Media Production Trailer

Entrepreneurial Subcontractor Agreement

It will continue on a weekly basis until either party gives notice to end it. 

The contractor and his assistant Lucy will assume all the risks, liability and be responsible for all damages that they incur while on this construction site.  This site, like all construction sites has many work place hazards.

The subcontractor assumes all responsibility for liability, damages and safety while on this construction site.  The subcontractor is liable for all damages and liability from any person they invite onto the property under construction at 2645 Pilgrim Mill Circle.  The contractor must be given prior notice to invite somebody onto the property to ensure all liability and responsibility agreements have been signed for that person to enter a construction site.

The subcontractor will rent the media production office, a 38′ Jayco trailer for $200 per week.

The contract will start with four weeks pre-paid and the current week of $1,000.  To continue the media production trailer rental $200 is paid on Friday each week.

The subcontractor is responsible for their own propane and half the electricity. Water is provided.

While on the property the subcontractor will work towards making the property safe and presentable.  When a entrepreneurial project can be launched it must have the approval of the General Contractor.

The purpose of this agreement is to facilitate entrepreneurial business development.

General Contractor                                                          Sub Contractor 

Alan Kindree                                                                       Alton Thompson

On Oct/18/2023 notice was given to end the exisiting agreement. On Oct/19/2023 a new agreement was presented to Alton Thompson. This was done after police responded to the business property on Oct/19/2023 to a domestic dispute involving Alton Thompson. Alton beame beligerent, yelling, chest bumped Alan in an act of intimidation and created a loud disturbance witnessed by the nieghbors. A new agreement was proposed to Alton Thompson and taped to the office door. Alton read it and it was discussed with Alan Kindree shortly after.

Subcontractor Office Rental  Agreement

DOLPHIN RODEO INC. will rent out a construction office (media production trailer) on a temporary weekly basis to sub contractors for $300 per week and a $1,200 security deposit under the following terms.

Sub contractors will assist with maintenance and construction duties as directed by Alan Kindree, CEO of DOLPHIN RODEO INC. 

Subcontractors will vacate the construction office and property immediately at anytime for any reason when asked.  If contractors have not left the property immediately when asked they will be trespassing.

In 30 days, after the sub contractors have left the property and the construction office has been inspected for damage and all tools and equipment has been returned the security deposit will be returned within 30 days minus any damage or loss of tools and equipment.

The sub contractors will maintain a safe working environment and maintain an appropriate work place for staff, visitors and customers.  The construction office is available to DOLPHIN RODEO and may be entered at any other time for Inspection, repair or any other use.

On Wednesday October 18 the police responded to the construction office when Alton Thompson became very drunk and disorderly and was involved in a dispute with another sub contractor.  Alton was also drunk and aggressive with Alan Kindree.

Subcontractors were previously warned of not yelling due to the adverse reactions of the disabled son of Alan Kindree. 

At no time will the contractors be confrontational, loud, yell or in any way conduct themselves not suitable for a work place environment.

If sub contractors agree to the new agreement on Friday October 20, 2024, $300 rent will be due along with $400 for a total of $700.  The $400 will be added to the previous $800 that was paid in advance. The contractors are on a week to week basis with $1,200 being the new total paid in advance to be the damage deposit. On Wednesday October 18, the day of the police visit the sub contractors were told by text to vacate before Sunday October 22, 2023. On Sunday October 22, 2023 sub contractors will be trespassing if they choose not to agree to the new rental agreement.  If needed the police will be called to escort the sub contractors off the property on Sunday October 22, 2023 and the sub contractors will be given a warning of trespassing.

_____________________________________ Alan Kindree, CEO DOLPHIN RODEO INC.

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