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under construction but open for teams to form and to work on their episodes. All the links and information below will be deleted and are for construction purposes only.

Competition Update: We have four out of 30 teams! We are in the process of producing the instructional videos for the competition.
Each episode has over 40 competitions to produce it. For example there are competitions to write the script, narrate, edit, construction, costumes, fim, direct, act or add comedy, music or art to it. Some competitions take just seconds to complete others may take days or months.
Tropical Adventure Competition

Tropical Adventure Competition

Each Team (pirate gang) is led by 3 people. The nonprofit Hero, the for profit Coach and the volunteer Producer. The Hero is moderatly to severely disabled since birth and is nominated by the Coach who is a family member or guardian of the Hero. The Producer and all their decisions must be approved by the Coach. The Coach can choose one or more producers. Each producer chooses and superises their own gang. Everyone else can "tryout" for as many different teams and positions as they want.
5 Steps - These five steps explain the competition to produce your teams episode
A note about the results picture. All employees at Ké Bar in Pozzuoli, near Vesuvio Italy have Down Syndrome.
All teams get booty each time anyone votes, likes, submits, or edits a form. (called "Taking the Bait")
When you "Land a Catfish", somebody  transfers loonies to you. 
The "loony weight" of your catch is how "Catfishing Tournaments" are won.
You compete to produce episodes that advertise a business for your hero.
Your episode also generates broadcast revenue for your hero. 

Meet the Teams

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Competition Status
The For Profit Competition requires a secod login to (this will open when 30 teams qualify so they can all start at the same time)


The rule book for the competition is available on Amazon here or a free pdf.
A for profit business called DOLPHIN RODEO INC. created the TV series displayed on our home page called the TROPICAL ADVENTURE COMPETITION.  This series is about ways to employ people with special needs, called Heroes and the sponsorship of them in amateur sports competition.
For profit and nonprofit businesses are part of this competition.
Similar examples of this type of structure are the NFL, the PGA, and the OLYMPICS. These are all nonprofits organized for amateur sports competition. They all have a business side where contractors, vendors and other businesses manage taxable activities.  The football game, golf or the Olympics themselves are nonprofit but the hot dogs, TV commercials and T-shirts that you buy are taxable.
There are two logins for this competition. and This keeps the nonoprofit and for profit activities and funds separate.
The nonprofit login lets you access any of the the nonprofits that the Heroes are playing for and almost all of the information of this competition. The business login lets you access the stores of the 30 businesses in competition. Each of the 30 teams has an identical online store to sell products, services, advertising and shares as part of their business competition. They compete in a variety of business categories.
DOLPHIN RODEO INC. has 100 shares. For the “For Profit” competition each of the 30 teams is given an “option” on the purchase of one operating share for $30,000, but this is not required. $15,000 of the share pays for the boat, crew and expenses for one week and allows the “for profit” corporation to donate the week to the nonprofit. The remaining $15,000 is a purchase in ownership of the broadcasting, production and charter profits for that year.
Rules Of The Game
The TROPICAL ADVENTURE COMPETITION is the storyline of the TV series. In this competition there are 30 episodes, 5 playoff episodes and one grand prize episode.  30 teams create one episode each for their own Hero.
During the first year 30 teams are chosen on a first come basis for the pro league.  After the first year, the 10 best teams advance, the 10 worst teams go to the minor leagues, these 10 are replaced on a first come basis. The middle 10 teams compete with all the teams who want in.
Nonprofit scoring is by interactive viewers during the first streaming time of each episode.
For profit scoring is based on the coaches revenue. A minimum of  2/3 of the net revenue (after taxes only) must be paid to the Coach.  The coach manages the funds for the Hero. For each expense that the team has a 50% bonus is paid to the Coach but is not due until the Grand Prize episode of the third season.  If bonus money is owed after the third season that team gets booted to the minor leagues. 
To remain in the competition, all financial records, (except protected identities) must be 100% transparent and 100% public and listed on the website.
The Karaoke Challenge Game is one example of a “Catfishing Tournament”
Catfishing Tournaments do a few things.  They are fund raisers for anyone and they create content and comedy bumpers for the TV series or your social media.
The Catfishing Tournaments can be serious, funny, artistic, athletic, educational or follow any genre they want. Crowd generated pirate themed content is part of the Tropical Adventure Competition.