Sailors VS Pirates

Fun and competition can motivate learning and effort. Sailors VS Pirates is a theme that we use to accomplish both. We hope the following explanation will inspire you while playing bootyrat, learning rescue, aquatics or competing against others.

Part of this fun is how we use sailor and pirate characters for the aquatic, rescue and marine competitions. Sailors are the (nonprofit – Atlanta Volunteers) heroes and good guys who are competing, Pirates are the (for profit) bad guys engaging in a “Robin Hood” style of fund raising.

DOLPHIN RODEO INC. has created the USA Rescue Games and The Tropical Adventure Competition to pit a nonprofit against a for profit to see who can create the best results for adults with disabilities. DOLPHIN RODEO INC. has a mission to employ people with disabilities. You can download our book (business plan) for free and read about us at The Ability

DOLPHIN RODEO INC. (S-corp) has sponsored FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS, INC. aka Atlanta Volunteers (501 c 3) for over 10 years. We are inviting more nonprofits, businesses and the community in general to have fun with us with this Sailors VS Pirates theme.

Both sides are competing to deliver great results for people with disabilities, but for some reason pirates get beaten most of the time.

Sailors are normally the general public, competitors and volunteers. Pirates are generally the event administration, safety staff, sponsors, souvenir, food, and ticket sales, video production and all commercial activities.   You are free to choose any side you want.

The word Pirate is just the opposite of sailor in most cases but not exactly.

If a swimming area does not have a lifeguard we would call that a pirate activity as it could be made safer with a lifeguard. Here are more examples of Sailor and Pirate differences

Sailor – Free, 50 Points, sign in with KrogerPirate – $5 and get 50 Game Points
A Real Profile with certifications & qualificationsUse fake profiles for catfishing, sharking & more
SafeDanger, but we dare you $5 to try anyway
ApprovedNot approved and the tag was torn off
G rated (no smoking, cussing or horseplay)Horses that smoke, cuss and bet on the horses
Family Friendly18+, this is also the IQ needed to play
TruthLies, but don’t take our word for it
Fines for acting like a piratePunishment for doing a honest days work
Competitions, Academics, Challenges, Hard WorkBetting, Bribing, Catfishing, Siren calls to sailors, Sharking, Cussing
Video with talent, location and other releasesVideo without talent
Video that can be freely releasedVideo with conditions such as extortion
A person with qualificationsA person without qualifications you never met
Everything is OKSum Ting Wong
Sailors start free then pay for more game pointsPirates negotiate rates to pay for their sins
Sailors are visible to everyone and listedPirates are only visible to their gang and can’t remember who is in their gang
Sailors advance on meritPirates bribe to pass initiations
Sailors do not see any pirate groups or chatPirates skulk around everywhere
Money Sponsors a Team for the USA Rescue Games, Tropical Adventure Competition or Atlanta VolunteersMoney is for drinking grog, whoremongering, betting, bribing and you can squander the rest

Bootymaster      (read about the Bootyrat game)                                      

The Bootymaster is a revered pirate that can mess with any bootyrat game.  She is a banker, judge, the highest ranking officer, spirit of the ship, in charge of all finances and believes that math is a failed religion and refunds are just a myth.

Deputy Bootymaster

This type of character comedy was common in an old show called Monty Python.

In western culture ships traditionally have female names and the spirit of the ship (figurehead at the bow) is female.   If you are male and want to be the Deputy Bootymaster, you should use the female mannerisms and appearance of the female spirit you represent.  The Deputy Bootymaster is as gorgeous as a guy with a mustache can be. She always carries a whip and will beat you until morale improves. It could be your morale, her morale or the morale of the person that bribed the bootymaster to beat you.

The Bootyrat game has a designated Bootymaster that raises money for the Atlanta Volunteers.  If you want to be the Deputy Bootymaster and raise money for your group, give your username to your friends and tell them to designate you as their deputy bootymaster, it is that easy!  Anyone can put their winnings towards their favorite cause. You do not need to sign up, use a credit card or give personal information but you can and you can also use cash, barter and trade (just like the old days!). (We encourage you to post some outrageous and comical trade items in our classifieds) You can design a game that has no deputy bootymaster, lots of deputy bootymasters, a rotation of deputy bootymasters or bogus deputy bootymasters.

The deputy bootymaster can assign fines, labor, punishments, rank and consequences.  The deputy bootymaster can be reported to the Bootymaster for no reason at all if you are sending in a big enough bribe.  There may be a series of bribes and counterbribes to determine which person not involved in a dispute is guilty.

Pirate LifeShips conduct business – Gangs are for games

This web site has two sides, nonprofit and for profit. The nonprofit side is the free sailor side and is visible to the public. The for profit side is a pay site that is hidden from the public.

The pirate side of this website is further divided into two sections, business and games. When you are in the business section you use factual information as you would when working at any business.  When you are in the game section you create a new 100% fake profile and lie all the time.

You can play the bootyrat game anytime and immediately on the sailor side, but if you are on the pirate side in the game section your initiation to join a gang is judged by the gang when they get around to it. (hint, judges can be bribed easily, waking them up is difficult)

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