Boat Parade

The Peace Officers Day boat parade is a real parade lasting for 2 miles. It has decorated boats, games and activities. It is not a poker run where boats wildly travel from check point to check point in a random order.

The parade is designed for spontaneous participation of boats alongside the boats that have registered, decorated and planned parade activities and everyone is welcome!

The parade route can handle 800 boats per hour and registration helps to manage the flow and your wait time as there could be thousands of boats involved and a parade lasting for hours.

This site has a wide variety of communication and activity tools that allow you to find, communicate and play with boaters whether you are online or live on the lake. You can use these tools during the Peace Officers Day event or during any day you are on the lake and want to plan a raft up, fishing contest, games or fun.

We expect this website will crash a few times during the event due to high traffic. Please be patient.

We have two types of registration forms. “Boat Parade – Place in line (Registration)” and “Boat Parade Contests“. These are both found in the “Create” menu.

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