Typical Launch

Typical launch for a new team

30 coaches can be supported with this site. No fees or charges except 2% to 4% by Paypal. The Atlanta Volunteers receives donations directly and not by charging fees to our coaches. When a coach borrows this site for an event, their Paypal email address is used and they get all the donations for loonies during the time they use the site.

Step 1 – test and rehearse the fund raising activities in the “Play” section.
– Ensure the Coach for the Hero has a Paypal account, if not set one up. When you are ready text 678 697 6566 to borrow the site.
-100% of the funds during testing and development go to the Coach then rotates with other Coaches
-Form a Karaoke pirate gang of at least 10 people to learn and practice Karaoke Challenge Game skits (not all people have to sing they can air band, dance, darts, pool and do photography)
-The pirate gang also learns the Drunken Sailor software for pool tournaments, darts & more
-Develop and practice the Karaoke Challenge Game a few times until the bugs are worked out
-Show patrons how to use “Pirate Booty” to donate services and products for your cause
-Livestream activities so that people can join in and donate. Your event is designed so that you livestream it to people watching and they buy loonies to interact with your event.
Step 2 – Pirate raid
– A date is announced for the first performance for the gang. Include a few special pirate ceremonies, Drunken Sailor Karaoke and becoming an official Newfoundlander for actual pirate initiation. We can arrange an official from Newfoundland livestreamed for the initiation
-The Pirate gang raids another karaoke location and does skits when it is their turn to sing
-Just by watching, the other people in that bar learn the Karaoke Challenge Game once people learn the game, show them the website which explains how to organize the skits
-After a few successful skits the Pirates start searching more crew, and show them the web site
-The Pirate gang and Drunken Sailor gang go back to the same place a few more times just to make sure a pirate gang forms there.  The regulars will turn into pirates and start buying loonies to support your team.
Stept 3 – Pirate Battle
-Livestreaming from two or more locations takes place
-People online add challenges to the skits and activities
-Your team is now fully tested and Pirate gangs can organize themselves on raids to other locations to keep looting booty.  We start rotating the Paypal email addresses between other coaches who need help.
Pirates Creek
Sign up and tell us how you can help.  Are you a karaoke singer, pool player or just willing to help out?  
What are good days and times for you tp rehearse?

Username Scuba1  Phone 16786976566 Email alan@theabilityrevolution.com
About, time to meet comments 

My name is Alan Kindree. I am the developer for Pirate Dive Bar. I live in Cumming Georgia about 2 hours away. Feel free to contact me. I teach sailing and scuba and will work out an exchange of my time for your time for your help with this.