Tropical Adventure Competition Rules

The competition starts on the first day of the first broadcast and ends on the last day of the last broadcast.

100% of nonprofit donations go to the nonprofit you donate to

The “For Profit” Competition is won by the Coach which earned the most for their Hero. Teams are ranked by what the Coach earned. The top 10 teams go onto season 2. The remaining 20 teams continue to compete after the last broadcast day until the next seasons deadline. The top 10 of those 20 go on to season 2. The bottom 10 are replaced by the next 10 teams chosen by “Next in Line.”
In “For Profit” competitions a minimum of 2/3 of the gross goes to the Coach. After the Coaches share is taken out the for profit gross is split 50% Dolphin Rodeo and 50% between each team. The teams next cover all the taxes and expenses for the Coach. The remainder is split by 30 minutes. Each block is paid per minute according to the “Task” list. The people who submit winning blocks, are squad leaders that decide on their own budget for that block.
Team Structure
  • Teams – Basic Requirements – Command
    • You need a minimum of three people for command of a team, a Hero, a Coach and a Producer. The Hero is a family member chosen by the Coach. The Producer is usually a spouse or other family member but can also be a school or production company.
    • The teams that have a School to act as the Producer or assistant producer are next in line.
    • The Hero has been disabled since birth with up to 5 wild card exceptions for Heroes that can represent anything
    • The Coach is a family member (Guardian) of the Hero
    • The Coach gives a thumbs up or thumbs down to all decisions by the Producer.
    • Everyone speaks to the Producer about the competition and not the coach so the Coach can concentrate on their primary responsibility, the Hero.
    • The Producer is the master of ceremonies and the Head of all departments but is under the Coach
    • The Producer assigns department heads to help as needed
    • The Producer represents “For Profit” revenue the Coach an employee
  • Teams – Structure – Cast, Crew & Support
    • There is a maximum of 10 people on the boat during the Week of Mutiny Games
    • There is no maximum for any other part of the competition
    • You may be a part of as many teams as you want
    • You may be a part of as many positions as you want
    • A position can be filled by one person or by a group
  • Teams – Required Positions – No experience or training is required for any position, 1 person may hold as many positions as they want (An actual medic, lifeguard, captain and divemaster is on board for safety but does not count for filling these positions)
    • Medic – In charge of all medical care of any kind
    • Lifeguard – In charge of all water rescues of any kind
    • Captain – In charge of vessel operations
    • Producer – Creates the episode
    • Host-Stars in the episode
    • Hero-The focus of the episode
    • Divemaster-explores the underwater world
  • Teams-Suggested Positions
    • Camera operator
    • Sound operator
    • Script writer
    • Athlete – creates sports adventure
    • Explorer-discovers restaurants, nightclubs, shopping, culture
    • Scientist-creates interest in ecology, biology, history and academics
    • Artist-dance, music, paint or anything creative
    • Chef-gourmet and practical food and beverage
    • Gamer-understands the web site
    • Executive Producer – ensures the funding of the episode
    • Director-decides on the creative content of the episode
    • Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe   
  • Teams-Timestamps (Heats), Qualification and Phase
    • Teams may complete any timestamp (for a heat) or qualification in any order or all at once
    • The heats of the competition change 7 days after the first team qualifies for a new heat
    • For 7 days, the that teams can qualify is based on the previous heat
    • After 7 days any team may enter the competition by reaching all the existing qualifications and completing the next heat
    • Once a heat is complete with 30 teams a new heat starts
  • Teams
    • Tryouts – An episode has 20 sections. You tryout for each section. You can also tryout for cast, crew, shareholder and other positions.
    • Nonprofit qualification for the teams is the posting of a giant check for 100,000 loonies. For profit qualification (includes studio, production and catamaran for a week) $25,000.
    • Heats are listed on the status page.
    • Each Producer can keep tryouts open for the duration of the competition or close them and re-open them at anytime.
    • All content must be “G” rated and have all legal releases for photography, locations, medical, liability etc.
  • Producer (also the Bootymaster for the team. They can assign an Assistant Bootymaster for their duties of managing the loonies.)
    • The Bootymaster has the booty.  The only duty that the Bootymaster must do is give Booty to the Coach in the form of a giant symbolic check of 100,000 loonies. This represents that the hosting nonprofit received at least $25,000 in donations and qualifies them. The Producer can create and assign as many positions as she wants so that she doesn’t have to do anything else.  The Coach can do anything but they are 100% in charge of the Hero. The Bootymaster always wants bigger booty and has many different ways to make her booty bigger.  The biggest booty wins the booty contest. (Beauty contest gone wrong with obviously bribed judges) Bootymasters may create any type of rule, condition or consequence and change that at any time. The Bootymaster has ultimate power without restriction since this is a game and rules only apply if she can convince people to follow them.
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