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You must be 18+ to volunteer, operate watercraft in the parade, take safety or aquatic training, or enter this website.
Righteously donate to any of the nonprofits we list and they get 100% of the real money and you get pirate booty coins called “Loony.” Volunteer, win or earn food and drink specials at Rudy’s.
This website contains crowd sourcing tools that can turn real life heroes born with special powers into Super Heroes.

Special Heroes

A First responders boat parade on Lake Lanier, May 19, 2024, is the start of EMS week and launches the TV series “Special Heroes.”
“Special Heroes” is a 30 episode TV series that tells the story of multiple nonprofits, corporations and individuals who share the ATLANTA VOLUNTEERS thrift and volunteer exchange. This exchange can turn heroes born with special powers into Super Heroes!
At the end of every episode is a one minute vignette called “The Tropical Adventure Competition.” Every person who becomes an Atlanta Volunteer can create their own “thrift and volunteer exchange” that is like a yard sale on steroids. Your exchange will help you win, earn or volunteer for a chance to be part of the cast and crew filming during one week in the tropics.
Community owned and crowd sourced, this TV series lets anyone compete to be cast or crew. Crowd sourcing breaks all the production componets into small pieces that you can produce at your location in minutes or months. Your own thrift and volunteer exchange can provide the funding, talent, collaboration and labor for your component.
The vignette shown above is a custom celebration for the Super Hero, family, cast, crew and fans that attempt to solve one of humanities greatest challenges.

A paradigm shift for heroes & heroes born with special powers

Special Heroes

You sometimes see a TV series where a team devotes a lot of time, skill and artistry competing to create a “thing” of beauty from a house, garden or old car.
What if a person was the focus of the competition instead of a “thing?”
This type of altruistic competition”, describes our TV series called “Special Heroes.
The boat parade is just one type of venue found on your “Game Card.” Your Game Card is your thrift and volunteer exchange. It contains devices called volunteer coupons and epiphanies. It also lets you “tryout” for cast and crew positions for the TV series called Special Heroes. Your own thrift and volunteer exchange makes it easy to organize funding, volunteers, cast, crew and vendors to compete in the production of Special Heroes.
Your Game Card lets you meet future team members that may be sitting a few tables away, at a sports bar a short distance away or on a boat on the same lake as you. If you have both checked into the same venue, you can communicate through each others thrift and volunteer exchange. After meeting online, you might travel a few tables over, a short distance away or just down the beach to meet in person and get your team and episode started.
When you meet another volunteer, we hope you discuss a content creation strategy for the TV series “Special Heroes” or how you will participate in the First Responders Boat Parade. For the boat parade you can make boat decorations and games and a celebration. You can also do this on a live-streamed booth on land on the same day. Your goal is be in the top 10 boats or booths winning prizes by having the most fun, during the First Responders Boat parade.
Use your “Game Card” to watch live-streams and interact with individual boats in the parade! Watch it here starting at 6 am, May 19, 2024
One group of 30 boats will cross the starting line every 6 minutes starting at 7 am. We will have up to 100 groups. On May 19, 2024 there will be a widget on this page to fish for a boat or a land based booth. Watch the live-streams to see who can have the most fun in the parade.
Pirates outgunned and outnumbered would raid British ships and bring back munitions and supplies to freedom loving colonists. With the help of patriotic pirates, the colonists won their independence and formed the USA. We are calling on Lake Lanier pirates to help people born with special powers turn into Super Heroes and win their independence.
We will attempt a worlds record for the most boats in a parade! Each game card that lets you live-stream and interact with Mardi Gras styled boats and booths competing to have the most fun during the event. Find and win treasure, prizes, surprises, contests, performances or be lured into doom by the siren song of a mermaids booty and her treasure chest.
Any nonprofit you choose receives 100% of your donation and we give you interactive reward points called “loonies.”
Each post has two pages, a listing page and an action page. The listing page is intended to be “G” rated and warns of Sailor, Landlubber or Pirate content of the action page. If you are at work or in school avoid pages marked as Landlubber or Pirate. Look for “Green Sailor” posts that have a positve score and represent posts that are safe for broadcast or work. If you are playing “Get Loony” Sailor posts are safe for the kangaroo court room of the Praetorian guards if you have bribed the “Bootymaster.”
An amber “Landlubber” post has a negative score down to -10. Anything below -10 and the post is called a pirate and is automatically deleted by our software. Any person can remove any post for any reason such as when somebody says “The Dodgers are the greatest baseball team ever.” Volunteer or donate with the Atlanta volnteers to get coins called loonies. Each post is your “two cents worth,” of loonies and they are automatically deducted from your “Booty.” “You shall not pass!” This 2 cent troll toll raises money for any nonprofit you choose on this site. When you remove a post, especially offensive Dodgers comments, this is called “Throwing a pirate overboard.” Noboday gets banned or ghosted here, just thrown overboard to the sharks.
“More activities than a state fair with a boat parade”
If helping people was fun, everyone would do it. Let’s have some fun!

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