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Tutoria sailor landlubber pirate
You only need the Quickstart tutorial for 99% of everything on this website!
Quickstart (3 minutes)
We call your web page a "ship." Your Thrift And Volunteer Exhange (TAVE) is cargo on your ship. So is everything else you load.
Landlubber (greater than 3 minutes to learn)
Pirate (endless, you can't teach a pirate anything)

Plant a seed. Grow and harvest with efficient use of people and resources!

In the top menu “Play” creates the seed, “Work” grows then harvests it.

Brainstorms, like any storm can occur at work or play.

the ideas. Everyone consumes ideas. Video is how most ideas are shared and consumed.

Video is how most people

so they can be consumed. Communication is how we consume ideas. Video is

Communication is how we consume share ideas. Sharing social media is rapidly expanding past just a few big tech platforms

This page will be the last one to complete. Don’t waste your time with the old tutorial found at gangplank
The book “The Ability Revolution” contains the business plan to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. You can download this book for free or buy it on Amazon while you are waiting for this tutorial to be completed.

Anyone can play, but to win prizes, you must be a fan or competitor of a team. All teams have a Hero that has been disabled since birth (a few exceptions).


Loonies have no intrinsic value. 
Pirates always lie unless they can trick you with partial truths


Pirates catfish to create loony value just like the pros with bitcoin, dogecoin & Hunters’ art work.


Everyone trys to make the game as addictive as possible so that people donate to the nonprofit or buy from the teams.  100% transparency and a TV series proves the underlying altruistic purpose.


Tropical Adventure Competition



Comedy Laboratory

Look at your booty
Look at somebody else’s booty
Kroger booty
Bootymaster Booty
Edit your epiphany and add basic features
Sell a chicken wing with an epiphany
Gamble on a game of darts

Explore Catfishing Tournaments

Create or select a character
Create or select a venue
Create of select a challenge
Catfish online and live players
Livestream a pirate adventure
Find pirates and form mutinous gangs



Feed the Mermaids at the Petting Zoo

Rehearse during the Karaoke Challenge Game
Convert electronic points to poker chips and back
Catfish loonies for cash
Pay for a back yard party
Create a boat raft up or boat parade
Catfish with classified ads

Borrow the web site

Crowd Sourced Production

Digital envelope
For Profit Competition
Second Login