Door Prize Strategy

Every episode of “Special Heroes” has one minute vignette that is a celebration for the Hero and a cast & crew wrap party. This is shot in a tropical location. This vignette is called “The Tropical Adventure Competition” and is where you enjoy your door prize. Anyone on the catamaran can post social media links and anything else they want on the “Episode Page.” This lets everyone advertise their own social media channels, businesses, volunteer coupons, epiphanies and anything else they want to post.
You don’t have to sleep in your berth! You can mutiny and sleep in one of the many other places inside and outside of the catamaran. This is told to everyone so that harmony can be maintained on the boat. With this freedom it is a lot easier for a social media influencer to say “I will share your prize.” You only mean that you are going to travel with somebody. You can create your own comedy and drama for your channel while the rest of the crew is shooting the “The Tropical Adventure Competition.” This unusual content can make your channel a lot more popular! Your channel links are listed on the episode page. Think of the content you are creating for your social media channel as the “story behind the story.” Since you are not locked into sleeping with someone, there are lots of ways you can use this strategy to make volunteer coupons, live-stream epiphanies and contests for your own social media channels. Now all you have to do is tell your followers to buy some door prizes so you can “share their prize”.
You can create your own commercials while aboard the catamaran. This can be to promote volunteer coupons or epiphanies for your restaurant or business. Wear your company logo’s and link your own commercials to the episode page. You can build contests for your business and connect them to the episode page.
Followers tell an influencer about a shared prize. If the influencer agrees all the fans have to do now is buy enough tickets to win and “Ta Da” a week with the influencer. Some volunteer coupons and epiphanies can be created for the influencer site by any of the fans and still have the loonies go into the influencers account. The fans can also collectively buy enough tickets to have a great chance at writing some scripts and directing some content to create epiphanies for the influencer. The fan base can form a group and launch other social media sites. A fan base episode for an influencer, listed on the episode page would drive even more traffic to the social media sites. The amount of hilarious and exciting spin-off productions for their own social media would be incredible!