Quickstart & more

“Work” = Production Studio, “Play” = Comedy Lab & Treasure, “Tryout”=compete, “Competitors”=team members, “Epiphany”=creates comedy, action & challenges, “Discover”= fun, rewards, rehearsals & activity, “Loony”= pirate coin (short for Dubloon), Compensation (profit competition) = 2/3 gross Hero & Coach, 1/3 gross team (Team pays all taxes and expenses and splits the rest by any method), “High Seas” = resources, adventure, prizes, shares & your stuff, “Comedy Lab” = Sports bars, Boat raft-ups, stadiums, parties, Catfishing = you convince players to donate to a nonprofit so they can transfer loonies to you, Catfishing Tournament = Catfish & Catfisher weight in loonies “Bootymaster” = Treasure Chest, Banker, Commander & Whipmaster

You may not need the quick start if you look Pirate Booty and apply that concept to all other pages.

Start by logging in with a real or fake name and email.
You get 10 loonies to start
You get 20 more ($5) if you login to Kroger
Check your ledger top right in the drop down, follow it to the left and all the way down for your loony booty.  You can see anybodies booty on their detail page and ledgers on the High Seas
Karaoke Challenge Game

During your turn at singing, before you start say “Username” Codeword “Your Codeword“. Example “Froggy codeword Out Here”. This is the cue and permission for other players to get up and join you in whatever way they want. Some might have been invited and some not. Some might even follow the request on your epiphany (post). You do say the word “Codeword” after your username as the people that do not know the game, wonder what is going on when a few people keep using the word “Codeword“. During your song players could be doing what you paid them loonies to do or what other people paid them loonies to do. Or it could be random. When they hear “Codeword” they have permission to get loony.

A Karaoke DJ & Servers can exponentially increase the fun! It takes about 15 minutes to learn how to exchange cash into loonies, but if DJ’s and Servers learn how to do it they can make Karaoke Challenge games a lot more fun and get extra cash tips. The game is hilarious and it will bring in a nice crowd and more tips. Be a nice, get your servers and DJ’s involved even if it means you get less party cash by selling loonies.

Catfish with any bait
Use chat, zoom, messages, posts or comments to fish
  1. Create a post at Epiphany
  2. View other posts at Discover
  3. You must have five transactions, at least 2 of each to win prizes
Tournament Catfishing
Get loony only with your own bait
  1. Choose Catfishing at Epiphany
  2. Click on the link to create catfishing schemes
  3. Close the page and choose your catfishing bait
  4. You must have 7 transactions, at least 3 of each to complete a round
  5. The biggest Catfish and biggest Catfisher win prizes
  6. Enter your results on the Tournament scales

More? (nothing to see here, start playing)

Brainstorming = share & improve.

This pirate themed site collaboratively produces a 30 episode TV series that improves the quality of life for special needs populations. It has interactive commercials and a paradigm shift in production methods. You will also find a “Comedy Lab” where Nonprofits & For profits compete to improve the lives of people with abilities that we call Heroes.

If you have read the home page, you probably do not need instructions for the Play section. You read or post profiles just like the many dating sites you already spend way too much time on. The Pirate Dive Bar involves lying, cheating, stealing pirates who post fake profiles and pictures, tell fantastic stories and play rigged games to get your booty, so there is far less false information with pirates than a dating site.
Catfishing = By any means possible you make your booty bigger. Biggest booty wins! (just like dating sites)
When anyone donates real money to their favorite non profit Hero, they get pirate coins called loonies. Create reasons for people to spend loonies to increase donations directly to your team. You read ads, post ads then meet live or online at any location such parties, boat raft ups, cafeterias, sports bars, churches and more. You sing, play, rehearse or create and discover activities for the Karaoke Challenge Game, The Drunken Sailor or Feeding Mermaids at the petting zoo.

1 and only rule – When you transfer loonies, you are catfished! No mistakes, do overs or refunds.

That is all the information you need to play, the rest is strategy!
(be suspicious of honest deals that lead you down the garden path) Report honest deals to the Bootymaster so the innocent can be punished. It doesn’t matter what innocent person is punished since they are just as innocent as the next person. Bribe the Bootymaster to “condition” the well deserved punishment. If you are a bad cheater you will be walked off the plank. Great cheaters provide their own reward and are respected.

At the top menu you will see that there are three basic sections of the Pirate Dive Bar, Work, Play and Loony. You Work at a production studio, you Play with your booty at a comedy lab, you end up getting Loony.

