Pirate Booty

Servers run the Pirate Dive Bar! Servers get cash for re-selling loonies, the featured nonprofits get the credit card transactions when loonies are created.

These pirate games and activities make it fun to give extra tips to your servers in person or online at home. Send loonies from across the bar or from home for challenges, bets, bribes, prizes or tips. Buy used digital pirate coins called “loonies” with cash from servers or new ones with a credit card to support our featured nonprofits. You can be at home watching the bar action on independent live streams and win loonies from live players. At the end of the night or anytime, give the loonies you won to the servers by using your phone. Servers can sell them next time for tips.
When you buy loonies with a credit card you get about 4 for a dollar. When you buy them with cash from a server you might get 2 for a dollar, 8 for a dollar or some other deal or price gouging depending on their math, huckster and carnival barking skills. If you buy from a server in cash, you should buy at least $5 (20) at a time.
You can play games such as Flash Mob Karaoke Challenge, Drunken Sailor, Feeding Mermaids at the Petting Zoo, bet on darts or pool. To win loonies you sing, play darts, pool, catfish or cheat. Loonies are just as worthless as the pirates you got them from. They can be used for any type of games, bets, bribing judges, whoremongering, or gambling on the whoremongering. If you are logged in look at the top right of your screen where your account is. The first menu item is “loonies” then scroll left to “loonies history”. Scroll to the bottom and you will see we gave you 10 loonies for registering. Every transaction and message shows up here.
Use the “Play” menu at the top.
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This is a donation to a 501 (c) 3 dba as the Atlanta Volunteers. Information on the About Page

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