Caution! This is actual work!

If you are forming a team start at the Coaches Office then fill out the team pages. Text me (Alan) 678 697 6566 if you need help.
Most people will only need to use two buttons, “Team Pages – View” & “Tryout”. You should be able to use them without instructions.
Serious competitors start at Task then work through the buttons.
You can independently produce an episode as long as the 20 blocks conform to the competition format found in “Task” and you follow the “Status” menu.
Work instructions
This page builds each of the 30 episodes. Episodes are built in a public domain nonprofit style. This is the opposite of the secrecy and protective ownership that modern production uses. You can see, interact and compete with anything every step of the way to building the production.
Everything here is automatically given a public domain copyright visible on every post you make. Anyone can copy and use content but they can not own it or sell it. This is called fair use and applies to all copyrights. Every post is given an automatic copyright under the Atlanta Volunteers to put it in the public domain and this legal first notice of copyright protection shows the time, date and creator and the (c) symbol.


In order to create the episodes we need to know what people, props, prizes and locations are available...
Your locations, props, talent and ideas inspire the script writers to know what is possible for a story.
For example, you have a great location at your home, workshop, farm, back yard or business, you could volunteer to be the host while your favorite local team shoots their video. Your favorite team would conform to your availability for any tryout. You might have a restored or unusual vehicle and you are willing to drive your car, boat, golf cart or plane in a background shot. You may have an animal that can do some amazing tricks, or have an unusual talent yourself. You could also have a prop like a pirate chest that maybe some team could use to make their episode more interesting. You may be a sponsor and can list donated gift certificates to be auctioned off or used as prizes for fund raising skits or volunteer your labor in the "Play" section. For other tryouts you may list discount coupons, or services such as hair cuts, oil changes and anything that can raise money at auctions, sold or used as prizes for the episodes or the Karaoke Challenge Game and other fund raising skits. We are looking for unusual props, prizes, volunteers and services to make the episodes exciting.

We conform to your availability for any tryout...

The rest of the buttons

Start at the "Task" button to know what we are doing. Go to the "Coaches Office," if you are the family member of a hero and then be a Coach to form a team. Then go to the team pages and answer those questions. The Coach has no more required duties to the team after answering those questions but may do anything they want. The edit button lets the Coach leisurely take their time to update their answers on the team pages. The Producer is the point of contact for the team and doesn't need to know anything, that is the job of the assistant producer (just like any assistant for any boss). The Coaches only duty is to the Hero and the Producer ensures that nothing distracts the Coach from their primary responsibility, the Hero. The Team Pages along with Tryouts inspire script writers to develop an episode about the Heroes. Everyone that knows your Hero, should add comments to the team pages to give the script writers more to work with. The team pages collect information and anecdotes about your Hero to inspire anybody to tryout to be a script writer, cast, crew, sponsor or shareholder of an episode. Script writers use the research button to get specific details to help them write a script or story for their tryout.
When you submit a tryout you become a competitor. Since anyone can submit a tryout for anything, you may have a dozen different tryouts competing for each position on the team. The "Competitors" button shows all the tryouts but also has tools, features and bribes to let the Coach and Producer pick their favorite tryouts for their team. The producer submits tryouts to the Coach for final approval to be on the team. After you create a tryout, look at other competitors also trying out for a spot. Use the Edit button to change and update your tryout to keep it on top of the competition for that spot on the team. The continuous competition to improve tryouts keeps the quality of each episode the best it can be.
Anyone can explore the producer button and see the choices to put an episode together. Status shows the 12 heats with deadlines that all teams must pass to be in season 1. Teams that miss a deadline may lose their spot if another team can qualify to replace them. Teams compete on a "Next in line" basis during season 1. The assemble button lets anyone produce an episode using the tryouts they pick. The rules are straightforward. Sponsors have a lot of opportunities for product placement, logo placement, tax deductions, using their business for shot locations and much more.
Each team has a minimum nonprofit goal and a minimum business goal. Each team supports their "home" nonprofit such as the Buddy House, Atlanta Volunteers, Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta and others. Each team has an initial fund raising goal for their home nonprofit of $25,000. The home nonprofit can adjust this goal for the competition and their say is final.
Each team also has a business profit goal of $25,000. The purpose of the purpose is to employ the Hero or raise their quality of life. The "Play" menu creates fund raising for the team's nonprofit or profit for the Hero. As part of their business, each team can sell or auction some of the berths aboard the adventure vessel but not before Heat #8 when they have to complete the ships manifest. Teams can sell or do anything for their business, but they might want to think about getting volunteers to teach boating, sailing, underwater photography, water skiing, fishing, swimming, scuba, or gourmet cooking to people that might want a tropical adventure and could use the ocean adventure to complete their instruction. Then they can sell a berth and open water instruction to a person who could be cast or crew of an episode. Their airfare, food, accommodation, equipment and more becomes a tax write off during their adventure as now it is a business expense and not a vacation.
Competitors are cast, crew, sponsors, shareholders and anyone who submits a tryout to be involved in the production. Competitors can view everyone trying to compete against them for a spot on a team. This lets everyone know where the bar is for their tryout to succeed. Sometimes, in pirate style, a bribe can influence a decision. All us pirates encourage bribes and whispers of mutiny. You can see bribes on each tryout and this lets you know where the bar is for your bribe to succeed.
Bribing pirates is not as dirty as lobbyists bribing politicians except that we would never stoop that low and are proud of our bribes, the IRS is too! The IRS gives you a tax deduction for your bribes and you get to virtue signal by showing off your bribes to your friends. (You have to be loony to make a bribe. Donate, volunteer, sell a product or create a skit to get loony.)