• Title : Mayor, Fair Grounds, City Police, Sheriff Post ID :
    • Date : December 16, 2021
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      City of Cumming & Forsyth County

      With respect may I please refer to everyone by title, instead of name to create a generic template for any other place in the USA to use this letter to copy this event?

      Mayor of Cumming, City of Cumming Fairgrounds, Community Relations FCSD, Operations City of Cumming Police.

      FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS, INC. would like to create a free event at Mary Alice Park on Peace Officers Day, Sunday May 15, 2022.

      A giant floating USA flag will flip over (Mutiny) to become a “Back The Blue” flag.

      We have a pirate theme.

      A website that explains and organizes this concept is at https://piratedivebar.com

      I expect to have the website finished the second week of January but an explanation of the event is in the upper menu. (https://piratedivebar.com/flag/ & https://piratedivebar.com/good-old-flag-waving-fun)

      The concern that Tracy Helms had was parking. He also suggested a 10 am start time. I wanted a 1 pm start time to allow people to go to church but I like his idea. Tracy also said that the parking lot may fill up ($5) a vehicle, I said I would work out a parking solution.

      Our nonprofit has a focus on people with disabilities. We will try to turn them into heroes leading their Pirate team to victory. We will provide free hot dogs and apple pie and seek prize donations for people participating in Pirate games.


      Alan Kindree

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    • Status : Everyone is waiting for more updates. A formal request to Mayor Troy Brumbalow to speak and present has not been made yet, but I did get optimistic comments from his office regarding participation.
    • Title : Prepared a letter for my local JEEP dealer Post ID :
    • Date : December 31, 2021
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      See the files

    • Files :https://piratedivebar.com/wp-content/uploads/formidable/92/Peace-Officers-Day-1.pdf, https://piratedivebar.com/wp-content/uploads/formidable/92/Event-Details.pdf, https://piratedivebar.com/wp-content/uploads/formidable/92/JEEP-1.docx
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    • Title : Seaventures Post ID : 3769
    • Date : January 19, 2022
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      I dropped a flyer and business cards off and talked to Harrison about finding 200 people in wetsuits

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    • Title : Test updates edit Post ID : 3769
    • Date : January 20, 2022
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      Just making sure my communication board works

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