150 air mattresses!
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In the top menu”Loony” is for donations and prizes, “Play” creates fund raising skits and “Work” produces episodes.
Our fund raising goal is to complete this vocational group home for special heroes. This pdf of a book called “The Ability Revolution” explains what is possible on this land with special zoning.

The first thing you notice with most organizations is a flag on a tall flag pole welcoming you. The special scouts of Pack 114 led the building of our giant floating USA Flag that flips over to be the “Thin Blue Line” flag. We welcome you to come inside and have a “Patriotic Pirate” adventure with us!


Achieve a high quality of life for people born with special abilities.


A person with a physical ability works with a person who has intellectual ability to create an Ability Team. By combining the strengths of their diverse abilities an ability team can equal or surpass the function of a person with no disabilities.


Guide an Ability Team to becomes state certified and gainfully employed to provide CNA care to other people with special abilities.


Change the zoning on residential land to allow a business and a group home to occupy the same space and develop education and vocation that achieve our mission, vision and goals.  This zoning would create business licenses for a vocational group home. The zoning has been accomplished and the footer has been poured for a 12,600 sq/ft multi use vocational group home. One of the vocations would be the media industry. The TV studio is part of the same building that has a living, learning and working space for featured heroes. A different special hero would star in each episode. A TV series can provide real employment for any special hero no matter what their special powers they were born with.


By utilizing our own medical director we can employ therapists and other professionals at the vocational group home to oversee the therapy, education and vocation of adults with disabilities. Two business models are used. One for a nonprofit and the other for profit. 


A giant floating USA flag that flips (mutinies) to become a “Thin Blue Line”, (or other flags) illustrates our brand of patriotism with a pirate theme for our aquatic and sailing programs.


A crowd sourced 30 episode TV series has a different team improving the quality of life for their hero each episode.  Interactive marketing enables sponsors to get real time results from their campaigns as viewers use their cell phones to react instantly to advertising campaigns that support the heroes of that episode. The Pirate Dive Bar software produces TV episodes that do more than generate donations, they document the quality of lives that were changed and markets our mission, vision and goals.

Interactive Commercials

We will broadcast from our own server. Each episode has a specific first broadcast time where interactive commercials are judged for the competition. For example, we see that 1,000 people are watching. Duke’s flea collars is one of the sponsors of the episode. During the commercial Duke says “upload a picture of your pet wearing our flea collar within 15 minutes of the end of the episode and you will be in a special drawing to win this…and Dukes will donate $5 in your pets name to the Hero of this episode”. 50 people upload pics of their pets, 950 don’t. “Don’t worry if you missed out, in a few episodes we will repeat this contest for anyone who is watching today but did not upload a picture withing 15 minutes of the episode closing.” 5 weeks later out of those 950 people, 400 upload pics of their pets wearing Dukes flea collars. We now have solid marketing numbers for getting 400 new customers for Dukes flea collars and expect a sales commission from Dukes. This will attract a lot of other sponsors and our broadcasting revenue goes up. There are many ways to craft the interactive commercials and these creative real time commercials may be just as interesting as the commercials you see on the superbowl. Viewers will see that their brand loyalty can be recognized for buying a product that has a verifiable effect on supporting their Hero.


FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS, (FAST) is a 501 (c) 3 EIN  26-0354205 located at 2645 Pilgrim Mill Circle that is better known as “The Atlanta Volunteers.”

Alan Kindree (678) 697-6566

The letter of determination for FAST is here. (https://piratedivebar.com/letter)

The FAST website is here (https://atlantavolunteers.org)

The book “The Ability Revolution” contains the business plan to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. You can download this book for free or buy it on Amazon.

We are 100% volunteer and 100% transparent. We do not have any salaried employees!

See over 20 years of events here meetup.com/atlantavolunteers

Our showcase volunteer event was “Thanks First Responders” on May 15, 2022 at Mary Alice Park. After a ceremony to remember the 54 Peace Officers and two K9’s whose watch ended in Georgia in 2021, we flipped this giant USA flag over to the thin blue line flag.

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Tropical Adventure Competition
The purpose of this TV series is to inspire viewers to create transition solutions for their loved ones.
This TV series is about family & friends that turn their special needs Hero into a Super Hero!
30 Heroes, 30 episodes, 5 playoff episodes & 1 Grand Prize Winner.
During each episode a quality of life or transition challenge is conquered by the team along with short comedy bumpers from fund raising skits.
Each team competes in a nonprofit and a for profit competition.  Several world wide firsts for people with disabilities will be featured in this series. Our interactive commercials and collaborative episodes are an amazing feature that is a paradigm shift for media production.
In the last few minutes of each episode the team celebrates their efforts during a “Tropical Adventure Competition”. This is where they compete to have the most fun & adventure possible. Many people with disabilities and their families never experience this type of tropical adventure.  (Best respite care ever!)
Just like pirates on the high seas or like people did for thousands of years before currency was developed, you do not need a credit card, personal information or even a valid email address to trade loonies.
Take a step back into the 1700’s, where trade and barter thrive simply based on your word!
There is a downside.  You need 5 to 10 minutes to learn how to use loonies, and almost an hour to be proficient. It could take days or months to be chosen as cast or crew of the TV series or win all expense paid tropical adventure with one of our door prizes.
Overview of the top 10 features not found on other websites.
  • Community moderation – anyone may remove or restore posts or look at the posts that were removed.
  • Loony rewards – watch the livestreams of actual community service volunteers in action and send them reward points for being a volunteer or for something loony while they perform skits for you.
  • Loony transfer – a messenger that allows you to send loonies and messages to anyone. This messenger needs no personal information or a valid email.
  • Booty History – you see the message and loony history of every player for 100% nonprofit transparency. Combine the Booty History with the donation ledger and you can follow every transaction from anyone for anything.
  • Automatic copyright for your posts – the legal first step in protecting user submissions.
  • Access and free use of all files used to produce TV episodes. (The opposite of Hollywood!) This allows anyone to compete for any cast, crew, production or shareholder position on any episode or commercial on a level playing field.
  • Nonprofit & For Profit entities. The for profit provides employment. The nonprofit is 100% volunteer and no money is used for salaries. piratedivebar.com site is nonprofit, pro.piratedivebar.com is for profit. This keeps the taxes straight and your donations effective.
  • Other nonprofits can use this site to recieve 100% of donations going straight into their Paypal account without charges or fees from us. Their only fee is from Paypal.
  • Targeted donations let donors decide where their donations are used before they submit them.
  • A spectacular method of providing cash tips to servers at sports bars or hosts at backyard parties puts the fun in fund raising!

Content on this website is divided into three sections.

Sailor = 21+, G rated, safe, quiet educational or work environment such as for scuba, learning CPR, sailing or other instruction and sports. No alcohol or smoking.

Landlubber = 21 +, PG rated, typical of a sports bar and not a work or learning environment

Pirate = 21+, Arrrr rated Comedy laboratory. Darts, pool and other competitions involving bribed judges, gambling and catfishing with pirate game tokens called “loonies”. Caution for unsafe activities like listening to drunken pirates sing or feeding mermaids at the petting zoo.

This web site organizes 30 production teams who each produce one episode of the Tropical Adventure Competition which is “Sailor” rated. Sailors might encounter Landlubbers and Pirates during play and work but still end up producing a sailor rating for their episode.

Alan Kindree info@atlantavolunteers.org (678) 697-6566

Dolphin Rodeo Inc. proudly creates this site free for all different types of nonprofits. We proudly feature the 9,000+ members of the Atlanta Volunteers.