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Thrift And Volunteer Exchange

This 15 second exercise lets you create a basic TAVE.  You will see 2 QR codes (ready to print or share) and your item listing with a cover page and an inside page.   One QR code registers people into your TAVE and one displays your item. 
The Examples page gives you an idea of  purposes and features. 
Create a basic TAVE.
Keep or change the default title, messages and photos to anything you want. 
Scroll down and press "Submit to the Bootymaster." 
On the listing page,  "Ctrl+P", right click or use the page menu to print the QR codes. After you send the QR codes to your printer, click on the picture to go to the Results page.  Explore the features found on the results page. 
This should be less than 15 seconds to send the print request for QR codes.
Put the QR codes under packing tape, on the back of business cards, or on your social media to lead people to your TAVE.  If you have temporary tattoo paper loaded in your printer, you can place a QR code anywhere on your body for the next time you are at a loud event and want to meet people.
Use "Edit" to change the messages and photos. The QR code will point to your updated page.
Playfully ask somebody to scan the QR code again after you update it.  Who knows, maybe you can create a treasure map with multiple QR codes strategically placed to find your treasure chest and booty. 
To come back to this page choose  "Welcome" at the top menu, then "TAVE".
A free TAVE QR or link, can be pasted to any social media to add a second revenue stream, TAVE functions and more viewers to your social media.  
Simple text is everything found on your phone or laptop keyboard.
Rich text is a field type that enables authors to create rich text content, similar to traditional "What you see is what you get" (wysiwyg) editors.
Assets can be linked dynamically and embedded within the flow of the text.

