. Ship 1 (cussing and betting), Ship 2 (slavery), Ship 3 (whoremongering), Ship 4 (bootlicking, whipping), Ship 5 (catfishing), Ship 6 (pickle barrel, cabin boy), Ship 7 (sharking), Ship 8 (mutiny), Ship 9 (secret pirate gangs)

You are on the safest level of play Ship 1. If all you want to do is cuss and make bets, stay on this ship,  do not advance any further. You can earn or steal lots of booty here.  You will only have contact with S1 players and avoid most skulldugery.  To advance in rank, booty and skulldugery you will have to learn skills at higher levels and pass more initiations aboard other ships.  You must qualify for each ship and challenge the gang to get onboard.  The pirate officers of a ship are given a week to decide your fate and impose any unfair conditions they want when you ask to board their ship. 

To complete your tour of duty on S1 You will have to learn:

How to navigate

How to bet

How to create and sell content

How to raise money for your favorite charity or for yourself.

When you complete the above for S1 you will be able to take the initiation for S1 and start playing if you pass the initiation. If you are accepted as part of the pirate gang on S1, you can try to unlock S2.

On S2 you will learn the following.

Playing or creating other genres of cosplay.

How to host a pirate adventure that combines online and live play

How to sell yourself into and out of slavery

How to sell others into and out of slavery

When you complete S2 you can take the initiation and if you pass you can learn how to unlock S3.  

Apply for the S1 initiation to begin play.

Start playing

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