Peace Officers Day Registration

Anyone may attend this free event without registering. To be part of the flag, watersports, boat parade or be a volunteer, you must be 18+ and register. To sign the giant thank you cards for your family, only one person needs to be registered. When signing the card, one person can include everyone else in their group regardless of age and if they have a tail or not.

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Are you 18+ and accept all liability and agree to wear a lifejacket if you are on the water, and ensure that you and everyone in your group is wearing ear plugs during our cheers and is prepared for the very loud noise from our cheers?
Username can be simple
Password can be simple
Be sure to check your email to login!
Two factor account verification

Your avatar image must be 200k or less.  Here is a link to an image resize tool.  Choose your image and type "200" for the image to be resized.


Maximum upload size: 0.2MB
Avatar (any fun photo that can be you, your family, pets, boats, landscape etc.)

Vessel used for the Tropical Adventure Competition