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Moderation Score – If in doubt, vote it out!

At the top of this example of a volunteer coupon you will see the "Moderation Score of 5."  Read only the positive scored green Sailor rated volunteer coupons. Sailor ratings could be safe for work, school or broadcast.  But just like riding the bus, you never know.  Avoid reading posts that are negative scored orange Landlubber rated posts as they could be lawful speech but are typically not suitable for broadcast and the high standards we seek.  Vote the moderation score below -10 and the post is deemed a pirate and thrown overboard. (the post disappears)
"The LA Dodgers are the greatest."  If you are an Atlanta Braves fan (as you should be) you can make that post disappear by down voting it to a score of -11. Posts are the same as chalk on a sidewalk or a sand castle. They are  temporary.
The post you made disappear is lawful free speech, it meets broadcast standards and you could say it at school or work, but you don't like it, and like kicking your brothers sand castle, down  it goes. Just vote it below -10.
This is no worse than it raining on a beautiful chalk sidewalk drawing that took days to complete.  You expect it.
If you want your post to appear in the number 1 spot you can downvote the other posts or up vote your post. We encourage voting for yourself! This uses more loonies and brings in more donations to the nonprofits.
If this was politics, this would be the same as cutting out the lobbyists, super pacs and advertisers and letting politicians vote for themselves.  We encourage this at the Pirate Dive Bar because Instead of spending millions on campaigns that only benefit themselves, money would go to help the community as it does at the Pirate Dive bar when somebody votes for themselves!  So vote for yourself all you want to win any contest!
If the LA Dodgers scoundrel decides to post again, this time he could vote for himself and he secures his post by giving it 50 up votes.  If you and the good people in the room give it 61 downvotes, that post disappears, as it should.
Besides playing moderation games, the moderation score is also used to separate broadcast standards from lawful free speech.  Broadcast standards are anything you can say in a court room, at your business, school or church and also contain no copyright infringements, tobacco, alcohol, profanity, legal conflicts and represent the high standards we seek for the broadcast of the TV series called "Special Heroes."
The green SAILOR rating designates the post is attempting to show that it complies with Broadcast standards. 
If somebody doesn't think your post meets broadcast standards,  because of salty language or mentioning the LA Dodgers, they should down vote it so that it becomes an orange LANDLUBBER rating or even disappears.
If in doubt, vote it out and send the score past -10.  No harm is done, the poster can create another post and put that up.
If you know your post is truly offensive when you create it, at least have the courtesy to give it a score of -5 or below when you post it.  A score that low gives people a heads up to avoid it.  If you choose to read a post with a -5 moderation score and you are offended, why did you choose a post with a score that low?  Never mind Karen, just down vote it some more and get rid of it.
Contests are where you can really have fun with the moderation score.  Lets say you are having an ugliest dog contest.  The winner is the highest moderation score.  Your boss submits a picture of their bulldog, you submit a picture of your boss.  Who will win?  The moderation score can operate the same as a silent auction that some nonprofits have.
You might have a really great prize such as a ride in your corvette stingray for your silent auction.  At a time that you choose, you pick the winner by the most votes.  Who knows, you might even rig the contest by down voting or upvoting the winner.  Yes, we encourage rigging any and all contests.  Jealous wives need to have their say about who is going to be picked to ride in your show car and want to rig that contest.  The ugliest dog could win and ride in the show car if the wife has her say.
BTW, you can see all the votes, who is voting and if they left comments for why they voted.  No secret ballots here.  The only way you can steal a vote is if it is not on the public record.  Why do you think that politicians always vote on the record and never by secret ballot like they force on us?  In all the years the USA has had politicians voting, thousands and thousands of times, not a single vote has ever been incorrect by even one vote!  (when they vote amongst themselves as they know how corrupt politicians are) You can only steal votes if nobody knows who they belong to and they are off the record.  Voting like that is even too despicable for pirates.

This is true community moderation as anyone can remove or vote on a post.

Please downvote and kick out all posts that want to sell you something using  your credit card instead of having loonies involved. These are 100% bogus posts! Please down vote them low enough so they disappear.  

Venture into unknown shark infested waters?

A "brainstorming writing style" is combined with an "instructional writing style" in these definitions as you are on the ground floor helping to build this one of a kind community owned TV series.
Sometimes the same information is repeated just to give a slightly different slant to help inspire different comical versions.  Sometimes it is raw so that motivated creators can produce their own versions of instructional video for this site.  Seeing random instructions can be a hilarious part of building this adventure!
You only need this rough "brain storming" section if you intend to create storylines at the expert level or intend to be part of the cast or crew of the "Special Heroes" TV series. This information may be hard to follow as it randomly sets up the general rules of play, describes characters, inpires dialouge for scenes and creates the straight lines for comedy. 

Get Loony - Click on your favorite Team and donate any amount to join and Get Loony! You may join as many teams as you want. You trade loonies for treasure. You can also help your team "Play" or "Work". Play is fun raising skits, adventures, sports, games and parties. The fun inspires social media for you or our TV series and is created with volunteers and crowd sourcing. Work is being part of the cast, crew, sponsors or shareholders of your teams TV episode. Each episode is about a quality of life improvement that turns a Hero into a Super Hero.

