Pirate Coins

Loony – You get 1 loony for every 25 cents you donate to any nonprofit on our site. Loonies can be spent on volunteer coupons and epiphanies.
Valor – You get one valor coin for every dollar you donate to the Atlanta Volunteers. You can use it for swag, food, education and for anything at the clubhouse. Students and teachers set their own prices for education.
Bond – 1 hour of labor is one unit of bond. You list the work you did at the clubhouse on a public ledger to get bond. Bond allows each member to work as hard or as little as they want. Lazy members can buy bond with any currency from hard working members.
Sweat Equity – For every 2 days of work on the pool, sailboat, pontoon boat, dock or property you have free use for the summer season.
Booty – You track expenses with booty. The boat and booty expenses are paid at 2:1 for each trip. The “net” profit is then split at a 2:1 ratio between Captain and Crew. This is after the activity the expenses were used for, creates revenue. So if the sailboat makes money but your work was on the pontoon boat, you have to wait for the pontoon boat to make money.
Boobies – Boobies are comical fines or punishments awarded at parties, events or activities. They let online players join in live activities to create comical situations. Boobies are only created by Patriotic Pirate Officers.
Pieces of Eight – The opposite of what you might think, 8 dollars is one piece of eight. This coin is bought from the S-Corporation called Dolphin Rodeo Inc. This is the business that operates the Vocational Group Home. Pieces of eight are used for products and services sold by the corporation to support employment for the residents.
Silver – This represents a $100 donation to the Atlanta Volunteers.
Gold – The represents a $1,000 donation to the Atlanta Volunteers.
Gem – This represents a $1,000 investment in the clubhouse
Jewel – This represents a $1,000 investment in one episode of the TV series “Special Heroes”
Diamond – This represents a $1,000 investment in the Vocational Group Home