1 Rule – When you transfer loonies, you are catfished! No do overs. Be suspicious of false flag or honest deals!

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I can sing far, far away
You have this much booty to squander Take the bait for 5 loonies or ping them with a loony to negotiate.
Details :

Just come on over to my table and lets figure out some karaoke fun!

Challenges I am interested in
  5 Loony Challenge I will dedicate the song to you
  10 Loony Challenge I will feed you french fries while I sing
  25 Loony Challenge I will be a back up dancer for your song
   Karaoke Auction I will lap dance on a person you choose
 Negotiated Karaoke Air band competition
 Other Karaok Everyone at your table sings the last line of the national anthem.
 Pirate Gambling I will bet 100 loonies that I will beat you at a game of pool.
 Pirate Treasur Hunt Cut my grass and I will give you 500 loonies.
  Pirate Booty For Sale I have an old oar that I will sell for 50 loonies as soon as she is finished getting me a beer.
  Pirate Booty Wanted I will buy any old oar as long as my dog or girlfriend approves.
 Pirate Auction I accidently caught this mermaid, what will you bid?
 Pirate Character Development I am looking for somebody to be the evil bootymaster for our fund raiser for team 6
  Pirate Catfishing I know that I can trust you, you have an honest face lets have a real relationship and while you are getting undressed, let me hold your wallet.
 Bootymaster I host a great pirate party, I have several costumes, skits and lots of pirate pool party games, hire me for 500 loonies
 Pirate Punishment If you are due to be punished by the bootymaster, donate 200 loonies to team 5 and I will take your punishment
 Pirate Slavery I will cook and serve food at your event if you donate 1000 loonies to team 8
 Pirate Gangs I want to turn my pontoon boat into a pirate ship, I need some crew
 Pirate Other I am planning on some underwater shots of mermaids, I will donate 500 to your team for the first 3 mermaids to apply
 Sailor Competitions Sail backwards from the third no wake buoy to BR 6, you have to touch BR 6 loser pays 500
  Sailor Education I will give a three hour sailing lesson for 200
 Boat, beach & events Beach party at three sisters! 2 pm – lots of games, competitions and dance offs
 Scuba, saftey & sports Red Cross CPR, by donation
 Sailor Other At the mast dance off, your captain against mine 500
 Media For Karaoke Can somebody edit and put titles on my youtube clip?
 Media For Tropical Adventure Competition We are looking for a voice over for our soundtrack.
 Media Other I am building a green screen and I need a test subject.
 Waitstaff Tips Game of pool, loser tips the others waitress with $10 of real money and gives the other team 200 loonies
 Prizes I will sell 100 loonies for $10
 All other characters and challenges I have a horror film I am working on, I need a great screamer, 500 loonies for your team
(catfishing strategy) Look at the booty of Polecat
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hey pole cat watch out for those rocking chairs.

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Display name filmme  November 19, 2022

End of Christmas.

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Display name Polecat  November 27, 2022

So this is what rich text is

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Display name Polecat  December 2, 2022