Video Production

This is not part of the Sailors VS Pirates game.  This is actual video production for the USA Rescue Games, Tropical Adventure Competition or for other projects such as producing commercials for the sponsors of teams.  We will use the Sailor and Pirate terms in a different way then the game.

Introduction To Crowd Sourced Video Production

Our goal is to produce high quality crowd sourced episodes of the Tropical Adventure Competition and events such as the USA Rescue Games.  Revenue supports the mission found at

Our marketing strategy is to grow the number of youtube channels and influencers that link back to our main channel.

To do this we want to help talent and producers by providing footage and a method to use crowd sourced production help.

Location, talent and other releases need to be on file for any footage we use or share.  If the footage has met all the requirements for us to share it, we call it “Sailor Video.”  If it has not met all the requirements, we call it “Pirate Video.”

Complete episodes are digitally watermarked and can be shared for personal use by anyone. Teams may use sailor or pirate video to raise money for their team but only sailor video may be entered into the competition.  People in production competitions such as editing, sound track, special effects etc. can have access to uncut pirate video in its native file format.

Think of us as being similar to Major League Sports.  MLS competes against all other sports, news, movies, game shows and other entertainment media for fans, sponsors and broadcast revenue.  MLS content is based on individual teams working together to form a TV series about their competition. The 30 teams in the Tropical Adventure Competition work together to form a TV series about their competition.  The end result is that we compete against all other entertainment media for fans, sponsors and broadcast revenue just as MLS does. This is the competition that matters. In both cases teams compete with each other and “act” to compete against each other to create the action that engages the viewer.

This docu-series is designed to be shot in a format that allows one person to be the whole production company, similar to some stories on National Geographic or the Discovery Channel.  We suggest at least two people on the production team. We encourage teams to use as many people as needed to help them in any way they can.

The docu-series can be shot in a simple and fast narration style format using our script outline. The 22 minute episode can be finished very easily.  It is up to each individual team to add the finishing touches and create the production they want and if they want to use the narration style and script outline or any other method. Each team has almost one full year to create their episode so we expect great results.  After the first year of preproduction, we should be airing new high quality episodes every week for as long as we want. 

The Pirate Dive Bar has created a method to harness the power of crowd sourcing for video production that we call “The Factory.”  We hope you will find it useful for any video you create.

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