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This is a speculative Quid Pro Quo with loonies.
Production Timestamp
Timestamps are like reservations, they hold your place in line, if the bouncer likes you.  It may take you three seasons to finally get a chance to be a passenger, crew or register a sailing fee, so try to be more likeable or leave a bigger tip.  (well that is what she said anyway)
You can "scalp" your timestamps for cash, half plate of chicken wings, a Karaoke Challenge or anything. You can keep them and speculate on their value when this series takes off.  Edit this form when you scalp or catfish the new owner.
All prices are loony!
Original Owner
Edit this field if you scalp the timestamp
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You don’t need to be a savvy investor banker like the trusted, intelligent, educated professional career brokers coming from great ivy league schools who invested your retirement account in Bayou Hedge, Qwest, World Com, Enron, Lehman, Madoff, bitcoin, Bankman Fried, or all the other wall street scams that happen regularly usually on a 12 year cycle since 1929. There is no point! You have already lost your real money by donating at someplace called the Pirate Dive Bar! All you have now is worthless loonies! Choose all these “investments” below and click freely! Geez, what could possibly happen dealing with a lot of pirates at the Pirate Dive Bar, you should play it safe again and let your stock broker pick for you….with your worthless loonies.

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