Big Booty Wins Contests!

Contests are not decided on who has the best apple pie, tastiest hot dog or the score of a baseball game, they are won according to successful catfishing schemes or the bribes given to judges.

For your apple pie, hot dog or game to win, you have to catfish people into making you loony. Bribing the judges is also a way for you to be the winner. To do this you create a “Catfishing Scheme”. A catfishing scheme is bait made from an interesting picture, a catchy title, a convincing paragraph, and place where catfish can comment so you can set the “hook”. The hook is your own page where people can transfer loonies to you with a message. Once they send you loonies, you have reeled them in. You weigh your catch on the leaderboards by the weight of their loony.

If the bait is real, comply with some or all of the conditions in the comments. If the bait is fake, (lies are fake bait) keep fishing for more catfish. There is no reason to comply with any comments or conditions no matter what bait you use. Your purpose is to reel in the biggest and most catfish that you can and don’t worry about lies, you are on a site with catfishing schemes played at The Pirate Dive Bar!

The more catfishing you do, the more loony you get.

If you have a big booty you are probably very loony and possibly blond and a sure winner. When the judges see how big your booty is and how loony you are you will win for sure. There is just one problem, the judges can also do some catfishing of their own. Not everybody who claims to be a judge, is a judge.

Go to “Create” to start fishing.