Media Production Trailer

Entrepreneurial Subcontractor Agreement

This weekly agreement gives each party a four week notice to end it.  It will continue on a weekly basis until either party gives four weeks notice to end it. 

The contractor and his assistant Lucy will assume all the risks, liability and be responsible for all damages that they incur while on this construction site.  This site, like all construction sites has many work place hazards.

The subcontractor assumes all responsibility for liability, damages and safety while on this construction site.  The subcontractor is liable for all damages and liability from any person they invite onto the property under construction at 2645 Pilgrim Mill Circle.  The contractor must be given prior notice to invite somebody onto the property to ensure all liability and responsibility agreements have been signed for that person to enter a construction site.

The subcontractor will rent the media production office, a 38′ Jayco trailer for $200 per week.

The contract will start with four weeks pre-paid and the current week of $1,000.  To continue the media production trailer rental $200 is paid on Friday each week.

The subcontractor is responsible for their own propane and half the electricity. Wireless internet and water is provided.

While on the property the subcontractor will work towards making the property safe and presentable.  When a entrepreneurial project can be launched it must have the approval of the General Contractor.

The purpose of this contract is to facilitate entrepreneurial business development.

General Contractor                                                          Sub Contractor 

Alan Kindree                                                                       Alton Thompson

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