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Pirates in the comedy lab “catfish” to fund your epiphany into an adventure!
Create a game card at “Epiphany” or find a game card at “Adventure”
Crowd sourced solutions that turn Heroes with disabilities into Super Heroes! Our “nonprofit” and “for profit” competitions develop transition solutions.
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(A loony is a coin used to target nonprofit donations. You play games with loonies to target donations for your team. Each team is led by a disabled Hero such as Cameron shown in the video below)
You hold a backyard party for animal rescue. (cows not included) “Hey, who wants a steak?”…(you look at Bob’s booty at ledgers) “Bob I see you have about 20 loonies left, I will trade this steak for 20 loonies. It is just the way you like it medium rare.” Bob says “Ok”, and makes the transfer. “Thanks Bob”, You say “Bob, do you need a plate? That will be another 20 loonies, you better donate quick, that steak is going to burn!” Other players secretly knew Bob was being set up. They gambled on if Bob would pay for a plate or eat a burned steak with his fingers. Bob ran a false flag play of his own and sold half the steak for 50 loonies to Chuck and rigged the bet against the gamblers. This is exactly what you would expect if a gang of pirates (inlaws) were playing a Christmas gift giving game.
You don’t have to keep score or use your cell phone! We do it automatically. The games encourage people to donate to their favorite nonprofit. If you do keep a score locally, you can use poker chips, a pencil and paper or our online scale to weigh your catfish. Bob is a catfish in a catfishing tournament. He weighed 20 loonies! However this Catfish named Bob, is also a catfisher and he scored higher with 50 loonies.
In the above example, you didn’t need to fill out or use a game card, login or use your cell phone. It was an improvised verbal game that supported your team or cause. Game cards add locations, times and many online features. When using game cards, only one person, a wizard and nerd called a “Gamer” (Gomer behind their back) needs to use their cell phone. People who could not attend your game live, can watch it online, and can buy, sell, create or gamble on challenges at your back yard party or business meeting. By making your parties excitig, people can watch and donate. Game cards create activities such as The Karaoke Challenge Game, Feeding Mermaids at the Petting Zoo, Sports Betting, Boat raft ups, Casino night or silent auctions.

Trailer for the pilot episode of “The Tropical Adventure Competition”

The Tropical Adventure Competition tells 30 stories of Heroes being turned into superheroes.

Vessel Used For The Tropical Adventure Competition
A team is made up of 3 leaders and a pirate gang. Each team produces one episode that features their Hero being turned into a superhero. The Hero was born with special needs. The Coach is a family member of the hero. The Producer is the flogger to the crowd sourced pirate gang that creates the episode.
Family & friends form a team to make their disabled loved one the hero of an episode. 30 teams make one episode each to create the TV series. Funding is provided by the Atlanta Volunteers based on results the team produces in the “Comedy Laboratory” and for the nonprofit and for profit competitions.
Interactive commercials and crowd sourced production is a paradigm shift for the media industry. It’s easier and more fun then you think to produce an episode when you have the help of hundreds of people around you and can rehearse anywhere, anytime and use a step by step approach to production.
Step 1. If you are a Coach, create a team page about your hero
Step 2. If you are a producer, use the Comedy Lab to develop and include comedy bumpers on your episode.
Step 3. The team gets funding based on lab work
Step 4. One benchmark is when you produce 20 minutes of (rough) narration for your episode.
Step 5. Crowd sourcing and interactive commercials are a strategy to winning over 30 different awards in the competition.
The Pirate Dive Bar is a “Comedy & Production Laboratory” that creates crowd sourced interactive content for a TV series called “The Tropical Adventure Competition”.
Tropical Adventure Competition (Rules of the TV series)

The grand prize winner is the team that can produce the best quality of life for their Hero. To celebrate hard work and success, teams create the ultimate tropical adventure for their deserving Hero.

