You can use this site without knowing anything as it is intuitive. If you are a redneck and don’t know what intuitive means look at the following 10 items. (same number as the fingers you used to have before the first of the “hold my beer” events) The section below those 10, explains some basics to learn ya more better.

The page called “Landing” gives you an introduction, but you can skip that.

  1. Login to Kroger to get 20 loonies, or buy them
  2. Get a website timestamp and learn about team support
  3. Register for a door prize
  4. Enter the competition , boat parade or karaoke challenge game
  5. Learn how to win a competition or a Mutiny
  6. Learn how to tryout as Cast, Crew, Manager or Owner
  7. Learn about shares, sweat equity & crowd sourcing
  8. Learn about the Public Register
  9. Learn about being a sponsor or advertiser
  10. Learn about “per loonie” ownership

On your top menu, use “DISCOVER” to find fun, “CREATE” to produce fun and “HIGH SEAS” is where you will find your adventure.

At the top left of your screen you can go into and out of your control panel. At the top right of your screen you have profile options. Drop down to “Loonies” then go left to “Loonies History”. Here you will see all of your financial transactions and the messages that were sent with that transaction. This is your public ledger. You can see the history of any player by going to “PUBLIC LEDGER” in HIGH SEAS and selecting their username. Every single penny is tracked here and is open to public inspection.

The public ledger lets you research to determine if a person is an honest sailor or a cheating landlubber. Pirates we expect to lie and cheat so we already know what kind of scurvy dog you are. If you are a catfisher, you will see the size of catfish, where they are and how to catch them to win catfishing tournaments.

Look at “Prizes” to see what you can win.

The site is self explanatory, but read “Welcome” for hints and find answers in “Support”.

The first thing you should do is to get a registration “Timestamp” as everything is based on first come.