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Multiple definitions for the same word

Sailor = G rated, Safe environment, family friendly

Landlubber = PG, Play, 21+, unknown safety

Pirate = Arrrr rated, Comedy laboratory, Art, Unsafe

This web site organizes 30 production teams who each produce one episode of the Tropical Adventure Competition which is “Sailor” rated but sailors do encounter Landlubbers and Pirates.
150 air mattresses!


The first thing you notice with most organizations is a flag on a tall flag pole welcoming you. We hope our giant floating USA Flag that flips over to be the “Thin Blue Line” flag welcomes you to come inside and have an adventure with us.


Achieve a high quality of life for people with disabilities with special interest in the special needs family members of first responders.


A person with a physical ability works with a person who has intellectual ability to create an Ability Team. By combining the strengths of their diverse abilities an ability team can equal or surpass the function of a person with no disabilities.


Guide an ability team to becomes state certified and gainfully employed to provide CNA care to other people with disabilities.


Change the zoning on residential land to allow a business and a group home to occupy the same space and develop education and vocation that achieve our goals.  This would be called a vocational group home. The zoning has been accomplished and the footer has been poured.


By utilizing our own medical director we can employ therapists and other professionals at the vocational group home to oversee the education and vocation of adults with disabilities. Two business models are used. One for a nonprofit and the other for profit. 


A giant floating USA flag that flips (mutinies) to become a “Thin Blue Line”, (or other flags) illustrates our brand of patriotism with a pirate theme for our aquatic and sailing programs.


A crowd sourced 30 episode TV series has a different team improving the quality of life for their hero each episode.  Interactive marketing enables sponsors to get real time results from their campaigns as viewers use their cell phones to react instantly to advertising campaigns that support the heroes of that episode. The Pirate Dive Bar software produces TV episodes that do more than generate donations, they document the quality of lives that were changed.


FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS, (FAST) is a 501 (c) 3 EIN  26-0354205 located at 2645 Pilgrim Mill Circle. 

Alan Kindree (678) 697-6566

The letter of determination for FAST is here. (https://piratedivebar.com/letter)

The FAST website is here (https://atlantavolunteers.org)

The book “The Ability Revolution” contains the business plan to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. You can download this book for free or buy it on Amazon.

We are 100% volunteer and 100% transparent. We do not have salaried employees!

See over 10 years of events here meetup.com/atlantavolunteers

Our last major event was this “Thanks First Responders” on May 15, 2022 at Mary Alice Park. After a ceremony to remember the 54 Peace Officers and two K9’s whose watch ended in Georgia in 2021, we flipped this giant USA flag over to the thin blue line flag.


OVERVIEW – A nonprofit provides sports, a for profit provides employment while a TV series documents quality of life improvements.

In the sport called “Everyday Living”, I am the Coach of a family member with a disability. I am the father of a Hero named Cameron who is in one episode of this story.  The plot of every episode is about turning a Hero into a Superhero.

Cameron is a fine young man blessed with the super powers of Down Syndrome.  The Mosaic pattern of Down Syndrome enables Cameron to do 1 armed push ups, complicated Tae Kwon Do routines and at 7 years old, in the Special Olympics they lowered the age of competition so that he could compete against adults in the longest swimming race they have.  Cameron was so determined to win against the adults that he swam 2 extra 25 meter lengths before they could stop him.

Poor math skills run in Camerons family.  It is hard to tell if swimming the two extra laps was genetically poor math skills definitely passed down from his father or Down Syndrome.

In 1942 the NFL started as a nonprofit.  Roger Godell the CEO of this nonprofit was quietly earning a yearly salary of over 44 million.  Shortly after this was brought to light, this 132 billion dollar enterprise dropped its nonprofit status.  The Olympics, the NHL, the PGA tour and other “sports teams” such as the American Medical Association which are nonprofits surrounded by for profit businesses.

To achieve an improvement in the quality of life, I want you to consider using an operating model similar to these multi billion dollar enterprises.  You have a nonprofit for amateur sports competition and as many completely separate for profit companies as you want for broadcasting, vending, maintenance, construction and the important function the AMA has, spending millions to lobby congress.  Oh, and the AMA probably does other things with health, but it has nothing to do with actually seeing patients at their headquarters 330 N. Wabash Ave., Suite 39300, Chicago, IL 60611-5885

The major sports for our nonprofit are swimming, sailing, snorkeling and other things you could do from a luxury catamaran sailboat in the tropics. I think parasailing, tubing, athletic night club dancing and competitive shopping can be considered sports.    The for profit activities, just like those other nonprofits start with broadcasting a TV series.  From there you can earn revenue with commercials selling products for the businesses that support, sponsor or invest in your team.

Since we are producing a TV series, why not add some competition to that too?  What if dozens of people were competing in each section of the production.  A competition for writing the script, for the narration, the editing, the wardrobe, the marketing and you get the idea of competitions for every step of the production process, and that is for each episode.

Now lets say you have 30 teams.  Each team produces its own episode.  You may now have hundreds if not thousands of people competing to produce each seasons broadcast of 30 episodes.

This sounds like a logistical impossibility, but what if software completely simplified this process.  You would have the best efforts from the best people for each episode.  This would make for some spectacular TV broadcasts!

Since the process is going to be simplified lets mix in 100% transparency, free use copyright, crowd sourced competition,  two logins, one nonprofit the other for profit and the public ledger the IRS produces for every nonprofit. 

Oops, one more thing, we need game points so we can judge the competitions.  Since we are going to sail around the tropics improving the quality of life for people with disabilities, who might have one leg, one eye and love singing and dancing, lets give the points a pirate theme.  Dubloons are pirate coins that we call “Loonies”.  Loonies are our game points that you can use to buy votes, spend on the wenches, bribe judges, cheat while gambling, buy grog and you can squander whats left.

Welcome to the TV series called “The Tropical Adventure Competition”.

Each team must have a minimum of three players, but they can have thousands of online people playing on that team. 

The Hero, the Coach and the Producer are the three players found on every team.  The Hero represents the nonprofit.  The Coach is a close family member of the Hero and represents the for profit.  The Producer can be nonprofit, for profit, a combination of both or neither.

Each team can have as many fans or crew as they want.

The Hero is an unpaid athlete.  The Coach manages 2/3 of the for profit revenue the Producer manages 1/3.  The Coach has complete authority over the entire team and the Producer.  The coach can hire or fire the producer at will.  The Coach can have more than one producer at a time.

The 1/3 of revenue the Producer manages is split between crew, investors and expenses in what ever way the Producer wants. The 2/3 the coach is paid has no expenses.  The coach uses their 2/3 to improve the quality of life for the Hero.

To stay in the competition, everything the team does, and all their transactions must be 100% transparent. 

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