Pirate Booty

Pirate Booty are products, sevices, vouchers, tickets or coupons donated to the Atlanta Volunteers. You go to Create>Prizes (Buy, Sell or Trade) and make an entry for the item that you want to donate. You list the method of how to get the prize to the person who needs it. For example, you have a voucher for a meal for two, or a free oil change, hair cut or a computer that you can donate. You agree to meet at a grocery store, hardware store or some other location to pick up the computer or you agree to mail the tickets out.

You can make any condition that you want such as a transfer of loonies, you have to wash my car, take a puppy or free. You can sell any product or service as long as it is in loonies and never in cash.

We do not have a drop off location such as Goodwill has so we ask that you meet at a grocery store, restuarant or some other public place to transfer items or ship them out.

You find “Pirate Booty” by going to Discover > Prizes (Buy, Sell or Trade)

Prizes (Buy, Sell or Trade) is where you should also create some funny prizes that couldn’t possibly be real. This provides some entertainment for the creative comedy writers out there. For example, “One wooden leg, eye patch and parrot, they are already on the parrot called “lucky”, “Old mermaid needs a new home, she outgrew my 30 gallon aquarium”.

Use any excuse you can to post anything out of the ordinary in any tournament just to make it interesting.