Patriotic Pirates

Is becoming an honorary Newfoundlander like becoming a colonist before 1776? Many colonists, in the time of pirates, called all of North America “New found land” before calling it the USA.

All sailors had to swear an oath to God and country to help other people and then recite an oath of allegiance to make them a privateer.

Initiation #1 – Pirate Crew – scurvy dogs

  • Promise to God and Country to help other people (any god, per first amendment)
  • Recite the pledge of allegiance
  • Sign your name with an “X” (Spelling counts)

Initiation #2 – Patriotic Pirate Officers

  • Be screeched in as an honorary Newfoundlander
  • Kiss the cod
  • Dance with the ugly stick
  • Sing the Drunken Sailor Song and make up at least one new verse
  • Take the local initiation challenge
  • Bribe the Bootymaster
  • Swear and spit to keep your oath

Initiation #3 – Mutiny

  • Form or be part of a gang of 3 or more scurvy dogs
  • Create an epiphany (a skit based on comedy, karaoke, sports, gambling with loonies or volunteering)
  • Catfish (fundraise) at least 250 loonies with your epiphany to turn it into a pirate raid
  • Enter your pirate raid into a Catfishing Tournament to have your Mutiny succeed

Battle on the High Seas

  • Your pirate raid takes place at a location other than where it was created
  • You win the battle if anyone has an epiphany in response to your pirate raid and is screeched in
  • Your Bootymaster becomes the Master of Bootymasters when your pirate raid catfishes 10,000 loonies. Masters of Bootymasters are given the choice of any available single “bareboat” bunks during filming, onsidered by the order of when they qualified. They can re-qualify as often as they want to get more bunks. Bunks are limited by the random availability of each episode.
  • The first 30 people to raise 100,000 loonies become the “Spirit of the Ship”. They get a “bareboat” cabin for two during the filming of an episode.
  • *bareboat means you pay for your own travel & food. You may gift “bareboat” prizes.
Patriotic Pirates
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Pirate Officers

Screeching In

Pirate Crew
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A picture of the cod (fish, animal or person) you kissed
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I swear and spit that I have

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,Something interesting you spit out, half a golf ball, goldfish etc.
Chicken? Go ahead, lets hear you explore your first amendment.