Divy Up The Booty


The object of this game is to use honest sailors, questionable landlubbers and lying, cheating, drunken, whoremongering, cussing pirates to get booty to support your hero.

  • 100% of all transactions are on a public ledger
  • All transactions are in Loonies and not in Dollars
  • Loonies are game tokens with a variable value
  • Every player can create their own bank
  • Every player can create any set of rules to sell shares
  • Gambling is legal when using Loonies as they are game tokens
  • Once you transfer loonies they are gone, no refunds for any reason
  • You assume every player will lie and cheat
  • Desperate players turn to honesty to make deals

In The Real World

  • Teams are modeled after the NFL, PGA, Olympics and other sports that are a nonprofit that works with for profit businesses to manage broadcast, vendors and sponsors
  • DOLPHIN RODEO INC. owns the Pirate Dive Bar and donates use to nonprofits. Similar to owning a baseball stadium and letting teams play there. Nonprofits get 100% of the revenue when they use the web site for fund raising
  • Teams that do not have a sports nonprofit can be part of the Atlanta Volunteers
  • DOLPHIN RODEO INC. can disqualify any entity without reason at any time
  • The Hero of each team must earn twice the amount of all other team members combined
  • Heroes may have their bonuses deferred to the start of year three
  • Hero bonuses are 50% of all expenses

Pirate Dive Bar

  • There are no rules if you are not on a team
  • Teams try to make deals with people inside the Pirate Dive Bar to create comedy “Bumpers” to enhance their episode or to enable crowd sourcing
  • Anyone can buy and sell loonies
  • The Pirate Dive Bar sells loonies for 25 cents each
  • Anyone can buy or sell loonies for a higher or lower cash amount
  • Teams can exchange loonies for 100% of the dollar amount they were purchased for to go towards competition expenses submitted to DOLPHIN RODEO INC. in dollars. (example fresh water refill for the boat fuel, food etc.)
  • Any player can exchange loonies for 25% of the dollar value they were purchased for
  • Loonies are more valuable than Hunter Bidens art, always

See https://tropicaladventurecompetition.com to download a free copy of the rulebook & business plan or buy it on amazon from that page. Read the FAQ on that site.