(Before reading this page, first hover over your profile on the top right of your screen.  The first item is balance.  Follow that to the left.  You will see 8 budget categories and coin types.  This keeps taxable and non taxable budgets separate as we have multiple nonprofits and multiple for profits. 
Unlike all other for profit businesses, all retail activity on this website is transparent.  This is similar to what we do with the nonprofits on this website. 
This is to remain true to our mission of turning Heroes born with special powers into Super Heroes! 
PayPal hides secures your information so that we can use coins to provide a complete public ledger. The ledger also determines who is first in line and who is next.
Everyone qualifies by "First Come" during year 1 of the TV series "Special Heroes".  You can buy a spot in line and then scalp it like any other ticket or use it as an investment.

3 green nonprofit and 5 for profit coins, status, points and colors are described here.

Loony, Bond & Boobies (How loony are you?  How big is your bond? How big are your boobies?)

You are "Loony" when you donate to any nonprofit we list.  When you volunteer for the Atlanta Volunteers you get bond.  When you organize fun for the Atlanta Volunteers you get boobies.  

For Profit Categorites - DOLPHIN RODEO INC. and our sub contractors
You buy food, beverages, admission, instruction, adventure and make all retail purches with blue store credit called "Pieces of Eight".
For activities at the Clubhouse on Lake Lanier you use silver.  This could be to use the underwater studio, pay  crew, use the dock, take scuba instruction or for event expenses.
Cast, crew, extras and passengers share expenses as shareholders in their episode.   Gold is a way for the crew to be investors in the episode they are working on.  
Shareholders have jewels to show percentage of ownership of DOLPHIN RODEO INC.   There are less than 40 jewels left.
Episodes can be funded with gold from the crew or with a Diamond from an executive producer.  There are less than 24 diamonds left.
Loony = nonprofit donation by donating to any nonprofit
Bond = nonprofit donation, to the Atlanta Volunteers, traded for volunteer hours
Boobies = nonprofit donation, to the Atlanta Volunteers. Boobies are traded to re-direct booby prizes.  Booby prizes are awarded by the Bootymaster, Mermaid, Spirit of the ship, Galley wench, Lasher, Lookout, Mate, Cabin Boy or you are walked off the plank so the sharks can award them.
Pieces of Eight = retail credit
Silver = Advanced Play clubhouse membership, scuba, sailing, instruction, parties and adventure
Gold = Cast, Crew & Extras production expenses 
Jewels = Shareholders & Sponsors,  DOLPHIN RODEO INC. 
Diamonds = Executive Producers, "Special Heroes"

Partial purchases are OK.  For example, pieces of eight are $2 each but you could enter $5 and get 2  1/2
What type of coin do you want to buy?
$2 each
$10 each
$20 each
Max $500 each transaction
Max of $500 unless on a team
Exactly $500 each jewel until shareholder agreements are signed.
Exactly $500 deposit to hold your place for each episode.

Our retail area is still under construction.

First in line

During year one of the TV series "Special Heroes" all cast, crew, extras, shareholders, investors, and executive producers are by first come and the qualifi

You can buy any coin and scalp them or use them.  Some coins need extra steps to used as cast, crew, shareholders and executive producers.  Diamonds and Jewels are bought whole or are divided amongst smaller investors.  +50% control executive producer desigions.