Teams start with a coach (family member) nominating a hero.  The coach then chooses a producer or a dozen producers.  The producers(s) choose the rest of the team.  The producer(s) are responsible for getting all the work done, but the Coach has the final say in every decision the producer(s) make.
The Hero is typically a family member of the coach who has been disabled since birth.  Amateur sports competition are the duties of the Hero. The coach is the agent, family member and protector of the Hero. The coach is given a budget created by the team’s “for profit competition”, to manage the expenses of the Hero.
Any person can “tryout” for any production segment, position, cast, crew, shareholder, sponsor and be live or online.
30 teams make up the series, there are 5 playoff episodes and one grand prize episode.
Each team competes in a nonprofit and a for profit competition. The nonprofit competition inspires community engagement and is amateur sports competition. In the for profit competition 2/3 of gross (after tax) profit goes to the coach for their budget to support the Hero., 1/3 is for expenses with the remainder divided by whatever method the team chooses for investors, shareholders and crew shares.
The for profit competition produces the Coaches budget and the $15,000 studio charge. (The studio charge includes the bareboat Catamaran for one week). The for profit competition gives you tax write offs for your travel, food, accommodation, equipment and many other expenses on your “quest” (adventure of a lifetime!) to produce the most exciting tropical adventure possible!
The nonprofit competition lets your friends and co-workers use corporate donation programs to directly help your hero with targeted donations. Our 100% transparent finances include search engines to find exactly what you want to know about a nonprofit.
Here we are. The Atlanta Volunteers has no paid staff or building expenses and over 10 years and hundreds of community service events listed with dates, pictures, descriptions and more found at
The about page has lots more information.

A paradigm shift in media production

Crowd sourced competition means that the production is dynamic (changing versions after release). Scripts, narration, editing, special effects, photography and every single aspect of each production is open source and in the public domain with a fair use and automatic copyright. This allows multiple people to compete for each segment by pulling it apart and rearranging it. You download, add your own touches and upload the improved version for every single step of the production. The producer chooses the winners and compiles the episode from the best people competing for each and every segment! A great way to build a reel for your media production resume.
You can download or post any content from here on your own social media, you simply can not own it or sell it. All information or media on this website is a donation to the Atlanta Volunteers 501 (c) 3, and is in the public domain.
Feeding the mermaids at the petting zoo!

Each episode shows how a team competes to turn their Hero into a Superhero!

Each team competes as a nonprofit with amateur sports competition and as a for profit business for employment and quality of life. During the last few minutes of the episode teams compete to have the most fun (respite care to recharge the caregivers) on a “Tropical Adventure Competition”.

The Prizes are Amazing!

The easiest way to win is to login with Kroger, we give you game points, you spend them on Door Prizes or Prized Booty.

First Grand Prize

All expense paid appearance for two on the “Tropical Adventure Competition” TV show during the Grand Prize Episode and $10,000.

The pilot episode shown on the trailer above was shot on the 50′ catamaran called “Liberty” in the British Virgin Islands. We will film a total of 30 episodes during the first season. This will be on the Liberty or a vessel of a similar size in a similar tropical location.
All expenses include travel to the airport, airfare, food, accommodations and miscellaneous costs.
Each episode shows how a team has improved the quality of life for their hero. In the last few minutes of each episode “care for the caregivers” is shown during the Tropical Adventure Competition. This is a competition to enjoy life to the fullest and have the adventure of a lifetime!

5 Second Grand Prizes

All expense paid appearance for two on the “Tropical Adventure Competition” TV show during a Playoff Episode and $2,000.

5 Third Grand Prizes

All expense paid appearance for two on the “Tropical Adventure Competition” TV show during a Regular Episode and $1,000.

Other Grand Prizes on the Liberty are for the 30 teams of people competing to produce an episode and turn their Hero into a Superhero!

Local Contests

Grand Door Prizes are available at all events.

Largest group of friends singing, dancing or being in an air band on stage

Livestream production of a karaoke song

Singing the last line of the national anthem

Singing a verse you made up for the Drunken Sailor Song

Most daring Karaoke Challenge

Best same day media production

Funniest Pirate Dance

Funniest Pirate Challenge

Funniest Pirate Punishment

Sexiest Pirate Wench, Galley Slave or Bootymaster

Underwater Mermaid Livestream

Bribe to a judge

Catfishing Tournament

Boat to Boat Livestream Dance Off

Best decorated boat livestreamed

Boat having the most fun livestreamed

Best New Contest Suggestion

More contests inside