Cover Page

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

Cover Message Format

Inside Page

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

Inside Message fomat
Is this a "Special Heroes" contest entry?
There are no open contests for "Special Heroes."  They are announced during the live broadcast.
The TV series "Special Heroes" has interactive commercials during live broadcasts. 
Anyone can create contests by choosing "Create a contest" in the purpose menu.
contests.  The "Yes" button lets you choose and enter open contests.
The contests can be as simple as keeping a running score for a weekly game of darts or as complex as scoring sea shanties and pirate jigs during a Karaoke challenge.
Press "Submit to the Bootymaster" to see the results of this first tutorial before you look at -
Other Tutorials
Comedy and good cheer!
A smile and a laugh shared with somebody accomplishes the mission of the Atlanta Volunteers running the Pirate Dive Bar. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for Heroes born with the special powers of Down syndrome, autism, spina bifida and more and turn those Heroes into Super Heroes!  Improving the health and wellbeing of the community is the basic purpose of all nonprofits.  Comedy and good cheer is an easy, quick and free way to achieve this goal.
Try this experiment!
If you have enough courage, try this experiment.  Before a complete stranger makes eye contact with you, have a slight smile on your face. Immediately after eye contact give them a short greeting in a happy playful tone of voice. “Hi, how is your day going?”  Will 10 out of 10 people smile back and say something nice?  Guess a number then try it for yourself, if you are brave enough.
The Fastest Reflex
The fastest reflex a person and all animals have is to recognize and avoid danger when seeing anything new.  The fastest reflex a person has will instantly judge you as a friend or foe. You must already be smiling and willing to engage in eye contact before you are spotted and judged!  Then you follow up with a welcoming tone as you are still being judged in the first few seconds.
You can help our mission by making your TAVE comical and friendly at the first glance.
Loonies are Worthless!
“Loony” is short for a pirate coin called a Dubloon.  Loonies are volunteer and donor reward points that are as worthless and unredeemable as the pirates who trade them.
A TAVE transfers loonies from their account into your account with one click.  It then displays a purchase reciept on their phone screen and creates public ledger entries.  This makes your loony booty bigger.
A really big loony booty
Lets say your loony booty is really big. (Your size of booty can be seen in your account at the top right of your screen).  If you lose your worthless loony booty you are less worthless.   If you are less worthless, this is a good thing and things are looking up. You want to lose your big loony booty, so let our pirates help you lose.
Our only rule “You Lose.”
In all transactions the loony booty is transferred first. This is the fastest way to be catfished and lose. Then you hope for nothing in return to continue your losing streak.  If by some loony chance somebody volunteered for you or you received a donated item, you should try again to lose.
The volunteer or donor now has their hands on your loony booty and they will have to try and lose their loony booty to be less worthless.
Catfishing Tournaments
We have all seen and heard carnival barkers at a county fair trying to catfish you into paying $5 to throw a ball at milk jugs to win a $1 doll. But you are really good and win the $2 doll.  With another $5 you could win the $3 doll and then show it off as a trophy for your skill and wisdom.  That $3 doll that you paid $5 + $5 for along with a recognition for your skill and wisdom, now has much more value than $10, or so you think.
Would you volunteer to tell a joke for free?  Yes, just try and stop you.  Would you tell a joke for 8 loonies?  You would have to think about it and need more details and will  probably negotiate.  This gives you an insight on how to be a successful carnival barker and catfisher.
“Biggest Booty wins!”
By creating comedy and good cheer with your TAVE people will volunteer to create good cheer, volunteer to do good for their community, donate household items or donate with PayPal giving to “Get Loony.” This is all on a public ledger and everybody can see how you got your big loony booty.
Your loony is shrinking
Each time a loony is exchanged it shrinks by 15%.  When the loonies run out either the party is over or somebody will have to volunteer or donate.
Booty Search
 A booty search will let you see anybody’s booty!  (Look at the top right of your screen and you will see yours)  A booty search lets you conspire with others and create gambling and mutinies.  If you are at a backyard BBQ and are selling steaks for different amounts of loonies to each person you might say “Hey Bob”, I have a great med rare steak here for 15 loonies.  You have 20 in your account so how about it?  Bob says “Yes” and transfers loonies to you.  Okay, here you go.  Oh, are you going to need a plate with that?  Plates are 20 loonies.  You better volunteer or donate quick, that steak is going to burn.
Secretly other people are betting if he eats the steak with his hands and burns his fingers or he volunteers to sing and dance a pirate jig for 30 loonies.  Later the Bootymaster will sell the beer “Bob the beer snob” brought to others for a lower price that what he is charged for it.
Three types of catfish – Sailor, Landlubber & Pirate
All catfish (anyone on this site) are 18+
Sailors are the prized trophy catfish! 
Sailor TAVEs are “G” rated, contain no cussing, drinking, smoking, copyright infringements, is safe and has all permissions and liability waivers needed to make it broadcast ready.
Sailor TAVEs produce B-roll for the TV series "Special Heroes."
Landlubbers are “PG-13” rated and contain no smoking or drinking.  This content is general purpose.
Patriotic Pirates are protectors of free speech! (just as they were during our fight for independence from the British)  Patriotic Karens are on the side of the British and fight to suppress your speech.
Pirates lie, cheat, steal, cuss, drink, smoke, gamble and whoremonger with loony booty. Pirates often switch sides and become Karens or act like Landlubbers and Sailors.  Expect anyone to conduct false flag plays to rage bait their base, become agent provocateurs to start riots and blame it on the other side, become double or triple agents to start mutinies and when they can’t help it, turn things around and claim to be Heroes!
Some of this is “comedy brainstorming” for TAVEs,  some of it will inspire scripts for LARP (Live Action Role Play) and organize costumes for Cosplay, but most of it will be spontaneous fun to support great causes with volunteers and donors.
Any character in any situation provides Heroes and villains to support a chance for spontaneous brainstorming and to grow and perfect ideas or any comedy device under development.
If anything offends you for any reason, Karen please, step aboard our pirate ship.
Moderation Score
Three ratings, Sailor, Landlubber and Pirate are all under a moderation score.  If the moderation score drops below -10 our software throws that pirate overboard (deletes it).  If the moderation score is below zero but above -10 our software labels it as an amber “Landlubber.”  If the moderation score is 0 or above our software labels it green as “Sailor.”
Everybody can upvote or downvote posts to save or delete them.  This is how Patriotic Pirates battle Patriotic Karens.  Nobody gets ghosted or banned just thrown overboard to the sharks.
Each upvote costs 1 loony.  Each downvote costs 3 loonies.  This is the typical 3:1 attacker to defender ratio used for battle.
All your upvotes and all your downvotes are on a public ledger and scoreboard.  This creates Pirate Heroes and Karen Heroes for their battles against each other.  If you delete a post that really should be deleted (unlawful speech that is not part of comedy brainstorming)  you can report your good deeds to the Bootymaster to be publicly rewarded as a true Hero to everyone.
All of that is a LARP game called...

"Surrender The Booty!"

