Hero Stories



In elementary school Cameron had a para pro with him. Cam had a short attention span and had to get up every 10 minutes or so and walk the halls with the para pro or he would get too distracted and distract other students. One year I bought Cameron an X box with the Batman CD. Cameron loved it but he would get frustrated and slam the controller down. Minutes later he would pick it up and play until his limits of concentration were reached and then slam the controller down again. This kept happening over and over and Cameron got more and more involved in the game. Eventually Cameron was able to play for an hour or more without putting down the controller sometimes for two hours. At about this time Camerons teachers called me in for a meeting. They wanted to know what I had been doing differently with Cameron. Cameron no longer needed a para pro and was telling them he would stay in his seat. I believe that when the Batman game addiction stretched out Camerons attention span, it stretched it out in all areas. Did Cameron discover X-box therapy to improve concentration skills? If he wasn’t the first, he was definitly an independent researcher. Cameron now plays the game on the expert level and easily beats it.