A “Loony” is short for “Dubloon”. Dubloons are Spanish gold coins that are Pirate Booty.

(we are still in beta testing and filling up the bank of challenges. You can help by creating challenges.)



The Karaoke Challenge Game lets you buy or sell challenges using our game token called a loony. You redeem loonies for prizes and cash. You get loony by donating to our 501 (c) 3 nonprofit called the Atlanta Volunteers (FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS, INC. 26-0354205), or get loony by donating your talent to perform challenges.

Very short clips (3 to 20 seconds) can end up as “scene bumpers” for the “Tropical Adventure Competition” TV series. You get professional credit and a share of the booty if your clip is used.

You can play the Karaoke Challenge game very simply as a party game on a boat or beach or with complex features if you want to audition as cast, crew or know how to crowd source your challenge.

This site is also a raw idea place for brainstorming then rehearsing any kind of character, scene or script. Expect very rough false flag plays, dumb conspiracy theories, unlikely crime, laughable propaganda and lots of carnival barkers advertising rigged games. There is even a “Catfishing Tournament” if you think your sexy deception skills are up to it.

Build your character and interact with others. Be inspired by the improv of others to create short scenes for comedy, drama, horror, education or just play and catfish for booty. Record your creations with the “Parley” menu or on the characters post. Use crowd sourcing tools to create comedy shorts or serious scripts that you can enter into the “Tropical Adventure Competition”. …or create fun while you loot the booty of other pirates.

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Win Cash Strategy

General Instructions Quickstart

Detailed instructions for advanced play are here Gangplank