Interactive commercials

We stream from our own server during the weekly debut of our 30 episodes. We can also simu-cast to any other platform including major networks at the same time. If viewers are logged into our website at the time they view our episodes, the episodes are interactive with their phone no matter which platform is streaming them. During the weekly episode debut we will know who is logged in while watching. For up to 10 minutes after the episode debuts this group will be identified as group 1, for episode 1, group 2 for episode 2 and so on up to all our 30 episodes. During each episode people will be asked to send in a photo of a sponsors product if they are already customers or a similar proof of purchase request. This qualifies them for the loyal patron contest of that episode. For people in that group, who are not already customers they will have 5 or 6 weeks to keep watching until a “second chance” contest just for them appears. At that time, just that group, can send in a picture of the sponsored product to qualify for their “second chance” contest.
For example: The team featured in an episode decides to create a dog walking business for their Hero. A sponsor that produces flea collars is one of the sponsors. The flea collars and the sponsors brands and logos are placed all through the episode. During the commercial viewers are asked to send in a picture of their pet wearing the flea collar. If they do that their pet will have their picture listed on the webstie and $2 will be donated by their pet to the dog walking business of the Hero. The owner will qualify for prizes including an appearance in the “Tropical Adventure Competition”. If you don’t have the product, buy it and keep watching the episodes for your “second chance” contest (that is just for your group).
What this gives the sponsor is exact minimum numbers of the return on their advertising dollars. If 5 out of 1,000 people enter the loyal patron contest and 500 out of 1,000 enter the second chance contest then you have proven results. The sponsor also gets the altruistic and trusted branding association with the Hero being helped during the episode and this goodwill extends way past the contest. The buyer has their virtue displayed on the internet with their purchase donating $2 to the Hero of that team and they are more likely to be patrons of the sponsor.
Sponsors can buy commercial time and product placement in the traditional way. For example, the Hero and team is wearing your clothing brands during the episode. You easily have the foundation for a commercial. Having your business create a team building event where an employee with a Hero is featured in an episode is an especially effective way to produce an episode featuring your products as you can form a business for the Hero using the products and services of your business. This also creates a great onboarding company spirit presentation for new employees.
Last but not least, during the production of the “Tropical Adventure Competition” portion of your episode your air, travel, food, accommodations, equipment and other expenses should be tax write offs.

Sponsor Qualification

The “Coach” of each team can approve sponsors when “heat 3” starts for all teams. If a business wants to be the dedicated sponsor of an episode they must find a coach (usually from a team made from their own organization) who will choose them. To pay for local production costs, each team must raise $25,000 in donations for the Atlanta Volunteers and pay a $25,000 studio rental fee for the boats used in the Tropical Adventure Competition. The team is responsible for all other production, adventure and sailing costs they want for the design of their episode.
Teams qualify for episodes on a first come during various heats. Once the heat starts there are then 7 days to complete it. After 7 days the first qualified team can take that spot.
A Hero, Coach (family member of the Hero) & Producer (usually a family member, no skill needed) form the team leadership. If a sponsor forms that team and pays the $25,000 donation and the $25,000 studio rental they have qualified (section 9 of “status“) for that episode and can be the sole sponsor. They still have to keep up with the “Heats”. If they do not and are knocked out of competition, their studio rental fee is returned but not the donation to the nonprofit as it is a donation.