The Atlanta Volunteers primary mission is to raise the quality of life for people with disabilities. We have a focus on first responders who have family members with special needs. The Atlanta Volunteers sponsors Pack 114, special needs activities based on Scouting.

You can see over 10 years of events averaging 5 a month, with over 9,000 volunteers at meetup.com/atlantavolunteers

The Atlanta Volunteers has a history of creating giant floating flags on July 4, Memorial Day, Veterans Day and more. Starting with Peace Officers Day, Sunday May 15, 2022 we will be combining our mission found at theabilityrevolution.com with our giant flag events to support the disabled loved ones found in the families of first responders.

If you combined “Make A Wish” with “Youtube” you would describe our TV series called “The Tropical Adventure Competition”. This TV series features disabled heroes and the solutions that improve their quality of life.

The series will feature one family on each episode who with the help from the community, turn their disabled loved one into a “Super Hero”.

This is based on the book “The Ability Revolution” that you can download for free or buy on Amazon.