National Boat parade Headquarters! Raft ups, comedy, games, ocean adventure and a TV series with a special purpose “We do not leave people behind.”
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A motorcycle Boat Parade?
Each boat can fit in a riders backpack

18+ to enter the Pirate Dive Bar

90% complete! Open Nov. 1. You can have a look around to see what is coming. Trial login is user “a” and password “a” to see all the features when you login.

Pirate, Passenger, Hero, Cast, Crew, Team Owner, Bootymaster or Mermaid

If you dream of catamaran sailing or ocean adventure we invite you to tryout for any position for one of the 30 teams in our league. You may end up being paid to sail the tropics helping great causes and staring in a TV series.

Some people earn a place, some win a place and some are chosen. Our theme is that when you put country over party and work together, we all win.

Each team features a hero with a disability that they love and don’t want to leave behind. Teams each produce one episode of this 30 episode TV series called “The Tropical Adventure Competition”.

Episodes start by introducing the “Hero” and the quality of life problems the team is going to solve. The episode starts by documenting the efforts of the team locally and their successes or failures.

At the end of the episode the team goes offshore to produce the best “Respite Care” possible.

Pirate themed comedy clips or shorts (1 – 30 seconds) inspired from your local boat or pool parties appear between the scenes and commercials in each episode.

The PIRATE DIVE BAR contains software that lets anyone produce or join an episode. You can organize, compete, create or join, in an activity that inspires short comedy clips or a full episode.

The Pirate Dive Bar is a place where Fans, Teams, Heroes and Celebrities can meet, get to know each other and have fun.

In the name of free speech and free assembly, we welcome Democrats, Libertarians and all others to participate here. We are an S-Corporation that is very heavily Republican and we respect your right to disagree with us, even while we die defending your right to disagree.

So lets have some fun together here as Americans and put country over politics.

Comedy Shorts

Comedy shorts are inspired by Sailors, Landlubbers and Pirates engaged in comedy battles to do good for others.

Plot Objective Get your opponent to pay for your fun and fun raising! Use our games and activities to create some fun at your next boat parade, raft up, pool or sports bar party and share it with everyone.

After your party upload a script, description or a video link of the fun you had at your event. You will receive broadcast credit and a share of broadcast revenue paid “per second” if fun from your party is used.

Word will get out that your parties are the most fun!

Pirates get booty by creating a feeding frenzy for the sharks and then walk a player off the plank. Pirates use bait, false flag events, rigged games, whoremongering, catfishing, gambling, bribed judges, double agents, and snitches. They enlist lying, cheating, stealing pirates, suspicious landlubbers or honest sailors to create their scheme.

For example: In an ideological battle, a Trumpkin pretends he is a Talibiden. He secretly taunts the players on his own team calling them inbred yokels and beats them at rigged games. He says he is raising money for elite vegan liberals to drink green new deal lattes. He creates another bogus avatar so he can donate to his own cause just to score higher on the leaderboards. The Trumpkins and their sister/wives don’t like that and are fixin to knock him out of first place, which creates the feeding frenzy. At the last minute of the game, he reveals if he is a Trumpkin or not. He might even contribute to his opponent for the sake of “Good Sportsmanship” to show he puts country over party to support good causes. Bless his heart!

Scoring – Leaderboards show team standing, and the best Sailors, Pirates, Catfishers and Catfish. Your opponents are publicly shamed and your team is celebrated. Bootymasters redeem booty for cash and prizes to support their cause or just tuck it down their shirt with the rest of the booty.

Featured : Oct. 16, Rescue Dog Games!

We will give you $5 when you login with Kroger and support our favorite nonprofit “The Atlanta Volunteers” – mission & info – history & member list

Production Site for the TV series called

The Tropical Adventure Competition

Featuring the party game called:

The Pirate Dive Bar

The Pirate Dive bar uses an anti-crime crypto currency that can not be used on the dark web or for any criminal activity. All transactions are openly posted on a transparent public ledger. The crypto currency is called “loonies” which is short for Dubloons.

FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS, INC. is a 501 (c) 3 26-0354205 that is better known as the ATLANTA VOLUNTEERS. We are similar to the NFL, Olympics, PGA and other sports nonprofits in that we work closely with a for profit business. That business is called DOLPHIN RODEO INC. and it operates the PIRATE DIVE BAR.

Think of the nonprofit NFL that supports a lot of for profit businesses. Roger Goodell earned over 40 million working for a sports nonprofit last year called the NFL, His other business income is unknown from CBS, Paramount and others. Same sports nonprofit that we are except we post a public ledger and rules of compensation.

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