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Come back here to the menu item called “Flag“, May 1 to May 8 for final instructions and to find a flag in your area. If somebody has organized a flag event, you will find it there. You can also check in to see what events are developing.

Would you like to do more?

#1 Help us find heroes, hero managers and team leaders

#2 Create a flag event at your location or help with one

#3 Upload video and pictures of flag events

#4 Join or form a pirate gang

#5 Test and help us improve our Public ledger

If you need community service hours talk to your school, probation officer or employer about qualifying with FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS to help these giant flag events. We need volunteer rescuers on land and water as well as general event help

#1 Help us find heroes, hero managers and team leaders

There are three choices for a hero. A fallen first responder or service member, a disabled first responder or service member or a person with a disability since birth such as Down syndrome or spina bifida.

A hero manager is a close family member of the hero. A team leader is a person the hero manager chooses.

The Hero has no duties. The Hero Manager speaks for the Hero and approves of anything the Team Leader does. The Hero Manager can decide if the Team Leader is one person or a group and can change this at anytime. The Team Leader is the public contact for the Hero and the Hero Manager. This three person team is called the “Team Command”.

All of the event duties are the Team Leaders responsibility to accomplish or delegate. The Team Manager simply gives a thumbs up or thumbs down to the Team leader. The Team Manager chooses how and if they will observe or participate and if the Hero will observe or participate.

Form a Team Command here

#2 Create a flag event at your location or help with one

The method for one person to create their own flag is described on the flag page. You can simply invite family, friends and neighborhood and hold the event in a backyard, park or beach and you have an event. You can copy what a marching band does and have people paddle or if on land, hold their air mattress over their head and create words such as “USA”. On whistle signals you form whatever words, forms or shapes you want. Have a drone or somebody photograph your event. Instructions for assigning positions in your flag is here

#3 Upload video and pictures of flag events

Only upload video and pictures that qualify to be in the public domain. The purpose is to share the celebration of this great nation. If you expect ownership of your material, do not upload it. You can upload your media here

#4 Join or form a pirate gang

Obviously, being in a pirate gang is the best thing ever! Make sure your gang has lots of mutinies and the leader changes on a regular basis especially if they don’t want to. Gangs are made up of a lot of nefarious characters but the most dreaded one of all is the “Bootymaster”. The Bootymaster is commander, banker and a judge who expects bribes to punish the innocent. The difficult thing is that every player immediately qualifies as a Bootymaster if their mutiny succeeds or in their own minds until it does succeed.

If the Bootymaster is skilled, they can be a 1 person gang. If they are not skilled they should rely on the evilest of henchmen known as “The Gamer”. The evil Gamer has studied the dark arts by completing the tutorial found at Gangplank.

Evil, wicked gamers, (and we all know how foul and vile gamers can be) have enough knowledge to score their team on the leaderboards for Sailor, Landlubber, Pirate, Catfisher, Catfish and Mermaid.

Gamers can increase the size of the Bootymasters booty (we all like big booty on the Bootymaster) by catfishing and cheating others with rigged games. A gamers ignoble knowledge can be used for a contest that many are too scared to consider. This is a contest of bravery and skill where you risk everything. The dare of unimaginable horror is called “The Karaoke Challenge Game”. This game has sent many brave warriors running or shaking with fear unable to compete in this battle due to cowardice. They claim to be innocent as they did nothing but sit and watch. Bribes to the Bootymaster will punish the innocent for sitting out the battle during the dreaded “Karaoke Challenge Game”.

Some evil gamers immerse themselves in the forbidden knowledge of “crowd sourced video production” and become wizards known as the “Cast and Crew” to create “adventure with purpose”. This all starts by taking your first step on the Gangplank

#5 Test and help us improve our Public ledger

You will have to be logged in for these links to work correctly.

A game token at the Pirate Dive Bar is called a “Loony”. We give you $1 free for registering and for $5 for logging in with Kroger. You can also buy them for 25 cents each with a credit card. These are donations that get a tax receipt from FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS. You can sell them for 10 cents, 50 cents, half a chicken wing, a bribe to the bootymaster or be cheated out of them by a gamer. We hope you will gamble them at rigged games or that you are catfished out of your loonies.

Start by looking at the Paypal and Booty Ledgers found here

Look at your own public ledger by going to the top right of this screen. Pull the menu down and select “Loony History”. This public transaction history also contains messages sent with that transaction.

If you are a wizard that has read the business plan (free or buy) you will know that we are developing an accounting system called SISO for people with developmental disabilities.

Public Ledgers were used for hundreds of years to eliminate waste and fraud and give 100% transparency to public funds. They worked so well in preventing crime, that people in charge of public money stopped using them.

We intend to use public ledgers in the exact opposite way that Bitcoin uses to them to extort governments and commit crimes on the dark web. Loonies can not be used for real crime just playful and legal pirate mischief. Loonies are a virtuous currency for honest people. Sure we can pretend to be pirates with these game tokens, but in reality, when you track the real dollars starting with the Paypal ledger and then the search features of the SISO accounting system you can see every single cent and where it went.

Old fashioned public ledgers supercharged with the power of computers that once again restore trust to public money. This is so that disabled populations have no chance of being taken in by con men and internet schemes.