G’day Mates!
Today I want to introduce you to amazing free collaboration and comedy lab software that can dramatically improve your youtube videos and social media memes.
This site has a comical pirate theme but it has an honest and true altruistic purpose.
It is called piratedivebar.com. Username cat and password dog lets you in to take a look while I explain it.
You can create any bogus account to login.  Your email is not verified but you can’t reset a bogus account using a bogus email.  . 
Right now it is a construction site, free and open!  Don’t miss this one!
In this first video you will learn about collaborative competition, adventure with purpose, and our Co-Op currency called a Loony.   In the second video you will learn about altruistic competition, creating a production team and collaboratively improving your script. The third video is about the comedy lab and  loony booty.  You will learn how to get instant cash from the person standing beside you, cash from throwing a loony party and Catfishing.  In the forth video you will learn about getting a crew share, teams or corporations borrowing this website and referrals.  In the fifth video you will learn how to get Paypal deposits, a crew share and tax strategy.  In the last video you will learn about shares, bribes, loansharking and influential booty.  Here are some highlights you will have to dig for.  World wide firsts for Heroes with disabilities called an Ability Team, interactive commercials, a paradigm shift in media production, getting paid to be on a TV series called the Tropical Adventure Competition, the Karaoke Challenge Game, Feeding mermaids at the petting zoo, look at anybodys booty, Punishing the innocent, Being chained to a filthy oar and becoming the Bootymaster or probably the Booty Rat.
Lets walk into the Pirate Dive Bar.
The Pirate Dive Bar is a production co-op where creators collaborate and compete to produce the best product possible.  Every person in the co-op has access to all the video, sound and other material that produces amazing productions.  You might think your soundtrack is complete but somebody else could change that and the editing and produce their own version of the episode.  Your version stays and competes with what they did.  Another person might create a completely different angle on the unbelievable interactive commercials this production co-op has. Somebody else might create an opening for the episode that is absolutely amazing.   Anybody can make changes and help your production and your production doesn’t go away.
Lets take a step back and for the sake of full disclosure describe what “free” means.
This free collaboration software works similar to an old fashioned barn raising bee, fishing boat or a farming Co-op. 
You get points for putting energy in, you lose points for energy out.  Just like early settlers building barns for the first 400 years, you do not pay a subscripton fee, have a credit card on file or need cash of any kind.  You might already be inside looking at the software with the dog/cat login I mentioned.  Did you notice your loony history under your profile in the top right?
In the USA, before February 25, 1862 a barn raising bee could build a barn for free.  For the first 400 years the USA was basically a farming co-op that did not use cash or legal tender and it prospered wildly.
In those old days your friends and neighbors didn’t use points like we do at the pirate dive bar.  They had honorable people that used the honor system.  Well this is the internet so lets forget about honesty and honor and use points.  Instead of being surrounded by your honest honorable family, friends and neighbors, lets assume that here on the internet you are surrounded by lying, cheating, drunken, stealing pirates.  Unless this is your first 5 minutes on the internet, being surrounded by pirates is pretty easy to imagine. They seem to be nice pirates as every website, except this one, seems to be feeding you cookies that are only slightly poisoned.
You know there is a catch coming up for anything described as free, so lets keep looking at how this software is free before I explain how the production studio, comedy lab and what collaborative competition is and how it can improve your youtube videos.
Lets agree that lying, gambling, cheating, stealing, drunken pirates, wenches and mermaids all gather here at piratedivebar.com
Wouldn’t it be great to win against the internet Pirates at least one time?
Lets leave our identity and cash behind and confront the pirates head on.  This is why you can use a bogus email and a fake name to enter the Pirate Dive Bar.  “Loony” is short for pirate booty called a Dubloon.  A loony, just like in Canada, is a worthless game point that we use to measure energy in or energy out of our software Co-op.  A loony is not a digital currency.  Just like the pirates that use loonies, they have no redeemable value.  A loony has no speculative value. It is worthless and very different than stocks or bitcoin.  To the pirates, wenches and mermaids that drink like fish inside the pirate dive bar, loony booty is the most valuable thing they have.  The pirates can use loonies for gambling, grog, grub, and in the comedy lab they can play the Karaoke Challenge Game, Feed wenches at the petting zoo, Chain slaves to filthy oars, Bribe the Bootymaster and be punished for not cheating.  Whatever booty they have left, they can squander.
