Get Loony

Get Loony
Get Loony is played live, online or both. It is a card game where you can take days or weeks to prepare your booty or just improvise on the spot.  Booty is as simple as three words on a torn off piece of paper or yummy hors d’oeuvres you have taken hours to prepare.  Don’t be fooled by guys showing up wearing low tops in case they get the Mermaid card and have to get loony by selling their booty.
The online game will make sense when you learn the simple card game first. You will be making deals on each card drawn.  The game continues until you are out of cards or booty.  The biggest booty wins  (just like internet dating). We will discuss the deals later, first lets discuss how to deal and draw cards for a live game.
Everybody is divided into two ships that will compete for the booty prize and be fooled by the booby prize.  The two ships are the Righteous and the Volunteers.  During the game any crew member can be mutinous and use pysops false flag plays that create catfishing schemes to sink their own boat just to get loony.
You need two decks of cards and pens and paper for everyone and an equal amount of loonies for each person.  (loonies are poker chips, candy or a score on a piece of paper) Before the game starts you will all decide on a booty prize and a booby prize.
The dealer chooses what amount of cards he will deal to each person.  Lets say 7. The cards are placed face up in front of each person.
The person to the left of the dealer starts by drawing a card from the unused deck and places it face up.  Deals will be made on this card until another card is turned over.  Deals stop for one card, when another card is turned over.  Who ever is next in line to turn over a card decides how long it will be before they draw that card and turn it over. If they are making great deals they can take their time.  If somebody else is making great deals they can turn the next card to stop the deal.  If one of the cards that is face up in front of you matches the card turned over, you discard your card.  If you discard a card,  It is your turn to decide how long it will be before you turn over another card. Play continues to rotate clockwise until there is only one person left with cards.
The booby prize is now awarded and gambled on.  This can change a low score into the highest score.
Now the booty prize.
Lets say the booty prize is that the losing team will wash the cars of the winning team.  We want you to get creative to make a great booty prize.  This can increase donations to nonprofits and give a second tip to servers that we call Mermaids.
Here is how.
You have the option of including this online component into a live game. After the booby prize both  teams add up all their loonies to get a team score.  You both agree on a time limit to make the last deals with electronic loonies.  Lets say it is 10 minutes and you all agree that no electronic loony exchanges will only be counted unless it is between 8:00 and 8:10 pm.
The public ledger on your phone accurately gives a time for transfers.  Anyone with a phone can see the transfers.
When the 10 minutes is over, each players score on paper added to what they gained or lost during those 10 minutes of electronic deals.   This 10 minutes gives the mutinous players the ability to cash in on their psyops and false flag operations and sink their own ship. They were playing for the other side all along! Now is the time to trade their points to the other team for whatever bribes, rewards and gambling debt they have worked out.
Although you can trade anything with players sitting around the table for loonies, this 10 minutes is an excellent time to find a Mermaid (server) at a restaurant who knows how to play “Get Loony” and will sell her Loony Booty for cash.  You only have 10 minutes, you may need to call the restaurant where she works and tell her she has a cash app tip coming her way if she can transfer soon enough.
You can do a booty search on her and see how big her loony booty is.  You will also see her volunteer coupon where she lists how big of a tip you will have if you want to get your hands on her loony booty.
If she transfers 100 you will get 85 due to shrinkage and your overestimating.
Before a game everyone starts fills their treasure chest with booty.  You can do this weeks before a game or on the spot and even while the game is on.
You can use as many words as you want and include physical objects, tasks and anything for your card categories.
The minimum you need is three words.
Name of the Card = Action = Loonies
Simple examples
(Captain) King=darts= 10
(Bootymaster) Queen=bribes= 5
(Spirit of the Ship) Jack=sing= 8
(Booty) Ten = steak= 20
(Booby) Nine = kiss=10 (you don’t know if it is with the dog or with anyone or anything else)
(Bond) Eight= garbage= 20
(Pirate School) Seven= bowline=15
(Pirate Raid) Six = text= 4  
(Mermaid) Five =100= $2
(Shark) Four = 80= $1
(Letter of Marque) Three=psyops=10
(Bounty) Two = hors d’oeuvres=10
(Mutiny) Ace = Mutiny=20
(Wild) Joker=Booby=15
Each card
King = Captain -A command to play any game (darts, pool, race, coin toss) to determine a winner. A perfect opportunity for gambling, false flag and psyops
Queen = Bootymaster – A banker that can’t count, a commander with no ideas, a judge that expects bribes and only punishes the innocent with booby or booty prizes but can’t tell which is which
Jack = Spirit of the Ship – Must sing their own verse of the drunken sailor song and or do a jig by pointing to someone else to sing.  This is followed by a performance of their choice. They get loony based on their performance
Ten = Booty – Any product, service, labor that can be traded for loonies (this is where your cooking of desserts or anything else can be used)
Nine = Booby – Anything that could be a surprise, something you really don’t want or something great and unexpected.  This prize sounds daring and people gamble on if the person that it is being given to will accept it or not.
Eight = Bond – This is labor,  such as get me a samich and beer and take the garbage out
Seven = Pirate School – any sailing, scuba, safety, swimming or aquatic skill.  You can choose teach, do or learn.
Six = Pirate Raid You must use some method to tell one new person about this game and win points if they transfer at least 1 loony to you before the card is flipped. 
Five = Mermaid This is a server in a restaurant that sells her loony booty for cash.  During a card game, if somebody is preparing food or dinks they are the mermaid.  Everyone bets on the mermaids treasure chest and booty
Four = Shark This is anyone who sells their loony booty for cash
Three = Letter of Marque This is a bribe for a false flag move.  You get permission from one team to be a double agent on another team. 
Two = Bounty This is anything you want and the amount of loonies you will pay for it
Ace=Mutiny this lets you choose any category
Joker=Wild- This lets you choose any booby prize and award it, with everyone betting on if they will accept.