The primary purpose of the Pirate Dive Bar is to employ adults with disabilities and improve their quality of life and other missions found at atlantavolunteers.org.


All activities, speech and content are fictitious comedy. Here you can develop shock comedy, outrageous free speech, unusual character traits, cosplay dialogue and then become inspired by this raw content to develop your own jokes, stories, movies, commentary and live action role play. Here are examples of inspirational comedy heroes that pushed the envelope of free speech.

Lenny Bruce, “take away the right to say ‘fk’ and you take away the right to say ‘fk the government.’” In 1964, Bruce was arrested on obscenity charges in San Francisco. He opened the doors for great comedians such as Joan Rivers.
George Carlin was arrested for performing “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television,” The uncensored radio broadcast of a variation on the routine in 1973 set in motion a chain of legal challenges that culminated in the 1978 Supreme Court decision FCC v. Pacifica Foundation.

Richard Pryor reigns at No. 1 on Comedy Central’s list of all-time greatest stand-up comedians. Watered-down movies and one rough patch after another in his personal life, including near-immolation while freebasing cocaine in a notorious 1980 incident, didn’t dilute the impact made by profanely hilarious albums and concert movies like the Grammy-winning …Is It Something I Said? (1975) and Richard Pryor: Live in Concert (1979), an HBO staple in its era.

Sarah Silverman has a scene-stealing punchline in the 2005 documentary about the world’s dirtiest joke, The Aristocrats —i t’s all very matter of fact, as she frames it as autobiography, candidly describes one lewd act after another, and brings TV host Joe Franklin into the telling. (Outraged, he considered filing a defamation suit against her.)

Louis C.K. Known as a devout practitioner and innovator of safe sex while social distancing way before the China Virus made it fashionable, Louis C.K. is remembered here as a victim of cancel culture.

The list of shock jocks such as Howard Stern and political shock such as Rush Limbaugh and other entertainers that strive to keep free speech free is declining with the pressures of a woke society and cancel culture. Bill Mahr is one of the few of the old guard still fighting against censorship of all kinds, lets make sure he is not the last.

My son Cameron is my hero and inspiration for this playful site focused on fun and free speech. At 9 years old Cameron started an intense struggle to overcome expressive dysphasia from his Down syndrome. He was inspired to speak by a cub scout promise to God and country to help other people. At the time he first heard this promise he could only string three words together, “Cameron Grant Kindree.” Over days with a struggle he could add one word to the front and back of his name “I Cameron Grant Kindree Promise” and then he struggled to exhaustion again and again and again over the next weeks and months to add more words. 5 months later, he could finally say the four short sentences of the cub scout promise, and earn his Bobcat badge. The first sentences he ever spoke! When I remember his repeated struggle to exhaustion and I talk about it I still cry tears of pride and joy. There is much more to the story but this success inspired him to learn how to speak and then to sing. Now he suffers from ridicule as he does not understand the subtle unspoken rules of political correctness and cancel culture. This is why this site focuses on comedy and acceptance for anything anyone says and the strong support of free speech and acceptance to all.

I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.

Evelyn Beatrice Hall


For tax, accounting and other reasons, there are three distinct sections to this website. They are nonprofit, open and for profit. You will need a separate login for each section. (nonprofit.piratedivebar.com, piratedivebar.com & booty.piratedivebar.com)

The nonprofit section is operated by FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS, INC. 501 (c)(3) and we are better known as The Atlanta Volunteers. This is the only section where we ask you not to cuss, drink rum and engage in rowdy pirate activity. The nonprofit site has family based content suitable for everyone. You get a donation receipt for every transaction or game point you buy in that section.

The open section is a place where pirates 21+ can roam freely, so expect anything. Bribed judges punish the innocent when you win or lose rigged bets or games. Catfishing and sharking tournaments lets the real pirates display their skill.

The for profit section has two sections and is for anyone 21+. The first section contains advanced gameplay for “Sailors VS Pirates”. The second section is the crowd sourced cast, crew and production resources for the TV series, “The Tropical Adventure Competition” and other productions. DOLPHIN RODEO INC. operates the open and for profit sections of this website and the business that we hope will employ adults with disabilities.

atlantavolunteers.org, usarescuegames.com, saltlifetrivia.com, saltlifeschool.com, theabilityrevolution.com, tropicaladventurecompetition.com, and meetup.com/atlantavolunteers are seven websites that all meet at piratedivebar.com to accomplish our goals.


