Tropical Adventure Competition

A for profit business called DOLPHIN RODEO INC. created a TV series called the TROPICAL ADVENTURE COMPETITION.  This series is about ways to employ people with special needs, called Heroes.
Each episode of the TROPICAL ADVENTURE COMPETITION has the goal of creating a business or quality of life improvements for the Hero.  The episode also creates broadcast revenue, advertising and marketing for the Hero business.  The TV series produces taxable income even though a nonprofit is featured.
Similar examples of this type of structure are the NFL, the PGA, and the OLYMPICS. They all have contractors, vendors and businesses that manage taxable activities.  The football game, golf or the Olympics themselves are nonprofit but the hot dogs, TV commercials and T-shirts that you buy are taxable.
Similar to all businesses, DOLPHIN RODEO INC. only does business with contractors or businesses and not individuals.  A close family member of the Hero is a contractor is called the “Agent”. This is a business that manages the Hero.
Rules Of The Game
The TROPICAL ADVENTURE COMPETITION is the storyline of the TV series. In this competition there are 30 episodes, 5 playoff episodes and one grand prize episode.  30 teams create one episode each for their own Hero.
During the first year 30 teams are chosen on a first come basis for the pro league.  After the first year, 10 teams are dropped from the pro league and start the minor league.  These are replaced by 10 new teams on a first come basis.  The 10 best teams advance to season two.  The remaining 10 teams are on a 1 year probation to meet competition guidelines or join the minor leagues.  Every year 10 new teams get a shot at the pro league.
Each team is their own For Profit business.  2/3 of the net revenue must be paid to the Agent.  For each expense that the team has a 50% bonus is paid to the Agent but is not due until the Grand Prize episode of the third season.  If bonus money is owed after the third season then that business also joins the minor leagues. 
To remain in the competition, all financial records, except protected identities and account numbers must be 100% transparent and 100% public.
The Karaoke Challenge Game
The Karaoke Challenge Game does two things.  It is a fund raiser for the Atlanta Volunteers and it creates content for the TV series.
To raise money for donations, people sing, dance and perform for donations.  The performances can be serious, funny, artistic, athletic, educational or follow any genre they want.
In this pirate themed game people get game tokens when they donate.  You play the Karaoke Challenge Game with the tokens.  “Loony” is short for “Dubloon”.  Loony is the name of the game token. You get loony playing the Karaoke Challenge Game!