The website allows anyone to easily create and organize giant flag events.

All Peace Officer Day flag celebrations must be free to attend if our website is being used for those.

At 10:00 am EST it is our goal to have people all over the nation say the pledge of allegiance, sing the national anthem, give a minute of silence and then follow that with three cheers and balls thrown up in the air while cheering and clapping. This is repeated at 11:00 am EST with the “Back The Blue” (thin blue line) flag. This is livestreamed from locations across the country and a national montage of flags and celebrations is made. We hope news media will pick it up and show multiple locations at once.

This is expected to take at least three years to grow to significant proportions.

Apple pie, hot dogs and beach balls painted like baseballs in a pirate theme called “Mutiny Against Crime” is the background for this event. This is a national plan to have as much fun as possible to celebrate the dedication, patriotism and lives of Peace Officers whose watch has ended.