Block List – The time is in minutes. Blocks are plus or minus 3 seconds of the posted time. Your episode is plus or minus 3 seconds of 30 minutes.
AOpening local story2Introduce the competition, episode & prizes
BComedy Bumper 11Introduce how comedy bumpers work & first one
CInteractive Commercial 11Introduce how interactive commercials work & first one
DLocal story 15Introduce the team and the quality of life challenge
EComedy bumper 2.5stock
FInteractive Commercial 2.5Second interactive commercial
GInteractive Commercial 3.5Third interactive commercial
HComedy bumper 2.5stock
ILocal Story 24Work towards solving the problem
JComedy Bumper 3.5 stock
KInteractive Commercial 4.5Fourth Interactive commercial
LInteractive Commercial 5.5Fifth Interactive commercial
MComedy Bumper 4.5stock
NLocal Story 35Show how the solution is achieved
OClosing Local Story1Results the team achieved
POpening Tropical Adventure1Foreshadow their adventure
QClosing Tropical Adventure3Adventure results, Celebration
RInteractive Commercial Results1Results, Prizes, Donor Recognition
SWebsite Results1Results, Prizes, Donor Recognition
TEpisode Closing1Updates, coming attractions, credits