Plot – “Special Heroes”

The plot for every episode is the same. The Hero or Host makes a phone call to the guest. The problem that needs to be solved during the episode of “Special Heroes” is explained during the phone call. The guest uses their connections to assemble a problem solving team to tackle the problem. The progress and success of the problem solving is shown during the episode. During the last 1 or 2 minutes the team celebrates whatever effort they made during the “Tropical Adventure Competition” where the Hero and their family are given tropical respite care having the most fun they can.
Altruistic results are reality based and give an insight into the community leaders ability to actually improve their community. This creates a challenge to the community leaders to see who is number 1 at solving problems and helping others. Community leaders, celebrities and CEO’s can challenge each other and do battle in the arena of public opinion. Any person watching has the ability to submit their talent and skills for any episode. Our interactive TV series lets the public vote with as many loonies as they want for their favorites. Leaderboards, prizes and voting contests make the voting fun.
The hero for each story was born with a physical or developmental disability.
If the Hero is unable to speak the Host makes the telephone call with the Hero beside them. The Host was disabled since birth.
The Guest is a celebrity, politician, CEO, religious leader or a person capable of pulling a problem solving team together.
Problem Solving Team
A group of family and friends, employees, a church congregation, a sports team an organization and any other team can be used. The best example of a problem solving team is when a business builds an episode for a family member of one of their employees. The business is encouraged to display their logo’s during the episode, make interactive commercials and film at their business location.
Featured Sponsors
Interactive commercials can give individually customized content to patrons. Corporate team building can use “volunteer coupons” to not only strengthen team building results, but to customize the opportunities for patrons to connect with the Hero through the sponsor