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Cameron becomes a Superhero

Cameron became a Superhero! Cameron has had a life long dream of singing with a band. Music has had a very dramatic effect on Camerons speech, reading, production speed of his words and most importantly his hopes and dreams. The auidience knew and was prepared to clap, cheer and give a heroes applause. Cameron had a standing ovation, wild cheers, lots of high fives, hugs and even kisses! Everyone wanted to be Camerons friend! Cameron will have this memory for all his life. Cameron was publicly validated as a Superhero and now his feeling of acceptance, accomplishment and importance will be forever changed. The $80 we spent on a night out on the town for some wings, sprite and some craft beer is an example of how to claim dinner and drinks on your taxes! This was a great example of a true business expense for the TV series Special Heroes and also a nonprofit business expense.