Pirate Dive Bar

Rescue Games June 20, 2021, Lake Lanier Georgia!

Saltlifetrivia.com is a basic level of play open to everyone.

Piratedivebar.com is an advanced level of play that contains Rescue Games and the tropicaladventurecompetition.com which is the expert level.

You must be 18 or older to qualify to play the advanced game, compete in Rescue Games or the Tropical Adventure Competition. Families may accompany competitors but not login here. There are boating, sailing, rescue, fishing, scuba and other hazardous live aquatic competitions that may be part of the activities inside this web site and they are not suitable for everyone.

Login to piratedivebar.com With Kroger and get 500 Game Points!

A game for your business meeting, club or volunteers

Take just a few seconds to create comedy before you speak at your next business meeting.

Reward patrons who support your nonprofit, club or restaurant.

Play party games boat to boat live or over the internet.

Inspire your rescuers to higher levels through competition.

Appear in an episode of The Tropical Adventure Competition.

These are just a few of the things you can do inside the Pirate Dive Bar!

Take less than a minute to transfer a few game points and you have just paid for your coffee and snacks at your next meeting without using cash or a credit card. Your leader can add some fun to your meeting by fining you game points for being late, going bald, wearing an ugly Christmas sweater or giving you a few game points to never wear that ugly sweater again. There are competition, quiz and activity options that take just minutes to play before your meeting or during breaks that quickly develop communication and teambuilding skills.

The Pirate Dive Bar contains skill, knowledge, live competition and activities based on USCG, Red Cross, NAUI and other sources but you can customize it for your organization, group or restaurant .

This site joins with our other sites for the quizzes from saltlifetrivia.com, the skill sheets from saltlifeschool.com and ocean competition from the TV series located at tropicaladventurecompetition.com. See the 8,500 members of the Atlanta Volunteers at https://meetup.com/atlantavolunteers that manage this game that creates employment for disabled adults at an aquatic center described at theabilityrevolution.com

This game is best played live, boat to boat, pool to pool, beach to beach, marina to marina or between scuba, sailing, fishing or other clubs.

The Pirate version is based on the dark comedy of deplorable pirate behavior. Use your game points while betting, lying, bribing, cheating, and engaging in despicable pirate antics to steal booty and escape from being thrown into irons. 

Pirates use crowd sourcing to develop and practice competitions, fund raising pirate games and produce screenplay for the TV series The Tropical Adventure Competition.

The Atlanta Volunteers! 501 (C) (3) FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS INC.


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