Auction, bet or dare for Christy – using game points!

1 of your loonies (25 cents) goes to the featured charity each time you use these classifieds. Post wild lies, outrageous deals, shocking dares and anything that catfishes suckers to your post. Expert catfishers weigh their catch with the Bootymaster to enter tournaments. There are seven categories of catfishing tournaments. Bootymaster, Bootyrat, Real prize, Pirate Prize, Mermaid, Nice Tips and Punish the innocent. Information on those can be found on the “High Seas.”

Some of the dialogue, video or pictures created here may be used in the TV series “Tropical Adventure Competition” and your gang will be compensated based on content. You may share or use any material created here for your social media as long as it mentions and links back to this site. More information on the “High Seas.”

Hint: Create an elaborate bogus profile to catfish other players and don’t be afraid to pile on the lies. (99.9% of profiles and postings are bogus, could a real one or two slip in here for reverse catfishing?) Even though almost everything here is lies, tell somebody something that they want to believe and an expert catfisher can still get bold face lies to work! (This addictive sugary catfishing technique was explained and demonstrated by Saul Alinsky and it shows how partisan media profits off of lies and we hope you learn this lesson by having the charity profiting off of you.) Trying to prove a real profile is real, is another way to catfish players as even real profiles will not be believed when addictive, sugary lies are all around to nibble on. Creating a profile that wants to gamble on a team, darts or poker is another way to catfish. Run a crooked game and bribe the bootymaster to get the results you want and then punish the innocent. (another Saul Alinsky technique, except now the innocent are publicly lynched in the corrupt media and big tech without trial) The more fish caught, the more the featured charity gets. Create as many profiles as you want and even challenge your own bogus profile with another bogus profile to “chum the waters.”

All prices and transactions here are in loonies no matter what the poster says. You get one free loonie per week for logging in. Go to “Bootymaster” to learn about, buy or use loonies.

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