More – still?
Play Overview
There are 3 categories of sports bar, event and party styled activities that encourage you to donate to your favorite nonprofit to get loony. 1. Karaoke Challenge Game, with singing and dancing. 2. The Drunken Sailor, for darts, poker, pool, foosball and other games you can play, cheat and bet on. 3. Feeding the Mermaids at the Petting Zoo, where you do tricks (washing a boat, cutting limes, feeding someone grapes) for loony rewards. The Petting Zoo is just like Sea World where animals do tricks for rewards, except the mermaid may be a 350 lb biker with a wash mit!
Each game has three ratings. Sailor is “G”, Landlubber is “PG”, Pirate is “Arrrr”. Your work (episode) must be sailor rated (a “G” with no doubts) and be free of copyrighted material with all releases and waivers.
Here is the narration for some of the tutorial videos, Introduction, Altruistic Competion, Play. 3 More tutorial videos are in development.
referral for a Coach = 1/10 of the net Team share for broadcast revenue & a 1 in 30 chance of winnning a door prize described as “Episode”. This could be huge! (only 30 available, 1 per episode. The coach you referred simply chooses your name when they form their team)
Use the “Sailor” rating to “play at work” for a comedic warm up activity to business meetings or to pay for your coffee kitty while supporting your team.
Use “Landlubber” and list your favorite sports bar to find live or online players. Servers or regulars should use the customizer to list their sports bar. They create an “Epiphany” and ask the regulars to take 1 minute to create a bogus profile and say “hi” in the comment section. That 1 minute hooks them to a new addiction and you are their BOOTYMASTER! (dealer and enforcer) (Listen up business owners that want complete domination over their workforce slaves-or of course slaves that want to addict their masters and get some pay back) With an Epiphany you are now the “Bootymaster” for that bar, stadium, party, beach or location. Sky is the limit for revenue and fun as the regulars can gamble, bet & bribe from the bar, home or work. The servers or regulars can use their cell phone to set up a livestream link on their epiphany. Carry your cell phone looking out of a pocket, stationary on a table or the best, randomly passed around the room for the most creative shots. Tips for your team going directly into their teams Paypal account can be in unbelievable amounts. You can get your teams production funded from both live and online players.
You should look at the tutorial at Party Cash to know how to undercut or gouge our price and sell loonies for cash to the person beside you or how to throw a loony booty party.
Use “Pirate” for boat raft ups, pool parties, sports or music events in stadiums and a countdown timer to synchronize people. Randomly spaced players all around cheer, stand up, clap, dance or do something synchronized flash mob style, that baffles everyone else as it occurs in random locations all at once. Very effective in your local sports bar if you are a server with a few tables participating. You should be able to get the whole bar addicted in no time by starting out with just a few regulars. Players will use the customizer to come up with wilder and wilder antics. This also produces social media for your site.
End of tidbits
Begin “Way Too Much Information”, (you should have left the quickstart long ago.)
Overview – A loony is short for Dubloon. Loonies are our game points that we give you when you donate. “Mutiny Against Crime” games make it fun to donate!

In our “Mutiny Against Crime” games you can use these worthless trinkets called loonies to gamble, bribe judges, steal loonies from others, rig games, feed mermaids, enter catfishing tournaments, be a spy, hoard shares, corner the market, snitch, walk others off the plank, be a double agent making false flag plays, grab grub, wenches and grog. What is left of your booty, you can squander.

When you donate to the Atlanta Volunteers we give you one loony for every 25 cents you donate. You get a tax receipt emailed, you are listed on our ledger and on your page each time you donate. If you miss our email you can download your tax receipts at anytime as a copy is saved in “My Stuff”. When you donate to a team using this site, they are independent and may be an individual, business, nonprofit or just a team competing.
When you login with Kroger, and follow our instructions to list FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS (dba the Atlanta Volunteers) for community rewards we give you 20 loonies. ($5) 50 loonies ($12.50) during beta testing.
Your ledger We make a game out of being a 100% transparent nonprofit and we use a variety of public ledgers to make nonprofit transparency fun.
Your Loony Account
If you are logged in. Start by looking at the top right of this screen, under your profile. The first item in the Drop Down menu in your profile is “loonies”. Follow that to the left and you will see an entry called “Loonies History”, scroll all the way down. You will see that we gave you a few “Loonies” when you registered. This is the public ledger for your “Booty”. Look at the Booty of another player to see how messages and transactions are stored publicly.
You can use public Ledgers to look at anybody’s Booty, Catfishing Schemes or Paypal transactions.

(construction is being updated on some of the links below)

The minimum you should know

  1. Login to Kroger to get 20 loonies, or buy them
  2. Look at prized booty to see what you can win
  3. Get a General Admission timestamp for Mutiny Games.
  4. Register for a door prize
  5. Enter the Tropical Adventure Competition
  6. Learn how to play the Karaoke Challenge Game
  7. Visit the Public ledgers
  8. Visit your stuff and then shares
  9. Learn about being a sponsor or advertiser
  10. Learn how to create a legendary card party, pool party, costume party, boat raft up or fund raising event with a mix of live and online players

You now have enough basic knowledge to navigate this web site and be part of a team.

To become a gamer or bootymaster you need to step onto the gangplank as there are old relics there you must be smart enough to avoid.