Team Command

The Hero, Hero Manager and Team Leader are the three positions in the Team Command. The Hero is typically a person with a disability or first responder whose watch has ended. The Hero Manager is a close family relation to the Hero or a organization representative of the Hero. The Team Leader iesponsible for supervising everyone else in the team and developing and executing a successful mission. The Team Leader is hired or fired by the Hero Manager. As long as the Hero Manager does not object, the Team Leader has full control of the Team they command.

The Hero Manager is paid to “employ” the Hero. (The Hero may also be a first responder whose watch has ended) The Hero manager can be appropriatly disburse funds over time so that the income remains appropriate for the Hero. Special populations often have a maximum ceiling for earnings and just being over in one month can cancel all of their health benefits and therapy for a lifetime unless a complicated re-application process in court is used.

The Team Leader can have as large a team as they want. They could for example hire a production company to produce the episode for them, hire fund raisers, marketing and do whatever they want. They compete on efficiancy and should read the “Tropical Adventure Competition” website and the book “The Ability Revolution” if they believe this information will help them understand what they must do.