers

Special Heroes

“Special Heroes” is a 30 episode TV series that shows the mission of the Atlanta Volunteers as they turn heroes born with the special powers of Down syndrome, spina bifida or other conditions into Super Heroes!
At the end of every episode is a one minute vignette called “The Tropical Adventure Competition.” The clip shown above is an example of a live-streamed tropical celebration for the Super Hero, family, cast, crew and fans who have attempted to solve one of humanities greatest challenges. Many special heroes never get to experience a tropical adventure. When they do it should be an amazing experience that will stay with them for rest of their lives.
The boat parade creates “B-roll” and a chance to participate in the TV series called “Special Heroes.”
Community owned and crowd sourced, this TV series lets anyone compete to be cast or crew. Crowd sourcing breaks all the production components into small pieces that you can produce at your location in minutes or months.
Your thrift and volunteer exchange can provide the funding, talent and collaboration for your social media production.

Special Heroes

You sometimes see a TV series where a team devotes a lot of time, skill and artistry competing to create a “thing” of beauty from a house, garden or old car.
What if a person was the focus of the competition instead of a “thing?”
This type of altruistic competition”, describes our TV series called “Special Heroes.
Your thrift and volunteer exchange has powerful features that lets you meet future team members that may be sitting a few tables away, very close at another sports bar or on the same lake as you. If you have both checked into the same venue, you can communicate through each others thrift and volunteer exchange. After meeting online you might travel a short distance away to get your team and episode started.
Sailor, Landlubber, Pirate Moderation

Anyone can delete a post if they don't like it.

Pirate = almost kicked out of a sports bar

We want this site to be as family friendly as possible but without limiting legal free speech. Each post has two pages, a listing page and an action page. The listing page is intended to be "G" rated and warns of Sailor, Landlubber or Pirate content on the action page. If you are at work or in school avoid pages marked as Landlubber or Pirate. Look for "Green Sailor" posts that have a positive score and represent posts that could be safe for broadcast or work. (If you are playing "Get Loony" Sailor posts are jokingly safe for the kangaroo court room of the Praetorian guards but only if you have bribed the "Bootymaster.")

An amber "Landlubber" post has a negative score down to -10. When the community down votes anything below -10, the post is called a pirate and is automatically deleted by our software. Any person can remove any post for any reason such as when somebody says something obscene and offensive similar to "The Dodgers are the greatest baseball team ever." If you see something obscene like that, remove it immediately!
When you remove a post, especially offensive obscene Dodgers comments, this is called "Throwing a pirate overboard." Nobody gets banned or ghosted here, just thrown overboard to the sharks.

Pirates outgunned and outnumbered would raid British ships and bring back munitions and supplies to freedom loving colonists. With the help of patriotic pirates, the colonists won their independence and formed the USA. We are calling on Lake Lanier pirates to help people born with special powers turn into Super Heroes and win their independence.
“More activities than a state fair with a boat parade”
If helping people was fun, everyone would do it. Let’s have some fun!

5 logins for testing. buddy1/boo, buddy2/boo, buddy3/boo, buddy4/boo, buddy5/boo

The Atlanta Volunteers would like to thank Kroger, Sherwin Williams, Club Car, Coleman, Buffalo’s, many other businesses and the 9,500+ volunteers who have been a part of the Atlanta Volunteers for being such great community partners! See 20+ years and over 1,000 events at meetup.com/atlantavolunteers