Promo Video

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Promo Video
For the first 100 years of movie production only a few highly trained people could shoot and edit broadcast quality productions.  Now millions of people do this every day without training.
Independent video producers using just cell phones and free software have had a major impact on the media industry.
Explore the production software at the Pirate Dive Bar and you will see that we are creating a paradigm shift for not just media production but for how we help each other succeed. 
The "Tropical Adventure Competition" TV series is the first time a crowd sourced production has been combined with an altruistic corporate structure between a nonprofit and a for profit. They both compete to improve the lives of disabled adults that society has left behind.
You are on the ground floor as we create the instructional, promo and TV series video for this paradigm shift!

Welcome Aboard!

We hope to see you out sailing, scuba diving and enjoying pool parties or the beach as this isn't just about media production!

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

Anything! Real or fake.
What locations are you available for
We would like to create 3 separate productions at each location. 1 person can create a production in just one day, but spending more time with more people would be great!
If you are given a two week notice, choose several options that describe your availability
Crowd sourcing can be 1 person of dozens. What are you available for?
Do you know how to post a hyperlink to broadcast quality video you have shot?
Do you have basic cut and paste video editing skills?
Do you have medium to advanced editing skills?
Can you attend a 3 hour class to learn this software?
The goal is to have volunteers provide online support whenever they want to
Go to - High Seas > Pirate School (is under construction)
What interests you?

Links for anything, production, props, locations, skills

What acting roles would you be comfortable with
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