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Atlanta Volunteers
Nonprofit volunteer fun for over 1,000 events since 2001!
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To register, volunteer or paddle a boat in the boat parade you must be 18+.
Are you 18+ years of age?
Choose a comedy registration if in doubt!
There are two types of registrations, Genuine and Comedy. 
Start with a comedy registration using a fake email address.  It only takes a few seconds and has no email verification, you are logged in immediatly.
A Genuine registration is for volunteering, participating in the boat parade, adventures and other activities.  It contains emergency contact information and a liabilty release.
A comedy registration is for "fun raising" skits, sea shanties, pirate raids, mutinies and games with LARP and Cosplay.
A comedy registration is like a stage name. It contains bogus information.

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

Your pirate ship, scurvy dog, battle scar, tattoo or treasure chest.
No spaces or special characters. Letters and numbers only.
There is no password reset with a bogus email, so make your username and password simple!
Letters or numbers. No spaces or special characters.

Genuine Registration

Keeping in Pirate tradition, you should also swear and spit. If you sign your name with an "X", spell it correctly.


Your referral will be notified when you select them. If you win, or are paid as cast or crew your referral gets 10%. If you don't choose somebody 10% goes to the Atlanta Volunteers.

George Washington had over 2,000 pirates under his command. Pirates such as John Paul Jones, (father of the US Navy), Blackbeard, Capt Anne Bonny, Captain Morgan and more delivered many tons of ammunition, food and supplies to help win the American War for independence.
Join our gang of scurvy dogs to help special heroes win their independence and you can help to solve one of humanities greatest challenges, how we care for the least of us.
Donate, volunteer or have fun winning games to get community reward points called “Loonies.” Exchange loonies for discounts and adventure.