The #1 most urgent way you can volunteer is to help us put teams together.
It is very easy, you get a Coach to fill out this form and list you as the referrer.
We are asking volunteers to help us find Coaches. You are awarded 8 hours to register as a volunteer and to begin planning your activities.  You then get 8 hours of time for every Coach that lists you as a referral and you get 100 loonies ($25 value) that you can use to buy prizes or door prizes to appear on an episode.
All teams start with a Coach. The Coach nominates a Hero. (usually a family member disabled since birth)
The Coach is the advocate for the Hero.  The Coach and the Hero have two different roles.  The Hero represents amateur sports competition and is unpaid.  The Coach represents for profit business competition and is a paid contractor for their work as a Coach.
The for profit business competition raises money to pay the Coach as a contractor to manage the expenses, finances, safety, comfort, scheduling and more for the Hero. 
As a contractor the Coach can employ the Hero at a job outside of the amateur sports competition.
To stay in the for profit competition, the Coach must submit a financial report so that they can compete in the “Hero” category.