The “Tropical Adventure Competition” are comedy clips combined with a docu-series where we welcome Democrats, Libertarians and others to compete against the Republican Good Guys to support your favorite cause.

Boat parades, Karaoke Challenge Game, Motorcycle, ATV & Cowboy Rallies, Rescue Dog Heroes, Bribe the Bootymaster, Back The Blue Photo Contest, Prizes & More

Battle Plans – Operation “Special Purpose”

This mutiny takes back our country.  The strategy is simple “Adventure With Purpose”.  This is altruistic fun that unites us as Americans to defeat the divisive socialist agenda with the free speech of comedy. 

We showcase American exceptionalism and provide solid examples of American values.

We Do Not Leave People Behind

The clip below is an example of how you can create a story and adventure for your special hero to prove one of our strongest values, “We Do Not Leave People Behind”, especially disabled populations.

We are calling on patriots from across the nation to take part in creating a 30 episode TV series. This series will show the values and fun that Republicans have when they get together to defeat liberals. We welcome you to join or lead any of the 30 teams creating these episodes and be part of the fun and booty when you “Mutiny Against Biden”. Who knows, if you latte drinking, green new deal cat lovers win maybe you can put us redneck, white supremist, racist yokels in our place and give us and our sister/wives the humiliation we deserve in front of one of our uncle/dads.

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