Welcome Aboard!

The Karaoke Challenge Game is a very simple activity that we will explain in a moment.

The ATLANTA VOLUNTEERS is different than pro sports as a recreational therapist guides our “Heroes” (special population athletes) during the “TROPICAL ADVENTURE COMPETITION”.
The ATLANTA VOLUNTEERS has the same business structure as the NFL, OLYMPICS, PGA and other sports nonprofits that you probably thought were for profit corporations. Like the big boys, we also have for profit corporations that support and donate to our mission of amatuer sports competition.
We would like to thank DOLPHIN RODEO INC. for being our major sponsor and donor! DOLPHIN RODEO INC. has created and donated the use of the “PIRATE DIVE BAR” to the ATLANTA VOLUNTEERS. DOLPHIN RODEO does NOT take out fees or have other costs to the donors of the ATLANTA VOLUNTEERS. Paypal takes out 2% and that is the only fee taken from donations. The ATLANTA VOLUNTEERS is 100% volunteer and none of our donations pay salaries.
We pride ourselves on how we use of the tools for 100% transparency on this web site.

Never Seen Before!

Think of us as being like a baseball game where you see short comedy bumpers between each play. To produce an episode of the TROPICAL ADVENTURE COMPETITION, sports, comedy bumpers, television production, cast, crew, sponsors and vendors all come together for an episode that may easily involve a 100 or more people. We are going to “crowd source” and telecommute as much as possible and the PIRATE DIVE BAR makes that possible.
The PIRATE DIVE BAR is where everyone meets, plans, has fun and watches the game. The PIRATE DIVE BAR is also the name of the production company for the TROPICAL ADVENTURE COMPETITION.
Our TV series has 30 episodes and a different team stars in each episode.  Each team competes to turn their Hero (challenged Athlete) into a Super Hero.  Each episode starts locally and then ends in the tropics where “care for the caregivers” is the focus of the “TROPICAL ADVENTURE COMPETITION”.

Karaoke Challenge Game

In the fictitious place called the Pirate Dive Bar, the Karaoke Challenge Game is the entertainment that all the pirates around you have come to see. This game is how we create comedy bumpers, music and art for the amatuer sports competition of our Heroes.
Pirates create comedy by acting like drunken, obnoxious, whoremongering, gambling old salts that lie, cheat, steal, bribe a judge called the “Bootymaster” to punish innocent people, rig bets and use false flag deception to spread rumors of mutiny and conspiracy. (except not as bad as the USA congress and media)
In “Catfishing Tournaments” the biggest booty wins!  You post fake pictures and alluring promises to “Mermaid” sailors to their doom but not before robbing them of their booty.
We use the comedy of free speech at the Pirate Dive Bar.  Nothing is censored and nothing is fact checked.
If the comedy of George Carlin, Dave Chapelle, Andrew Dice Clay, Richard Pryor or TV shows such as Rick and Morty, Mr. Pickles or Robot Chicken offend you, stick around you will be a lot of fun!

As Elizabeth Warren would say “How”

The Karaoke Challenge game resembles a real estate listing or a dating website. You have a listing page that links to a detail page. You create bait for drunken pirates on the listing page and then catfish and reel them in on the detail page. This is no different than your dating profile!
There are tools for TV production that let you livestream, edit, build productions, earn cash and win prizes. You can get professional credit and a share of the booty if you take the time to learn “How”.
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