Team Support

Team Standing
The top 10 teams go onto the next broadcast season. The middle 10 teams can compete for a spot with everyone for the next season. The bottom 10 teams may not compete in the following season. Those 10 spots 10 are determined by timestamps.
Teams have Time Stamps and so do people. Everything is based on your place in line.
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Direction of Team Support
If you choose "All Teams" then whatever you do here is shared with everyone. When you select a team then just that team benefits.

Direction of Team Support
Choose The Type of Team Support
Type of Team Support
There are many categories of shares and they all have their own rules.
Time stamps provide a place in line. When a person or team buys a time stamp, it can be used or kept and sold later as an investment.

Time stamps predictably rise in price over time and can be seen as a short term investment.

You can see the schedule of Time Stamp increases and corner the market by buying up the Time Stamps and forcing the price to go higher. You can also negotiate the price to sell your place in line for whatever you want.

Time Stamps can be kept for three seasons and then they expire.

Raw material is first processed to ensure all permissions for people, brands and locations have been secured. It is then cleared to be "G" rated. All of the cleared material is publicly available. Anyone may use that material freely and do whatever they want with it. If it is used on an episode all of the contributors get credit and compensation on a per second basis as decided by the team. Individual content sections of the episode can be referenced to see who did what. This can be a way for people to build a resume or to add material to their "reel".
Starting in season 2 there will be telecommute contests to "re-master" previous episodes.


Share Selection
Types of Shares


Choose Your Time Stamp

Team Totals

Vessel and Equipment Bonds Control

Profit Shares

Team Production Projects

Competition Support

Crowd Sourced Projects

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

Business Venture Shares

Pirate Booty

Letters of Marque

Mermaid Food




Shark Bait

Maximum file size: 5MB


This section will not open until 30 teams have qualified.

Interactive Marketing

This section will not open until 30 teams have qualified.

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