Treasure Chest - Treasure, rewards, prizes and any reason to support your favorite nonprofit. You may only use loonies to get treasure.

(Loony Menu) Treasure Chest - Think of a state fair with a thrift store except that this store is online and has 3 departments. The first department is like you are having a garage sale but it is by appointment only. The second department lists businesses with discounts, gift certificates and specials and the last department has everything from rides in show cars, beach parties, volunteer labor, people who will knit custom outfits for your dog and lots of amazing and unusual prizes.

Everything in the treasure chest is only available by trading loonies. The treasure chest creates a lot of reasons for you to support your favorite non-profit.

(Loony Menu) Bury Treasure - You donate anything to the treasure chest

(Loony Menu) Dream of Treasure - You list goods, services, labor, riding in a boat to a beach party, a custom knitted sweater for your dog or anything else you can dream of. Making your dreams come true is how others can get loony for their favorite nonprofit.

(Play Menu) Treasure Chest - You can find a loony pirate themed second treasure chest in "Play" when you use the "Discover" button. Trade loonies with pirates, sailors, landlubbers, mermaids & sponsors. (includes some real treasure along with unusual surprises and booby prizes)

(Play Menu) Bury Treasure - An "Epiphany" is a post that creates skits and treasured fun for loonies. Skits have 3 categories; Sailor (sports), Landlubber (art) and Pirate (comedy). Sailor is a serious category. You could go sailing, learn scuba, play baseball for 1,000 loonies or learn production skills for the TV series. Landlubber is an entertainment category. You could play the Karaoke Challenge game, Sea Shanty Karaoke, offer a ride in your show car, walk the plank at your pool party. The pirate category is any type of pirate adventure.  You could be initiated as a pirate, bribe the Bootymaster to punish the innocent for losing at darts or feed the mermaids at the petting zoo.

The pirate category is where treachery and mutiny is created and rehearsed for pirate raids. A gang of scurvy dogs raid an unsuspecting sports bar to capture landlubbers and turn them into pirates. This raid happens in the middle of the night while the landlubbers at a different port of call are drunk and peacefully singing Karaoke. They are not suspecting a rowdy pirate raid to battle them on the karaoke stage with sea shanties, flash mob Karaoke and the pirate initiation.

Search for Treasure - Use the Discover menu in the "Play" section and then trade loonies for treasure. Treasure is found online, during the Karaoke Challenge Game, at pirate raids, at businesses and some is found with a treasure map.

Bribe - Transfer loonies to get treasure

Catfish - Post a description of treasure or a reason for people to bribe you

Epiphany - A post you create in the "Play" menu that contains the ideas you have for bribing or catfishing

Booty - The amount of loonies you have. The biggest booty wins! (just like the dating site you spend too much time on).

Booty Rat - Booty rats eat 15 - 25% of your bribe just like rats eating the cargo on a ship. Booty Rats shrink the booty you have just like walking the plank into cold water. Eventually you will have to donate again to keep getting loony so that people don't laugh at your shrunken booty.

Mermaids Nonprofits rely on mermaids! Read about them here

Bootymaster - A judge and commander that can't count but who will take bribes and bets to punish the innocent. You can gamble with loonies to bet on football, a game of darts, punishment from the Bootymaster, a jalapeno eating contest, or a challenge to push the boss into a swimming pool with workers watching online. Everyone pays their bets and bribes to the Bootymaster and then she decides who won or lost by how well she likes the cut of your jib.

Anyone can claim the Assistant Bootymaster title (Ass. Booty.) when they post an "Epiphany" in the "Play" section. The epiphany lets the A-B take in bribes or catfish loonies. The A-B can work alone or recruit a "gaggle" of one or more gamers to develop pirate schemes of treachery and mutiny. The A-B can use the siren song of mermaids (in the Karaoke Challenge Game) to lure sailors, landlubbers and pirates to their doom.

A Gaggle of Gamers -To create a gaggle of one or more gamers, the A-B shares their login. The gaggle of gamers can be live or online. They can watch the livestream links on the A-B epiphany. They can send strategic actions and schemes to her. The login can be shared with as many gamers as the A-B's or any gamer wants. More gamers do improve the strategic messages for catfishing, bets and bribes but the risk of mutiny and false flag operations goes up. Any gamer can mutiny against the A-B by transferring booty into another account. This "mutiny against crime" is recorded in the public ledger and can be easily discovered with a Booty Search. More than likely the gaggle will be punished by the real Bootymaster for being innocent of winning. You can bet on it.

Mutiny Against Crime - The A-B and her crew chase and plot against the gamer who stole her booty. Stealth, strategy and false flag plays will be needed to outsmart the gamer. A battle of half wits now begins with everything being recorded on the public ledger.

