Pirate Booty Instructions

A humourous exercise of free speech, false flag plays and a mutiny against crime that is not always worse than the game “Grand Theft Auto”.

You create entertaining posts to catfish people into making you loony. There are no limits to this free speech section and how loony you can get. If people are really entertained or motivated by your post, they will donate to the nonprofit to get loony than can make your booty bigger. Biggest booty always wins! (you can also create a false flag profile to donate to your own post to win Catfishing Tournaments. After all, you are a lying cheating pirate.)

Youtube pays about $3,000 for a million views.  Tik Tok pays about $30 for a million views.  Just like playing an arcade game, we give you 4 worthless loonies when you donate one measly dollar.  Your real money goes to the nonprofit and you get 4 worthless trinkets. You should donate more than one dollar so you can give even lots more of these worthless loonies to any lying, cheating pirate you find in the Pirate Dive Bar. If their posts entertain you, just like that arcade game does, make them loony. Let them figure out what they can trade their loony booty for just like they always do. 
(This pretty well explains the whole concept of how loonies work and this website, you no longer need the quickstart or tutorial. Don’t look at them with the easy to click on links….they open in a brand new page too!)
Tip somebody a loony or two if you like how clever or funny they are. Remember, everybody can look at your booty too, so at least give them just the tip. Try asking your server if they would like the tip and if you can make her loony. (Yes, servers are always female. No reason to play the victim of trans guessing games and identify what a woman is now that you have had few beers)