We will have multiple giant floating flag events and boat parades such as on July 4, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day and our Favorite Peace Officers Day. During this time a TV series about solutions for people with disabilities will be filmed. This series is called “The Tropical Adventure Competition”.

Overview – A loony is short for Dubloon. Loonies are our game points that we give you when you donate. “Mutiny Against Crime” games make it fun to donate!

In our “Mutiny Against Crime” games you can use loonies to gamble, bribe judges, steal loonies from others, rig games, feed mermaids, enter catfishing tournaments, be a spy, hoard shares, corner the market, snitch, walk others off the plank, be a double agent making false flag plays, grab grub, wenches and grog. What is left of your booty, you can squander.

When you donate we give you one loony for every 25 cents you donate. You get a tax receipt emailed, you are listed on our ledger and on your page each time you donate. If you miss our email you can download your tax receipts at anytime as a copy is saved in “My Stuff”.

When you login with Kroger, and follow our instructions to list FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS for community rewards we give you 20 loonies. ($5)

Our donation page is called the “Bootymaster“.

Your ledger We make a game out of being a 100% transparent nonprofit and we use a variety of ledgers to make transparency fun.

Your Loony Account

Start by looking at the top right of this screen, under your profile. The first item in the Drop Down menu in your profile is “loonies”. Follow that to the left and you will see an entry called “Loonies History”, scroll all the way down. You will see that we gave you four “Loonies” when you registered. This is the public ledger for your “Booty”.

A messenger with a loony transfer

When you transfer loonies to somebody you can include a message. The details of the transfer and the message show up in your ledger. Anyone can view that ledger.

You can use public Ledgers to look at anybody’s Booty, Catfishing Schemes or Paypal transactions.

A Free Event

To keep this event free, once again, we are asking everyone to login to Kroger and choose FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS, INC for community rewards. If you do that by following our instructions we will give you 20 game points ($5) called “Loonies”.

You can use loonies (game points) to play hilarious games such as the “Karaoke Challenge Game” and for much more. Loonies are used for everything at the Pirate Dive Bar and this is similar to other nonprofits that give you mugs, bags, T-shirts and other items for donations. We give you loonies to make your booty bigger.

When you play rigged pirate games with loonies you support FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS, INC. for this event and more.

Advanced Game Play

The page called “Landing” gives you more of an introduction, but you can skip that if you are not interested in the production of the Tropical Adventure Competition.

  1. Login to Kroger to get 20 loonies, or buy them
  2. Look at prizes to see what you can win
  3. Get a General Admission timestamp for Mutiny Games.
  4. Register for a door prize
  5. Enter the Tropical Adventure Competition
  6. Learn how to play the Karaoke Challenge Game
  7. Visit the Public ledgers
  8. Visit your stuff and then shares
  9. Learn about being a sponsor or advertiser
  10. Learn how to create a legendary card party, pool party, costume party, boat raft up or fund raising event with a mix of live and online players

You now have enough basic knowledge to navigate this web site and be part of a team. Thank You!

To become a gamer or bootymaster you need to step onto the gangplank