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Volunteer or trade for some loony booty
The game description and game rooms are almost done.
Start a game by going here.

Choose a booty card.  Sell or catfish your booty.  Biggest Booty wins!

The Bootymaster decides any amount of loonies for the ante of their round. Players fold or transfer the loony ante into the Bootymasters treasure chest. After all the ante is collected (also from the Bootymaster) it is counted.  If the Bootymaster does not get loony by selling or catfishing her booty, she pays twice the collected ante to the next Bootymaster. The Bootymaster draws a booty card. She selects the booty for that card and posts the link.  The other players click on the link to see the booty she chose. Using Zoom, live-streaming, chat, messaging or voice, she has 1 minute to get anybody to take the bait and transfer loonies into her account.  If she is selling, she surrenders the booty, if she is catfishing, she dosn't surrender the booty.  She wants to "Get Loony" so she will tell any size of fish stories to sell or catfish her booty.
(catfishing means she got loony but never surrendered the booty!)  HINT: Each time you catfish somebody other players notice and it is harder to catfish the big ones next time.   For the most fun, see how many times you can catfish the same person but never surrender the booty!  She might surrender the booty all the time to her favorites with a secret mutiny just to catfish other players.  You never know who is playing on what team as everyone makes false flag, double agent and secret deals to catfish loonies.
If nobody buys her loony booty she pays twice the ante she collected to the next Bootymaster.  This is the next person on the sign up sheet.  If somebody does buy her loony booty, they become the next Bootymaster.
King - Captain: Genuine command
Queen - Bootymaster: Diabolical command
Jack - Spirit of the ship: Sea Shanty
Ten - Booty: Treasure
Nine - Booby: Unknown consequence
Eight - Bond: Volunteer
Seven - Pirate School: Sailing skills
Six - Pirate raid: Get Loony from anyone
Five - Mermaid: Sell your loony booty for cash. At the end of the game give all the cash to the server. This must be before you ask for the bill or after you have tipped her.   This is not part of the tip.  No server, the last two Bootymasters split the cash.
Four - Shark: Sell your loony booty keep the cash
Three - Letter of Marque: Permission to do something unexpected to catfish  (False flag, mutiny or double agent deals done  secretly to rig bets, gambling, games or challenges.  Can be played anytime, even days after the game has ended)
Two - Bounty: Something you want
Ace - Mutiny: Anything
From Ace to King each player should create 13 different types of booty cards.  This can be done days or weeks before playing or during the game. You can copy somebodies ideas or create your own.  You can see all the different types of cards created here.
Creating a simple booty card takes about 30 seconds so this can be done during the game.  Strategically you might want to take much longer and edit and update your booty cards over days and weeks so your loony booty looks great and is in show room condition.  You may want to use "hide" to keep your best cards out of view until you need them.  You can create as many cards as you want and then use edit just before you play the card to tweak the amount of loonies to the stakes you are playing for.
The biggest booty wins!  Catfish loonies using any method.  You play until you are out of loonies. You can get more and keep playing by donating to a nonprofit or selling yourself into volunteerism (slavery). Slavery is on a per minute basis.  Masters pay in advance. Slaves catfish masters by leaving the plantation and doing nothing. They can stay on the plantation and work off their debt for loony wages and conditions so they increase their value as a slave and make it easier to catfish other masters with a big loony booty.
At anytime you can redeem your loonies for any booty (prizes) you see.  Creating great prizes are one way to strategically drain the loonies out of somebody elses treasure chest to make your booty bigger.
Live and online players sign into the game.  This gives an order of rotation according to when they signed up.  Players can enter or leave a game at anytime.  You can play with or without a fixed amount of people.
Players draw cards in the order they signed up. The first ace drawn is the first Bootymaster.  The first joker drawn is the Kraken.  Continue to draw cards until those two spots are decided.  If the Kraken leaves the game, players draw cards until another one chosen.
Anytime a Bootymaster wants more time to sell their loony booty, the Kraken is paid.  The first minute is free, the second minute is double the ante, the third minute is triple, etc.
The only rule for everything on this website  is “You Lose.” Your only move is to transfer loonies first, then expect you just lost them.  You always expect that you took the bait and were catfished out of your loonies. Your only strategy is to say or do anything to “Get Loony,” and make your own booty bigger. If you know that everyone is “catfishing” with fish stories, will you still take the bait and be caught hook, line and sinker? You might want to be caught and reeled in if you are laughing at somebodies big booty when they "Get Loony."

