Valor Coins Created!
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Skipper = you don't want to pay a referral fee

The Atlanta Voluntees wants to pay referral fees.

This is a viral marketing strategy for us.  This is taken from the money you have already donated so you are not charged extra.  You still get the same amount of Valor coins.
You decide who this will go to and what percentage they will get from your donation.  You can choose any percentage between 5% and 15%.
With youtube you get about .02 for 1,000 views. Tik Tok is .02 to .04 per 1,000.  If 1,000 people that you referred bought $10 door prizes you would get $500 to $1,500 with us.
Only valor coins from the Atlanta Volunteers are used for fund raising. This coin is also used for door prizes and items in our store.
The Atlanta Volunteers is the only nonprofit that pays for fund raising.  We do not charge any fees to any other nonprofit that you donate to.
We really do want you to select someone and pay them a fund raising fee!
Does everything look ok?