Here you are, in the Pirate Dive Bar with a fake identity and fake money so there really is nothing to lose by making everything 100% transparent.  Every message you send and every loony deal you make is on a public ledger as pirates also do not trust pirates.  Ever wonder why political pirates have their vote on a public ledger and not in a secret ballot box like you do?  They don’t trust each other, but thats how they want you to vote.
Public ledgers were used for nonprofits and government money for thousands of years around the world, yes, thousands to prevent waste, abuse and provide community oversite.  Public ledgers worked so well for so long to prevent corruption, that political pirates in government stopped using them.
You can see anybody’s booty at the Pirate Dive Bar.  It is the internet, lets look at some booty.  Go to the High Seas, Ledgers and Booty Search.  Select a name and press submit.  Ok, we catfished you.  Instead of seeing the type of loony booty you thought you would see on the internet, you saw messages and math.  Math and messages isn’t the kind of booty we expect to see on the internet, but we do at a place called the pirate dive bar that is filled with hungry wenches and drunken mermaids.  Wait a second, do you think some of those mermaids have pronouns?
You can look at every message, post and transaction at the pirate dive bar and this is what we mean by 100% transparency on a public ledger.  Every loony created with the energy you put in has a birth certificate and pedigree  on a public ledger. You can follow the complete history of each and every loony and see the date, username and messages.  Every anonymous or well known pirate, sailor or landlubber here has a public ledger.  And there are other ledgers.  We even use a public ledger at the IRS for nonprofits. You can see loonies that are transferred into legal tender jump from our public ledger to the IRS public ledger and if somebody claims their donation on their taxes, the show up on the IRS public ledger for nonprofits.  
There is no way you could use a loony for any type of real crime.  You could not use it on the dark web, on the street corner to buy drugs and there is no point in trying to steal it.  Loonies are only used at the pirate dive bar by lying, cheating pirates. Amazingly loony booty is actually a virtuous currency for honest people with nothing to hide and proud of what they do.  Loony pirates might just end up doing some wonderful things during an altruistic competition and have an adventure with purpose if they have some loony booty.
Wow, look at that wench called the Bootymaster.  She wants a bribe, well that is nothing new on the internet. First, lets find out how the software works and then come back and bribe the Bootymaster.  Then we will see just how loony her booty is.
Speaking of Pirates, Roger Godell used to be paid over 40 million dollars a year to operate a sports nonprofit called the NFL.  The NFL was a nonprofit surrounded by a lot of for profit broadcasters and vendors just like the Olympics, PGA and even that well known nonprofit the American Medical Association, responsible for 1/5 of the USA economy by the way.
The nonprofit called the AMA is headquartered at 25 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC and they do great work! They use their vast medical knowledge and latest technology advances to provide much needed vital medical care to political pirates suffering from the incurable disease known as lobby money withdrawal.  Yup, medical heroes operating a nonprofit!
So this is our business model.  A nonprofit surrounded by for profits and a lot of pirates on the internet.  Sound good to you?
Lets take another quick moment for another full disclosure.  On our home page and on the High Seas you will find an “About” link.  At the bottom of this page you will find two pdf’s of business licenses.  One is a nonprofit and one is a for profit.
Higher up on the page you see a link for a free pdf of our book.  This book is a very dull read, out of date business plan for us.  If you don’t like the free version there is a link where you can buy it from the pirates at Amazon.
That is it for our introduction.  The next video is about Altruistic Competition and trying out for  positions where your working vacation is sailing and scuba diving in the tropics while having the adventure of a lifetime. Geez, we forgot to explain what free means, oh well, some other time.