youtube & tik tok
Youtube and tik tok pay you to create fun and exciting digital content. What if you got a second revenue stream by also posting here at the Pirate Dive Bar to support nonprofits? 
If you take a few minutes to learn "Loony Math", you will see that 100% of the donations go to any nonprofit you choose and you can be paid in cash... and you decide how much cash.  You also need far less viewers, even just one viewer to trade loonies for cash.
When you donate to a nonprofit on this website you get 1 loony for every 25 cents you donate.  What if you created so much fun, great deals or volunteerism that 20 or 30 people gave you 1,000 loonies? Together those 20 or 30 people  would have had to donate $250 to any of the nonprofits to get 1,000 loonies.  Now you have the loonies and the nonprofits have 100% of the real money.
Loonies are 100% worthless just like the pirates catfishing you to get their hands on your loony booty.
Somebody else has created a volunteer coupon and listed a donated bicycle for 400 loonies.
Somebody who wants the bicycle could donate $100 to the nonprofits and get 400 loonies and then trade for the bicycle.
But wait a second, you have 1,000 loonies you got for having fun.  Instead of somebody donating $100 to nonprofits for 400 loonies, how about they give you $50 for 500 loonies?  You can even let them talk you down to $40 for 750 loonies or make whatever deal you want.  The nonprofits already got the real money, so they are not being cheated out of $100. The points are being recycled to be pay you as a "fun raiser." This will motivate you to keep producing fun and exciting content which results in more donations to the nonprofits and when you post the media you create here on youtube or tic tok, you lead people back to this site.
The "anything you can paddle" boat parade is just one of many events we have that can inspire you to produce great fun, deals and volunteerism for your digital media.
Loonies shrink by 15% every time you transfer them.  That means they can circulate for about 5 times before they almost shrink into nothing and somebody has to donate again.
There is a catch, you are the catch. Everybody is catfishing and trying to get their hands on your loony booty and the only rule we have is "You Lose."
Catfishing Pirates want to make it completely unfair so you always transfer loonies first and then expect you were catfished and you will get nothing in return.  In the chance you were not catfished, it was probably just to set you up for a bigger score.
Your only strategy is to use the public ledger, but you still have to make a wild guess.  This website lets you view the public ledger including every message and transaction of every identity. You still don't know if you are going to be catfished or not, but you made an effort.  You are going to be catfished, you just don't know when or how often. The question is, are you smart enough to catch the catfisher and get your hands on their loony booty?
How you avoid being catfished is up to you. Once you transfer loonies, there are no do-overs, mistakes or goofs.
To trade your loony booty for cash you make "Booty Call."  This is a post where you list an amount of loonies an what amount of cash you will trade for them. 
Mermaids are servers in sports bars or restuarants, Sharks are everyone else.
Mermaids are always your best choice for trading loonies for cash and then  watching their booty get bigger.
A Mermaid lists the restuarant or sports bar they are working at and you visit them there.  Their post tells you the details. You sit in their section.  You show them their post on your cell phone.  If they transfer loonies to you, you give them cash then order your food and drinks.  Cash for loonies are separate from any tip you leave and is done before you order food and drinks.  Several Mermaids can share the same profile at a restuarant or sports bar.  Anyone of them can make whatever deal they want, whenever they want.  Mermaids can create volunteer coupons for the restuarant such as "Donate $2 (8 loonies) get $5 off a hamburger.   When you click on their volunteer coupon, loonies automatically go into the Mermaid account or the account of the person that created that volunteer coupon.  This is how a Mermaids booty can get bigger and they can sell their big booty for cash.
Sharks make any deal they want.  In both cases you wait until you "Get Loony," before giving them cash or cash app cash. 
Loonies are 100% worthless, so it doesn't matter if you are cheated out of them.  You voluntarily make the choice to transfer them to a bunch of catfishing Pirates.  

