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Website opening Jan. 2024, boat parade Sunday May 19, 2024, Lake Lanier.

Special Heroes

First Responder Boat Parade Headquarters!

You must be 18+ to volunteer, to take safety or aquatic training, to drive a boat in the parade, or to enter this website.
Patriotic fun with purpose!
With a mission to support “Special Heroes” interactive live streaming makes each of the hundreds of boats in the parade similar to a booth at a state fair.
Viewers donate to any nonprofit to get pirate coins called “loony.”
Watch the parade with your phone and trade your “loony booty” with pirates operating games, exhibits and contests from the boats.
Win prizes to make your booty bigger! The biggest booty wins!

A paradigm shift for heroes & heroes born with special powers

A First responders boat parade is the start of EMS week Sunday May 19, 2024 on Lake Lanier and launches the TV series “Special Heroes.”

A TV series called “Special Heroes” tells the story of multiple nonprofits who share the ATLANTA VOLUNTEERS thrift and volunteer exchange that turns heroes and heroes born with special powers into Super Heroes! At the end of every episode is a one minute vignette called the “Tropical Adventure Competition”. Viewers can win one week crew positions on the boat and be part of an episode.
Many heroes never get to experience a real vacation so every episode ends with a “Tropical Adventure Competition” honoring the hero by competing to have as much fun and respite care for the family as possible!
Any nonprofit you choose receives 100% of your donation and we give you interactive reward points called “loonies.”

Special Heroes

You sometimes see a TV series where a team devotes a lot of time, skill and artistry competing to create a “thing” of beauty from a house, garden or old car.
What if a person was the focus of the competition instead of a “thing?”
This type of altruistic competition”, describes our TV series called “Special Heroes”.

Having fun can instantly improve somebodies quality of life.

Let’s start with a pirate theme where you can dress up, tell pirate themed dad jokes and giggle as you say the word “booty” in as many different ways as you can.  Our reward points are called “Loony.”  Your goal is to “Get Loony.” You win by having the biggest booty.  Your loony good looks are judged in a “booty contest.” You can see everyone’s booty with a booty search and find out just how loony they are. You win by bribing a judge called the “Bootymaster,” or troll for votes. Booty rats randomly nibble on everything loony and shrink you booty. Pirates feed loonies to the mermaids at the petting zoo while mermaids lure sailors to their doom by catfishing them with booby prizes.
“Pirate School”, teaches you the parade software, safety skills, boating skills, how to develop contests, fishing tournaments, sea shanties, karaoke challenge games and pirate initiations so you can rehearse for the TV series by throwing epic beach parties and “raft-ups” that support Heroes and great local causes!
Patriotic fun, tax write-offs and a being a hero for your community!
Each week a different Hero and quality of life solution is  presented. You can crowd source or film B-roll for 30 different episodes and get non profit and for profit tax write offs for your boat.
The production and viewing of this series is interactive in a way you have never seen before, …well unless you saw it demonstrated at the boat parade or attended Pirate School!
“More activities than a state fair with a boat parade”
Supporting local nonprofits that all work together!
Imagine a pirate themed state fair with a dozen different ticket booths operated by a dozen different nonprofits at the entrance. The nonprofits all work together to create the fair that benefits all of them. You pick the booth and exchange donations or time spent as a volunteer for reward points called “loony”. “Volunteer coupons” turn your loony booty into prizes, adventure, powerful discounts at restaurants, admission to concerts, interactive media, and you can purchase items and services at our online thrift store without credit cards or cash but only if you are loony enough.
If helping people was fun, everyone would do it. Let’s have some fun!

5 logins for testing. buddy1/boo, buddy2/boo, buddy3/boo, buddy4/boo, buddy5/boo

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