Choose a rating to continue
A TAVE has two pages.
These ratings are on the first page of your TAVE.  They warn you of the content on the second page of your TAVE.
Sailor - Media friendly
"G" rated, no sailor talk, smoking or alcohol.
This is the most desireable rating as it is for media that can be broadcasted in the TV series Special Heroes. It contains no copyright material such as logos or brand names. It contains all legal permissions for broadcasting.
This is also the rating you should use when making volunteer coupons for businesses. Content authors have a "Genuine" registration.
Landlubber - General Purpose
+18, no alcohol or smoking typical of normal conversation.
Content authors can have genuine or comedy registrations. This content can not be used for broadcast.
Pirate - Comedy, Games, LARP and Cosplay
+21 Lawful, free, comical, artistic and brainstorming speech.  LARP characters and others may say anything for character development, plot devices and artistic expression.  Expect the unexpected and a place where professional catfishers troll for loonies.  
This section inspires comedy writers, LARP characters and catfishing fun for your TAVE!  It is not intended for broadcast.
Open season and tournament catfishing!  Biggest Booty wins!  Any type of comedy, art, fun, LARP or Cosplay can be used in games and contests.
Community Moderation
Besides the rating, each post contains a community moderation score. Any person can delete any post.  For example, if you see something that is not family friendly on the first page, you should delete the post.
Bots can not delete posts as they need loonies in their account to downvote.
All posts are meant to be temporary, so there is no harm in deleting any post you don't like.  
If a post is downvoted to -10 our software deletes it.
A downvote costs 3 loonies. An upvote is 1 loony.  This is a 3:1 attacker/defender ratio for free speech.  Karens are the attackers, Pirates are the defenders.  Pirates are defending lawful free speech against tyranny just as they did during the golden age of piracy.
This 3:1 ratio is a comedy tool that inpires mutiny!  It is an advantage for double agents, false flag operations, agent provocateurs and praetorian guards that take part in mutinies against the Karen army.
A leaderboard is kept for both the Karens and the Pirates for community moderation.  They will both have their heroes in the battle for free speech.
If there is actual content that should  be deleted, please downvote it to -10 to "throw the pirate overboard." Every person has the responsibility and ability to moderate content and make pirates walk the plank.
Search and form options change with each purpose you select.
Examples shows you that a TAVE can be many things. 
Restuarant and retail - "Donate $1 (4 loonies) get $2 off,"  "6 loonies ($1.50) get a free dessert with an entre", "Donate $5 get 20% off any item overr $20."  This sections records each transaction.  Businesses have an itemized list and a grand total for taxes of every time they donated a discount or special to the Atlanta Volunteers.  The loonies go into the Managers treasure chest.
Mermaids Lair - The is when a server creates a "Volunteer coupon" for the restuarant they work at.  The loonies go into the Mermaids treasure chest each time a volunteer coupon is used.  
Booth - All purpose. Most volunteer coupons (products and services) and epiphanies (art, sports, music, volunteerism) will choose "Booth." A Booth is operated by the author of the TAVE.  This is also used for parties and events.
Boat -The remote operation of your TAVE by guest administrators and anytime you are in a boat.
Volunteer - This is fund raising where credit cards or cash is not used. People donate directly to a nonprofit with PayPal giving and get loony.  Then they transfer loonies to you for volunteering.  You trade loonies for prizes or cash.
Community Service The Atlanta Volunteers is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit.  Your volunteer hours and a description  is printed on our letterhead.  Print out our letter to see if it is in a format your school, work or probation officer will accept.  Then come here and get all the hours you need.
Volunteers are similiar to people that use traditional fund raising to walk, run, bake or wash cars.   Volunteers can do anything to "Get Loony."  "Will  volunteer at hands on Atlanta, will swim or run a lap for 5 loonies, will cut grass for 30 loonies.
You might want some dog poop picked up at your apartment complex.  You can post a notice and pay somebody in loonies or the volunteer may have posted their volunteer QR codes to pick up the poop at the dog walking area.
The volunteer could bake cookies for their breakroom and leave the QR codes for the TAVE beside the plate using an honor system to pay for them.
The volunteer can catfish or actually volunteer!
Get Loony - Card Game
Each of your volunteer coupons or epiphanies can be linked to a playing card.  More information on how to play Here if you choose this category.
King - Captain: Genuine command
Queen - Bootymaster: Diabolical command
Jack - Spirit of the ship: Sea Shanties,  Pirate Jigs or Jugs ("jigs or jugs")
Ten - Booty: Treasure
Nine - Booby: Unknown consequence
Eight - Bond: Volunteer
Seven - Pirate School: Sailing skills