At full capacity the Atlanta Volunteers will change out the home page of Pirate Dive Bar every week. 36 of those weeks go to the teams of the “Tropical Adventure Competition.”  16 weeks a year will be available to local charities, causes and teams.  The Atlanta Volunteers does not charge a team, charity or organization any fees to organize their fund raiser on the homepage of the Pirate Dive Bar.  After they move off the homepage into a listing, all listed charities share 50% of all points that they generate here.  While listed on the homepage, if Paypal is used, to accept credit cards, a treasurer from the organization lists their paypal account and money from all transactions on this site go directly into their account.  Credit card information is never entered on the Pirate Dive Bar site, it goes directly to Paypal.  The Pirate Dive Bar open section is set up to change cash donations into game points, with cash being given directly to the organization to get game points, and not to the Atlanta Volunteers or Dolphin Rodeo Inc.

Changing the charity out every week draws people into the Pirate Dive Bar where they can discover the advanced gameplay, cast & crew positions, crowd sourced production and more.

When played in bars or restaurants, we strongly support 25% of game points going to the servers in that business. This is on top of any tips for food or drinks. You will see how we do this inside.


The Pirate Dive Bar creates a zoom converence, a chatroom and a forum for the bar or restaurant it is being played in. You can easily locate any person in that bar and send them a dare, challenge, bet, message or set up a game of poker, darts or pool using real or online game pieces (loonies) without leaving your seat. A great ice breaker for meeting new friends sitting way across the way in a noisy bar.

When you login you will see the “High Seas” page that contains instructions and a quickstart for simplified play that takes only seconds.


The Atlanta Volunteers is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit licensed and incorporated as FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS, INC but registered to do business the Atlanta Volunteers.  The property address is 2645 Pilgrim Mill Circle Cumming, GA.

The Atlanta Volunteers has had licenses from the Forsyth County Sheriffs office to operate raffles and fund raising games, but these are not needed for the Pirate Dive Bar as it is online gaming for game points that follows legal compliance.

Chuck E Cheese and similar arcades at bowling allies and restaurants are an example of how the Pirate Dive Bar operates inside the law.  You buy tokens, you play games, you get tickets, you redeem tickets for prizes.

The difference is the phone app that manages the buying of tokens and the redemption of tokens for prizes.

The phone app has an innovative feature, it allows any person, at any location to become the banker for the game being played live and convert online points into game pieces and then back into online points at the end of the game.  Just as you would buy game pieces such as poker chips, marbles, or tiddly winks at Walmart you can also buy game pieces such as poker chips, marbles or tiddly winks from any other person with the phone app.  Any person can do this with the phone app.  Sounds amazing, but it is very basic.

For live play, with game pieces (poker chips), the banker is called the “Bootymaster.”  (the bootymaster is a female character played in the style of Monty Python)  Players send the bootymaster electronic points and she gives them game pieces.  At the end of the game the Bootymaster decides if she will just skip town with the electronic points or make some sort of a deal.  She can also say “I will sell new game pieces for $0.25 and buy used ones for $0.20, or whatever deal the bootymaster wants you to believe.  Any person can claim to be the bootymaster and buy or sell anything they want to use as game pieces for cash.  The app prevents bogus transfers no matter what kind of cheating or counterfeiting you want to do, as this place is called “The Pirate Dive Bar”, and cheating, lying and skullduggery is expected.

Game points can be redeemed for prizes or to pay off dares, contests or to bribe the bootymaster to rig a contest or punish and innocent person for a crime that they or somebody they don’t know may do at sometime.  People can make suggestions for prizes, games, punishment, bribes and contests at the piratedivebar.  Like any carnival huckster the bootymaster will have a few real prizes such as cash gift cards, and glittering donated merchandise she can offer.  She will try to pass off trinkets as real treasure.  She might even catfish you with a hug and a kiss only for you to realize that it is with seadog, and you will have to pay another bribe to back out of the deal.


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