Register Without Email $1 – Pirate

Start with a Sailor account for all genuine purposes such as trying out for a team or making a purchase. Then add one or more pirate accounts once you learn your way around to create a fake gang or freelance by yourself. This anonymous account can be used to confuse, cheat, bribe, bet, extort, catfish, shark, lie and rob others. This is a temporary unverified account without recovery or support. You start with four game points. Caution. Clever sailors can track this account, render it useless, and confiscate any points you have. You may be thrown overboard, tied to the mast, lashed or keel hauled unless you are able to bribe the bootymaster and join her gang. There is no way to contact you if you use it for posts or applications. The only way to redeem points with this account is to bribe the bootymaster or the deputy bootymaster. Too low or too high of a bribe has consequences for somebody randomly picked to be guilty.

Register Without Email
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