Six - Pirate raid: Get Loony from anyone
Five - Mermaid: Recycle your loony booty for cash. At the end of the game give all the cash to the server. This must be before you ask for the bill or after you have tipped her.   This is not part of the tip.  No server, the last two Bootymasters split the cash.
Four - Shark: Recycle your loony booty and keep the cash but it must be cash app cash.
Three - Letter of Marque: Whispered words of mutiny.
Permission to do something unexpected to catfish  (False flag, mutiny or double agent deals done  secretly to rig bets, gambling, games or challenges.  Can be played anytime, even days after the game has ended)
Two - Bounty: Something you want or something you want a volunteer to do.
Ace - Mutiny: Anything
Mermaids Lair - The restuarant where a Mermaid works.  Loonies go into a Mermaids treasure chest to make her booty bigger.  She can recycle her Loony Booty for cash.  A full explanation is on the home page.
Sharks Den - This is any location where any person can recycle their Loony Booty for folding cash or cash app cash.  Read the explanation on the home page under "Restuarants - Mermaids Lair"
Treasure Map - Create your treasure map in any style and sell clues to the prize you have hidden.
Pirate School - When you visit Pirate School you will see that it contains training for volunteers.  Subjects range from actual scuba and sailing skills to being the cast or crew on an episode of Special Heroes.  You must learn, do, teach each subject to pass it.  You must volunteer to be taught for as many subjects as you teach.  Students and instructors can charge whatever loonies they want.
Profiles - This has a variety of ways to quickly find the volunteer, team member or connection you want.
World record verification photos - This is explained the boat parade section.  This section allows you to upload multiple photos and link them to boats that you know and witnessed.
Event photos and video -You can post a few photos and links back to your library for video.  This helps to promote traffic to your social media sites.
Raw unfiltered comedy ....This section is where you create the spark and then the rest of the group lets it catch fire.
Your TAVE might use multiple people with LARP and Cosplay to catfish loonies by creating a short live-streamed comedy sketch. With practice this may be an entry for the community owned TV series called "Special Heroes."
Brainstorming starts the process with random testing of ideas, dialouge and interaction for heroes, villains, plot twists, false flag and comic relief inventions.  
During brainstorming with character development any type of character with any type of speech or actions can be encountered.  Nothing here is politically correct, it is raw.  If anything offends you, you should not enter this section,  wait a minute Karen, come on in!
You can list talents, props, art, locations and resources in the venue section so they can be added with a single click to your TAVE.
Besides script writers and actors, it could take a dozen people in costuming, hair, makeup, props, photography, sound and much more for your TAVE. Brainstorming lets you know what and who is available to work with. 
Epiphany - Video and performance art. This organizes your production crew and resources. 
Choose a purpose
No other contests have been listed.
You can create a contest with a TAVE by selecting "Contest" from "Features."
Choose a venue (default values)
A venue is created here 
A venue loads  default features onto your TAVE.  
The features are for search, live-stream, points, cash app, media library, profile, and links to get followers for your social media and websites.
It could take 10 minutes or more to make a robust venue, but then it only takes one click to load it onto each TAVE you make.
You can make as many venues as you want and use them for a variety of purposes.
What type of subject, category & Topic?
A volunteer coupon gives you a reciept and is used for goods and services where you need to show a reciept. 
An epiphany gives you a first notice copyright and is used for any type of art.  This includes writing scripts, performance art or producing media for "Special Heroes."  If you need a receipt it is on your public ledger.
You must have a genuine registration to verify boats for a world record.
Verify one boat position and you may use up to three photos for that position. You may include other boats and people in the image and description.  The description is optional.  Use a separate entry for each boat you verify.

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

Add Retail options such as "donate $1 get $2 off," " X percent off", "upgrade", "free drink" etc.
When does this offer expire
Choose a coupon style

If your style of coupon is not listed, email us at info@atlantavolunteers.org and put Coupon in the subject.

Coupon buildeer

I need help with "Get Loony"

under construction

under construction

What card?

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

Show or Hide
The normal setting is show. When playing the card game called "Get Loony" you may want to strategically hide your posts similar to keeping people from seeing your cards. At the right time, use "Edit" to unhide the post so you can play it.


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