Punish the Innocent - In regular play the A-B will decide who is guilty of winning by the results and the amount of bets, bribes and schemes listed on her Epiphany. She never knows who is guilty or innocent, so she punishes an innocent person to know for sure. One person is just as innocent as another, so it doesn't matter who is chosen at random to be punished. She also doesn't know the difference between a punishment and a reward. She might have weapons such as a can of whip cream, Jalapeno peppers or a ping pong paddle. Some people like to be paddled so the paddle might not be a punishment, some people like eating Jalapeno peppers so that might be a reward or a punishment and for some people that are lactose intolerant the whip cream might be a punishment the next morning. She might even simply tuck the bets and bribes into her shirt where she keeps her treasure chest and leave with all the booty.

Pirate School - Learn the skills needed to be the cast and crew of the Tropical Adventure Competition. There are 3 types of students; sailors, landlubbers and Pirates. They each have a different field of study. You trade loonies to other players for skills ranked 1 to 9. Each skill has three boxes, Learn, do & teach that must be checked to achieve that rank. You may learn skills in any order and you may teach any skill if the learn and do boxes have been checked.

Open Moderation Filter - Anyone may be a moderator.  You vote with loonies to make the score positive or negative. A positive score approves a post.  A negative score removes a post after a score of minus 10.  Any post that has anything for sale for cash or credit is bogus and should be down voted out.  If the post violates community standards or laws for any reason it should be downvoted until it is removed.  What is being part of the community?  If you have contributed to the community, (donated time or money to a nonprofit) you are part of the community.  When you "GET LOONY", you can vote with loonies.  If you feel strongly about a post you can vote with as many loonies as you want to change the score.

The moderation filter does much more than just approve or remove inappropriate content.  It has multiple uses for fun and effective fund raising. Teams can vote against each other to show or display their flag, logo or be declared the best or the worst.  For example, you have an ugliest dog competition.  Sure, a dog could win it, but don't you think a picture of your boss would get more votes?

Decorum Filter

Learning, playing and creating are our three environments in the "play" section for decorum.  These are respectively called Sailor, Landlubber and Pirate.  You can approve or remove posts for keeping decorum.

The Sailor environment is the same as being in a classroom, courtroom, or boardroom. You maintain order so that learning or business can be accomplished.  The Landlubber environment is the same as being in a sports bar. You can do almost anything and be as loud as you want so you can have fun.  The Pirate environment is where raw ideas for comedy, script writing, art, music and brainstorming begin.

To keep creative ideas flowing freely, Pirates have a filter to cancel the "Karens". (A Karen is a person who is demanding, entitled, angry, complains or feels offended and definitely ruins a fun creative environment, party or BBQ) Pirates are suspicious and everyone is a Karen until proven otherwise.

Karen's pose the greatest danger as they can accomplish mutinies other pirates only dream of.

On the High Seas you will find the initiation to become a Patriotic Pirate. All initiated pirates start in Gang 1.  You are presented with some fun and games and false flag attacks to see if you are a good sport or a Karen. Gang 2 is having a BBQ, were you invited to the BBQ or did you have to bribe your way in with some loonies?  Some people in Gang 2 heard that Gang 3 is having a BBQ.  By the time you get to gang 3 you should be in a 99.99% Karen free zone. Is there a Gang 4? Only Gang 3 knows. Bribes from Karens are at least 1 loony more than the size of their booty.  Everyone can see their booty.  Karens will have to donate to a nonprofit to be loony enough for the bribe to get into the next greatest BBQ.  (Lets hope you donate quickly as the price could go up. You are starting to look a little bit like Karen, she might even be your sister.)

False Flag Attacks

We request one small change for false flag attacks, make them safe, friendly and comical.  (If you don't know what a false flag attack is, you should google it to see how these "pysops" have been used by tyrants, media and dictators throughout history to control votes, maintain power and justify war.) The false flag attack is part of every great mutiny to get all the loony booty.

For example a whip cream pie to the face to somebody who expects a whip cream pie in the face is not a real attack.  It could be an attack so that people will vote with loonies to see who gets the pie in the face, who throws it and if the winner of the ugliest dog contest is invited to lick it off. (Is that your boss?)  Walking somebody off the plank into a sea (your pool) filled with hungry mermaids is another example of something that is not a real attack.  (You should be able to charge a hefty fee for that walk off the plank and then a larger fee to get out of the pool as surprise, when the captive was blindfolded shift change happened and now sharks are in the water for the false flag attack)

Since everything is on the public ledger, you must be very stealthy and cunning to use a false flag attack. If you start yelling and waving your arms like Ray Epps at a Trump rally, your psyops will be easily discovered.

You lose - the only rule

This is the only rule drunken pirates can remember while bribing and catfishing at some place called "The Pirate Dive Bar". You bribe a catfisher before expecting to get nothing in return. Honest deals where you do get something for your bribe can be reported to the A-B or the Bootymaster. This report will cost you another bribe. Since the Bootymaster can't count, the Bootymaster bribe is typically greater than the amount you lost, so she can count "for sure" this time. The bribe determines what the Bootymaster pulls out of her treasure chest to punish the innocent person. (worse than keel-hauling... motor boating could be the punishment)

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