Build your episode. Refer to the skeleton.
This page is still under construction. You can choose a skeleton from any production and cre
and see if you want to “tryout” to put meat but this will give you an idea of how to use hyperlinks to create a video. Each section in the skeleton is a competition. Choose the tryout you like from the competitors and build your video. When we open for other projects, you will use the customizer to build your own skeleton and choose from competitors for your project.


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Create, join or meet a team
Skeleton – Your episode is exactly 30 minutes. All other times are approximate. The sequences are typical.
Opening local story2Introduce the episode & prizesa
Interactive Commercials 12Introduce how interactive commercials workb
Local story 14Introduce the team and the problemc
Comedy bumper 11Explain how to create and enterd
Interactive Commercial 22Update results so far add a new challengese
Local Story 24Work towards solving the problemf
Comedy Bumper 21 g
Interactive Commercial 31 h
Local Story 35Show how the solution is achievedi
Closing Local Story1Results the team achievedj
Opening Tropical Adventure1Foreshadow their adventurek
Closing Tropical Adventure2Adventure results, Celebrationl
Comedy Bumper 31 m
Interactive Commercial Results1Results, Prizes, Recognitionn
Website Results1Results, Prizes, Recognitiono
Episode Closing1Updates on previous episodes & what is comingp