You play for a good cause or you play for yourself

There are two parts to this website “Play” and “Compete”. Compete is explained in the High Seas as it involves media production. The strategy for play is explained here.

Loony is short for Dubloon. Our game token is called a loony. A loony is created each time 25 cents is donated to a nonprofit we list. Once a loony is created by a donation you can buy, sell or gamble it with another player for higher or lower than the 25 cents needed to create it. If you “Host A Game”, you create a “Game Card” and are the “Bootymaster” of that game. A transfer widget on your “Game Card” makes this possible. This lets you speculate, corner the market, lie, cheat, steal and gamble other peoples loonies just like the pirates on wall street.

Look at the top right of your screen under your profile. Follow loonies to the left and scroll down to see the history of your booty. You can look at anybodies booty you want! (example) Look at their booty and messeges to figure out if they are a catfisher, catfish or just some pirate, sailor, landlubber, carnival barker or mermaid luring sailors to their doom.

A donation reciept is emailed to you when you donate and get loony. Your donation (how loony you arrrrr) is listed with us and the IRS on their public ledger. You can claim it on your taxes. The donation is legitimate and true, but anything you do or use our game tokens for is just game play. Loonies have no actual value, but your job is to convince (catfish) people into thinking they do have value.

For example: you will sell half a plate of chicken wings for 5 loonies. You post this on a game card so everybody in the sports bar can see it. If you paid $10 to the restaurant for the whole plate, half a plate should be worth $5, but yet you are going to sell them for $1.25 (5 loonies) in donations to a nonprofit. You are catfishing a player to donate $1.25 to a nonprofit to get the loonies to get the wings. You were not going to eat them anyway, so what the heck, it is just what a catfishing pirate would do.

We are 100% transparent! Discover research tools and open books in High Seas.

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