What has the team and family done



After scouts, I used to take Cameron to a biker bar where he used to sing Karaoke. Scouts and Karaoke seemed to do more for Cameron than anything else I can think of. Cameron has had lots of time in the water and at Tae Kwon Do as well. We engaged in teaching Cameron sight words with flash cards to prepare him to read. We got up to over 200 sight words using the flash card method. This surprised Camerons teachers during an IEP meeting. I brought a book he could read, and after the meeting when I asked them why they didn’t talk about his reading, they said he could not read. I let him read the book. (My Little Red Car – I had read the same book when I was young) They said he was not reading, he memorized it. I picked up another book and he did a decent job reading that one.