Restuarants the mermaids lair
Mermaids are servers or managers at restaurants that create volunteer coupons for discounts, specials and upgrades.  For example “Donate $1 (4 loonies) Get $2 off or a free drink”.  A customer scans a QR code, clicks on a discount then shows a receipt on their phone.
When the customer clicks once, all the accounting and record keeping has been done for that transaction.  This includes two donation ledgers. A donation ledger for tax write-offs for the customer who donated to “Get Loony,” and a donation ledger for the restaurant who donated the discounts or specials to the nonprofits.
No personal or protected information is used in the transaction.  PayPal has already provided the security for the transaction long before a customer ever sees or clicks on a discount.
Volunteer coupons are hands free for the server and have no cost, hardware or software for the restaurant.  The volunteer coupons can create a second cash tip for the servers even from people not in the restaurant.
Volunteer coupons for a restaurant can be created by the manager or servers and can be accessed by just one person or by a group of employees.
If the manager creates guidelines for employees to create volunteer coupons, employees can use their creativity to market and advertise the restaurant by creating interesting volunteer coupons that include fun and community.
Loony score keeping and leaderboards for darts, pool, karaoke challenges and any other activity is easy.  Loony gambling on darts, pool, karaoke challenges, sports on TV or for anything else is legal!
Zoom, chat rooms, bulletin boards and the ability to find and talk to any person sitting anyplace in the restaurant or even visiting the restaurant online can build a real community. Patrons can leave or read want ad messages and arrange a time to meet at the restaurant to discuss details or trade items and services.
Restaurants are an ideal place for the Atlanta Volunteers. They have food, drink and a public place to have meetings at anytime with a mix of live and online volunteers.
The Atlanta Volunteers would like patrons to use the community building tools to select a Special Hero at the restaurant. This will form an “Ability Team” that discusses ways to improve the Special Heroes’ quality of life.
Here is an example how to have fun with a special hero and easily make the world a much better place!

Cameron became a Superhero!

Cameron has had a life long dream of singing with a band. Music has had a very dramatic effect on Camerons speech, reading, production speed of his words and most importantly his hopes and dreams. The auidience was secretly told and was prepared to clap, cheer and give a heroes applause. Cameron had a standing ovation, wild cheers, lots of high fives, hugs and even kisses! Everyone wanted to be Camerons friend! Cameron will have this memory for all his life. Cameron was publicly validated as a Superhero and now his feeling of acceptance, accomplishment and importance will be forever changed. The $80 we spent on a night out on the town for some wings, sprite and some craft beer is a great  example of how to claim dinner and drinks on your taxes! This was a great example of a true business expense for the TV series Special Heroes and also a nonprofit business expense.
Enthusiastic patrons they can use our crowd sourcing tools to go beyond and build an episode of “Special Heroes.”
A successful episode will produce revenue and a “Tropical Adventure Competition,” for the Special Hero and Ability Team members.
The Special Hero receives 66% of the episode gross with no expenses and the team pays all the expenses and splits anything left from 33% of the gross. This creates a very exciting reason for live and online patrons to visit the restaurant as it can result in some serious cash and adventure!
Booty Call
Loonies are transferred automatically to the Mermaid that created the volunteer coupon.  Even when the Mermaid is not physically present at the restaurant, her loony booty gets bigger each time somebody clicks.
When her booty gets really big it is time for a “Booty Call.”  (explained in the section “Loony Math” above)
If the Mermaid has done such great marketing with her volunteer coupons that a hundred customers have come into the restaurant her reward is more folding cash while she works or more cash app cash at anytime.  So for all her hard work, she deserves a “Booty Call.”